Can You Microwave Ketchup? – Why or Why Not?

Sharing is caring ! thus you bought a tasty hot pawl or a sandwich, and now you want to eat it with your favorite crimson condiment. Yes, we are talking about catsup here. unfortunately for you, your refrigerate catsup is cold and no one likes cold catsup. Immediate question is, can you microwave ketchup ?
To put it merely, NO you can not microwave catsup. Yes, it would probably make your food smack cold but it is better than having it explode inside your microwave. Do n’t believe me ? Read on to get an idea about the side effects of microwaving catsup.

Microwaved Ketchup Tastes Bad : Ketchup is made from crush tomatoes, vinegar, citric acid and other seasonings. As you microwave ketchup, the liquid part in tomato catsup turns to steam and the remaining tomato pulp starts burning. As a leave, it loses its relish and tastes truly bad. If steamer can not escape then your catsup may even explode ! If you are finical about your sauces then you will decidedly not like the raw burn up catsup season .
Ketchup Packets will explode and cause sparks : Ketchup, from fast food restaurants, is normally inside packets, with aluminum foil covering the inner packing material. Aluminum is a metallic element and you cannot microwave metal ever! If you microwave it, it will cause sparks and your microwave might burn and explode .
Avoid heat catsup at all costs if it is in a mailboat. There are multiple instances of sparks and explosion happening inside a microwave. It merely happened, because some ace decided to microwave catsup.

Can you microwave ketchup in the bottle? : so, can you microwave a catsup bottle ? The answer is again NO! The bottle might explode as the liquid inside the catsup boils. It will leave a huge batch inside your microwave and cleaning it will be a huge job. It is better to use another condiment or get more catsup .
Burnt Ketchup May Smell Bad : If you microwave ketchup at high temperatures, it can smell bad. That is simpleton because burn things smell. I doubt you would want to spread badly smell and tasteless catsup on your burgers.

Microwaved Ketchup Alternatives : Ketchup alone should not be microwaved, however, if ketchup is present on the hamburger itself, then the burger can be microwaved. That does not put ketchup in steer contact and the heat from the surrounding bread will warm up your ketchup a act .
Final Verdict : Microwaving catsup is equitable not deserving it. There are a lot of risks involved and even if you successfully microwave it ; the end result will leave much to be desired. so do yourself a favor, keep off microwave catsup and rather put on some mayonnaise or other sauce for amazing flavor .
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