How do I clean enamelware?
Our enamelware is dishwasher condom. Of course, it can be cleaned by hand deoxyadenosine monophosphate well with warm, saponaceous water. If wash by hand, we recommend that you towel dry the enamelware cursorily and thoroughly. Please note that soaking enamelware may cause rebuff rusting to occur from under the rim. If this does occur, the rust can be removed with a very light abrasive clean, like ceramic stovetop clean .
What do I do if the enamel surface chips?
While enamelware is highly durable, the come on can chip if an detail is dropped or gets hit with capital force. If a chip occurs, merely clean the nick area and rub the expose metallic element with cooking oil to help prevent rusting. Please note that the metallic element is not toxic, sol your enamelware is even completely functional.

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What oven temperatures can enamelware tolerate?
Golden Rabbit enamelware is made in a kiln at 1600 degrees and can withstand temperatures above 550 degrees. It is well-suited for use in the oven, on the stovetop and under the broiler .
What are the little flecks in the finish of the enamel?
sometimes during the kiln ignition of the enamel, specks get into the finish of the surface and solution in fiddling flecks that are fused into the enamelware. These naturally occurring flecks are part of the summons and do not adversely affect the finished firearm .
Why does the swirl pattern vary slightly from piece to piece?
Each firearm of Golden Rabbit enamelware is handmade. The enamel surface begins as a melted that is splashed on to a while by hand prior to being fired in the kiln. The design of the eddy colors takes determine during that process. It is the singularity of the eddy blueprint that creates the spell and authenticity of our enamelware .
What should I do if rust appears on my enamelware?
It is possible for spots of rust to occur if the enamel come on becomes chipped or cracked and the metallic effect or rim is exposed, but rusting does not compromise the functionality of your enamelware. If this does occur, the rust can be removed with a very light abrasive uninfected, like ceramic stovetop cleansing agent. Once the come on is clean, merely rub it with a small sum of cook or olive anoint .
Can I use enamelware on my grill?

Yes. Our enamelware is made to withstand high temperatures and direct heat .
Does enamelware get hot to the touch?
enamelware does get hot, so toilet holders should be used when removing enamelware from the oven or other heat sources. The handles of our mugs are designed to stay cool, but caution should be used when removing them from the oven. Please note that hot enamelware should not be submerged in cold water or placed directly into the refrigerator or deep-freeze .
Will enamelware scratch if cut with a knife?
The enamelware surface is very hard and durable and does not scratch well. Over years of habit it will experience normal wear and tear, just as chinaware and ceramics do .
Can I put the enamelware in the freezer?
Yes. Our enamelware is extremely durable and can withstand freeze temperatures. Please note that hot enamelware should not be placed immediately into the deep-freeze .
Does your enamelware contain lead or cadmium? Is it toxic?

Your health and safety is very significant to Golden Rabbit. Our enamelware is absolutely food safe and not toxic. All of our products tested to ensure they pass FDA and CPSIA requirements .
Is enamelware okay for the microwave?
Because enamelware has a metallic element core and rim, it is not desirable for microwave use and may cause price to your microwave .