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For the past several years I have been mindful of the character of dishes in my kitchen. I don ’ metric ton want cheap, cheaply-made items. I want cooking utensil that will serve me for years .
One of the most-used items in my kitchen is my collection of CorningWare. These report glass casserole dishes are dependable to use in the oven or microwave .
And they clean up in the dishwasher. That kind of versatility works for this country female child !

I love my grandmother's vintage CorningWare covered glass casserole dishes, for the oven or microwave, and of course dishwasher safe. #TexasHomesteader

Grandma ’ s Blue Cornflower CorningWare

These blue sky cornflower radiation pattern pieces were in the first place my grandma ’ sulfur dishes. My grandma was a very good cook and used all of her CorningWare dish for decades when providing nourishing food for her family .
Whenever potential, I constantly try to Cook Like Grandma Did. I feel a brandish of nostalgia and a warm hug when I use her cooking utensil. And I use them a draw !
I love my grandmother's vintage CorningWare covered glass casserole dishes, for the oven or microwave, and of course dishwasher safe. #TexasHomesteaderGrandma & Grandpa were married in 1938 and enjoyed a lifetime together
Grandma & Grandpa were married in 1938 and enjoyed a life together I ’ ve made more casseroles than I care to count in them. And of course I ’ ve made desserts and side dishes in them angstrom well .
The glass covers mean that if there is leftover casserole then killing is easy. They can good be covered and placed in the electric refrigerator for another meal .

substitution For Plastic Food repositing

What about leftovers not cooked in my CorningWare ? Well my Corning still comes in handy .
When supper is over & I ’ megabyte packing up versatile leftovers for the electric refrigerator, I don ’ triiodothyronine reach for credit card food storage dishes. Oh no !
I ’ ve always hated those stained credit card storage bowl with their mountains of mis-matched lids that cascade from my cabinets when I ’ five hundred open them. I a lot prefer to use Glass in my refrigerator anyhow. So normally I grab one of these CorningWare dishes with its glass hat .
I have respective sizes so I can find one that fits that large pot of beans or the modest serve of leftover green beans from the garden. No onionskin credit card food storage dishes for me !
And oftentimes I pull leftovers from the electric refrigerator and seat the CorningWare dish in the microwave for a quick heat-n-eat lunch. Utilizing leftovers in this manner helps reduce food thriftlessness. And cook/store/heat/eat flexibility is where this CorningWare shines !
When it ’ s this easy to reach into the electric refrigerator and grab something fantastic to eat that only requires heating in the microwave, you ’ re much more likely to enjoy the leftover food you already have in your refrigerator alternatively of going out & buying something else to eat .
NOTE : sometimes I run across vintage Corning Ware dishes at antique stores & such. When I do, I buy them & place them on my on-line shop to offer to my readers. If you don ’ t see any listed there now, check spinal column regularly. I love them and I know you will excessively !

Cooking Like Grandma Did

modern appliance foods are surely more prevailing now than they were in grandma ’ s day. But the way grandma cooked is how I try to provide food for my kin a well. And it ’ s frequently cooked and served in my grandma ’ second Corning Ware .
Like grandma did, I strive to cook with foods in their most natural state when possible. Whether it ’ second veggies from my garden, fresh meats from the shop and even using hazardous game meat RancherMan has harvested right here on our homestead.

Y ’ all know he ’ s an accomplished hunter. RancherMan is constantly providing Wild Pork or venison for our deep-freeze. We never have a deficit of baseless game .
I know cooking or serving food in its most natural country is the way grandma cooked. And I know she ’ five hundred be gallant knowing I ’ thousand using the very same dishes to provide for my family that she did for so many years to provide for hers .
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