Microwave Cookie Dough Experiment with Just Cookie Dough

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Looking to make cookies in the microwave ? I test a popular boughten mark to find out if it ‘s microwave cookie dough material .
close-up of a jar of Just Cookie Dough Y’all, I finally got a jolt of chocolate chip Just Cookie Dough and put it through its paces. I ate it with a spoon, baked it in the oven, and tried making microwave cookies. here ‘s how it went !

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Want another way to make a cookie in a hurry? Try my GIANT Air Fryer Chocolate Chip Cookie!
But first, I have to brag on my husband, Dave, a short bite .
end weekend was our year-end tax appointment. I headed to the accountant, and Dave stayed home with Darrol Henry. That ‘s not the bragging contribution .
Since we have business and personal taxes and since I ‘m the grok node who booked a tax appointment for 12:30pm the week before commercial enterprise taxes were due, I was at the accountant ‘s office for six. hours. Almost five of those were in the wait room. It sucked. I got home at 7:15 with no design for supper and 30 minutes until Darrol ‘s bed meter .
When I walked in the doorway, I discovered that not only had Dave fixed supper for our child, but he ‘d prepped everything for a broiled banquet that night. Scalloped potatoes and broccoli florets were wrapped in foil, and he ‘d picked me up a Tofurkey blimp. He cooked .
But the biggest surprise was something else that he and our son grabbed on their “ adventure for ma ” that afternoon : a jolt of Just Cookie Dough. David Striepe knows what to do, y’all .
open jar of Just Cookie Dough with a spoon in the jar

Chocolate Chip Just Cookie Dough Review

right, so you credibly are n’t here to hear about my day. You want to know approximately Just Cookie Dough .
Let ‘s start with that spoon of boodle right out of the jar. Y’all. It ‘s been a long time since I ‘ve eaten boughten cookie dough with a smooch, and it was like a spoon of nostalgia .
Remember eating a slice of cookie from the coil as a kid ? It was like that. As a long-time vegan, it ‘s been a while, y’all. And that was good !
But I did n’t eat the whole jar with a smooch. The sacrifices I make for you !
The next evening, Dave and I scooped a few spoon of Just Cookie Dough onto a broil tabloid to see how they baked up .
We baked them for the full 11 minutes ( the jar says nine to 11 ), and I even let them sit for the five minutes that the directions recommend .
It was not easy to wait, because they smelled thus, indeed good.

plate of baked Just CookiesThese are the baked cookies. Don’t they look like the ones you’d make from the tube as a kid? When they were quick, I was ace affect. The cookies were chewy in the center and a little bit crunchy around the edges with good enough cocoa chips .
If you ‘ve been missing pre-mixed cookie dough, I ‘d decidedly give Hampton Creek Just Cookie Dough the thumb up in the delectability department .
Below, get a little breakdown of the ingredients plus my adventures in microwave cookie-making .

Just Cookie Dough Ingredients

Call it a habit. I ‘m a label-reader from means back. here ‘s what ‘s in a jolt of Just Cooke Dough :

wheat flour, evaporated cane juice, boodle, semi-sweet chocolate chips ( carbohydrate, unsweetened cocoa, cocoa butter, dextrose, soy sauce lecithin, natural vanilla excerpt ), palm anoint, water, molasses, canola oil oil, whole sorghum flour, turn back sugar, natural flavors, salt, baking pop, oat bran, soy lecithin, oat fiber, xanthan gum tree, algin(ingredients list transcribed from the back of the jar)

There are a couple of ingredients on here that I ‘m not super crazy about :

  1. palm oil – Conventional palm oil production causes deforestation and habitat loss. This is kind of a big deal.
  2. natural flavor – Companies can use natural flavor to refer to any of hundreds of flavoring additives, some of them not so natural.

Of all the things on this list, handle oil is the one that troubles me the most. I try to avoid handle oil whenever I can, so chances are Just Cookies are going to be a sometimes food around here .
I contacted Hampton Creek about the palm petroleum in their intersection but have n’t heard back .
This was a bit of an experiment, and I ‘ll be honest : the microwave cookies fair turned out all right .
If you want cookies NOW, this is a very well option, but know that the cooling meter is longer than the cooking time !
The resulting cookie is crisp and – permit ‘s be honest – a little bit burnt-tasting, which I sometimes like in a cookie .
here ‘s how the dough performed in my microwave on high :
image collage of microwave cookie dough at 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, and 50 seconds If you can wait 10 excess minutes while they bake in the oven as the cook directions recommend, you will absolutely turn out better cookies. My microwave is on the faint side, so you may not need to cook for quite ampere long as I did. That ‘s why there ‘s a pretty wide time stove here.

Microwave Just Cookies

render : 1 cookie

  • 1 tablespoon Chocolate Chip Just Cookie Dough


  1. Scoop out a tablespoon of cookie dough, and use your palms to form it into a ball. This is important, because it will help your cookie “bake” more evenly. Place the ball on the center of a small microwave safe plate.
  2. Microwave on high for 15-50 seconds, until the cookie flattens out an is covered in little craters, like the one in the done photo above. Start with 15 seconds, then do 5 seconds at a time until the dough looks all cratered up.
  3. Let your cookie cool for 5 minutes before serving.