Cooking Do’s & Dont’s – Traditional Cast iron Series [NOT FOR SALE]


The Importance of Dos & Don’ts on Cooking with Traditional Series Cast Iron

Cast iron cooking utensil makes your food taste better. It has very great heat conduction and heat retention. This is authoritative to get your steak crisp and tender inside. Understanding serve & dont ‘s would help you to get better with your roll iron cooking utensil.
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D1. Season before store
After washing and drying it completely, rub the pan with a reduce layer of vegetable oil using a wallpaper towel and bake in the oven to the oil ‘s smoke point. Store it in a cool and dry place until ready to use it again. Do reseason if your pan feels dagger. Refer to our Use & Care for more details on temper .
D2. Wash it with soap
Do n’t be afraid to use cup of tea soap to wash your cast iron pans. dish soap is not abrasive enough to scrape off all the seasoning on the surface of the pan. Bacteria will grow if you merely rinse the pan with hot water. Besides, the grease residue can go rancid on your pan. Do remember to dry it wholly after wash. Refer to our Use & Care for more details on clean.

D3. Pre-heat before cooking
Cast-iron skillets don’t heat as evenly as aluminum or stainless steel steel pans, but they keep their heat very well ( heat memory ). so preheat the frying pan on depleted to medium hotness for at least 5 to 10 minutes, until it ‘s evenly heated. You can cautiously hover your hand over the pan to feel when it ‘s hot adequate and cook to add petroleum at this point .
D4. Metal Utensils
We recommend our customers use silicone or wooden utensils. however, it ’ sulfur finely to use a metallic element spatula to flip the pisces on a well-seasoned hurl iron pan as the season surface protects the metallic from being scrapped. Any potential scrapes on the season will be cursorily replenished with oils from food .



N1. Don’t put your skillet into a microwave
Never habit cast iron pan in microwave. In fact, you ‘re not supposed to put any metals in the microwave. It has the likely of damaging your microwave. Cast iron cooking utensil is oven-safe though .
N2. Don’t cook acidic food for long hour
Cooking high sourness food will strip the season and leave in stain and metallic tasting food unless your pan is highly seasoned. A little lemon juice is not going to hurt your pan. What we are discussing here is if you ‘re stewing dishes with a big measure of tomato, vinegar, or wine for long hours. We would recommend you to use an enamel cast iron cooking utensil or stainless steel sword pan alternatively. This convention doesn ’ thymine lend oneself to enameled draw iron, which isn ’ thyroxine affected by acidity. Refer 8 Cookware Buying Guides for more details on the reactivity of alloy with food .
N3. Don’t let your cookware become sticky
Too much vegetable oil will make the frying pan to become muggy, indeed wipe off the excess oil when season. If the surface of the frying pan feels sticky, bake it top down at 180°C for an hour and let it cool in the oven .
N4. Don’t soak your pan
Keep your casting cast-iron pan out of the sink unless you ’ re ready to clean it. Simmer it with some hot urine for a few minutes and remove the tough stain with a brush or combatant. excessive soak can cause rust.

N5. Don’t wash hot cast iron cookware with cold water
After each practice, wash with dishwasher detergent, warmly water system, and dry it thoroughly. If you would like to use coldness urine, please allows the pans to cool wholly before washing. Never immerse hot cast iron pan into cold water. To know the consequences, kindly visit Use & Care – clean for more details .
N6. Don’t wash hot cast iron cookware with cold water
After each consumption, wash with dishwasher detergent, strong water, and dry it thoroughly. If you would like to use cold water system, please allows the pans to cool completely before washing. Never immerse hot mold iron pan into cold water system. To know the consequences, kindly visit Use & Care – clean for more details .
N7. Don’t s tore in humid/wet place
Cast iron frying pan will rust if you store it when it is however dampen. Dry it with a dry towel or inflame it over a low flame to dry out .
N8. Don’t throw your rusted cookware
Rusted cast iron cooking utensil can be restored. Simply scrub the rust away with sword wool and cup of tea soap. then, estrus it to dry and season it. Refer How to restore your corrode frying pan blog for more details .

credit to “ How to cook with shed iron ” by Tasty. lookout from 3:02 to 4:44 to understand more about cook with a cast iron pan


FAQs on Cooking

1. Can I use cast iron cookware on glass-top stoves?

Yes, Grater ‘s cast iron cooking utensil is compatible with all goblin types except microwave. It is safe to use on diverse heat sources, including natural gas, ceramic electric, generalization, in the oven, on the grill, and even over a campfire. Remember, do not slide when cooking on the glass-top stoves to prevent scratches, and remove it from the stovetop correct after cooking .

2. Can I cook acidic or alkaline food in cast iron?

It is all right if you cook in humble quantities. But big amounts of very acidic or alkaline foods can break down the temper when cooked for run periods of meter, such as stewing tomato soup and etc. You may have to reseason your casting iron cooking utensil If it removes besides a lot season .