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Microwaves are normally used kitchen appliances and people are always asking questions about the type of utensils that can go inside the microwave when warming their food. Can you put cardboard in the microwave ? Let ’ s find out if it ’ randomness possible .
so what happens when you have your takeout food or leftovers packed in cardboard and you want to quickly reheat your food without using utensils to avoid extra cleanup work ?
This article is going to answer your question on whether it ’ s safe to microwave food in cardboard containers or not. I ’ ll besides provide you with all the data you need concerning using cardboard to microwave food and besides the dangers that you may face if not careful .

What Is Cardboard?

Cardboard is a heavy paper product that is thickly in making and is normally used for pack and besides shipping. It is besides known as paperboard. These may include ; cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, horseshoe boxes, and freeze food containers.

When it comes to food packaging, the cardboards used include ;

  • Pizza boxes
  • Disposable cups
  • Sectioned food trays
  • Eco-friendly food packages
  • Take-out containers
  • Recyclable bowls
  • Cereal boxes.

Can You Put Cardboard In The Microwave?

The answer is Yes. You can reheat your food in the microwave in cardboard boxes but you should be careful to avoid any hazard that may occur .
On the other hand, cardboards with fictile, wax, ink ( unless the label says it ’ s safe ), metallic element, or glue is not safe to be used in the microwave .
You should constantly read the label of your cardboard to know whether it ’ s safe to put it in the microwave or not .
To be on the safe side, avoid putting empty cardboard in the microwave to avoid any possibilities of catching fuel. You should besides avoid overheating since high temperatures may cause the cardboard to leech chemicals into your food .

Safety Guidelines To Adhere To When Microwaving Cardboard Containers

  • The first thing to do is to read the cardboard labels since cardboards differ in their materials. Read the labels to know whether the cardboard is microwave-safe or not to avoid any accident.
  • Microwave for a short period of time. Microwaving for many minutes when using cardboard may lead to overheating and may cause a flame. Therefore it’s advisable to reheat your food for a very short period of time.
  • Line your cardboard properly.  When using cardboard in your microwave, make sure to properly align the cardboard at the bottom with a napkin, a paper towel, or a piece of parchment paper for safety purposes. This will prevent oils from the food from getting into the cardboard to prevent any danger since oils heat up quickly. It also prevents the food from direct contact with the cardboard bottom.
  • Ensure that the container contains food. As discussed above, cardboard should never be haeted alone in the microwave as the cardboard is likely to ignite thus causing an accident.
  • Make sure to use a low heat setting. High heat settings may cause damage to your cardboard by heating it. It’s therefore advisable to use the lowest heat setting on your microwave when using cardboard to reheat your food.
  • Always be on the look. When using cardboard to reheat your food, make sure to keep an eye on your food now and then to avoid any accidents from occurring.
  • Avoid coated cardboard. Coated cardboard is likely to emit harmful fumes or even melt in the microwave when heating your food thus contaminating it.
  • Remove any metal that might be in or on your container. This is because metal is highly flammable when heated and it may be harmful to your body and can also damage your microwave.

How Microwave Warms-Up Cardboard

Microwaves use infrared radiation and radio waves to heat their food. They include a built-in vacuum tube called magnetron that generates microwaves at a frequency of 2450 Mhz ( 2,3 )
The microwaves are then absorbed by fatten, sugar, and water molecules in your food thus causing these molecules to rotate and interact with early molecules. This exercise generates heat and warms up your drink or food and besides the cardboard .

How Long Does It Take To Microwave Cardboard?

For the safety of your cardboard and microwave, it ’ s advisable to microwave your cardboard for a short period of time. The most appropriate time is between one to two minutes.

On the other pass, if you wish to microwave cardboard for a longer period of time, you can take a curtly open frame of 30 seconds or one infinitesimal then start heating again .
note : You should note that, unlike other foods, tea or coffee tend to take a long time before they heat up since cardboard beverage containers tend to take a longer time to heat up .

Is It Safe To microwave Cardboard Pizza Boxes?

The short answer to this interview is Yes. You can microwave cardboard pizza boxes but you should ensure not to heat them for a retentive time period of clock time .
Heating cardboard pizza boxes for a long time may cause the pizza box to catch fire therefore causing unnecessary hazards .
You should note that pizza boxes may contain harmful PFAS therefore you should be careful when heating them to prevent these toxic chemicals from leaching into your food .

Is Using Cardboard To Reheat Your Food Worth The Risk?

equally much as it ’ mho safe to use cardboard to microwave your food following the base hit guidelines, at the goal of the day it ’ s not worth the risk .
Using cardboard to reheat your food may be attached to the hazard of consuming harmful chemicals or else damaging your microwave .
It ’ s therefore wise to avoid using cardboard containers in all ways possible. Use them when it ’ s the lone option you have but once in a while .

Is It Safe To Microwave Take-Out Boxes?

In most cases, cardboard take-out boxes are chiefly designed to be used merely once and are improbable to be microwaved. Take-out boxes tend to contain metallic element pieces or may have a wax coating therefore making them dangerous to be microwaved .
Do not put cardboard take-outs in the microwave unless it ’ south marked as microwave safe .


This article has thoroughly answered your wonder on “ can you put cardboard in the microwave ? ”. As per this article, you can microwave cardboard but you have to make sure that it ’ second microwave condom .
Make certain to check out any metal pieces or plastics that may be in the cardboard or if it has a wax coating before putting the cardboard in the microwave to prevent any harmful chemicals from leaching into your foods and besides to prevent any hazards.

see not to microwave for a long period of time or use excessively high a heat settings since this will pose a danger for both your food and the microwave .
To be on the safe side, constantly search for the “ microwave safe ” label in your cardboard before putting it in the microwave .

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