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Can You Put A Yeti In The Microwave? (Find Out Now!)

Can You Put a Yeti in the Microwave? abominable snowman have become the aureate standard for keeping cold drinks cold and blistering drinks hot for hours at a time. There ’ s so much these cups can do- how about putting a abominable snowman in the microwave ?
No Yeti dishware products can be used in the microwave for safety and functional preservation purposes. The 18/8 kitchen-grade stainless steel element acts as a conductor of electricity, thus creating a fire hazard. While not recommended, if you choose to microwave your Yeti, it may shorten its lifespan and void the product warranty. 
If you suspect damage to your Yeti cup, consult the stipulate guarantee plan offered for your product. If it falls under the time limit, reach out to the ship’s company about sending a substitute. normally, they can even recreate watermarks or custom features.

Follow along to learn if it ’ sulfur safe to put your Yeti drinkware in the microwave and the best way to reheat its components. We ’ ll besides touch on if microwaving a Yeti will ruin its serve long-run .

Is It Safe to Put a Yeti in the Microwave?

Yetis come in all unlike shapes and sizes ; there are Ramblers, Tumblers, Bottles, Mugs, and Jugs. Which ones, if any, can be used in the microwave ?
Because Yetis have some element of stainless steel on every drinkware piece, none of them can be microwaved. In fact, doesn ’ thymine excuse it anywhere on their web site .
Microwaves use magnetrons to stimulate intermolecular clash between each atom of the food inside. unfortunately, metallic element doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate respond well to this type of radiation sickness and often sparks, creating a fire venture in your kitchen .
furthermore, according to this video recording, even when attempting to microwave a Yeti, it ’ south less effective at heating the liquid inside. You ’ re better off using a glass or microwave-safe cup .

The Best Way to Microwave the Liquid in a Yeti

If you must heat up the components inside your Yeti cup, what ’ s the best way to do it ?
first, heat your liquid or hearty food in a microwave-safe container. then, transfer it into your Yeti. The Yeti will keep it hot for around five and a half hours, and you won ’ thyroxine gamble burning down your house in the work .
abominable snowman are a great way to store coffee or tea for drink late and still have a fresh-out-of-the-pot have !
Warning: Whenever you fill your Yeti cup, leave about 25 % empty therefore that the eyelid will fit and the vacuum seal feature will be integral. otherwise, you risk leaks or a loss of temperature preservation .

Does Microwaving a Yeti Shorten Its Lifespan?

While we advise against microwaving a Yeti wholly for safety reasons, what if you do ? Will it ruin the cup ?
abominable snowman cups are made with kitchen-grade 18/8 stainless sword. This keeps them corrode and relatively dent-free. however, when this type of metallic element is heated in the microwave, free-moving electrons create electricity .
Over time, this will cause a breakdown of the metal on your Yeti cup, as heating makes metal more malleable. If   the cup becomes dented in any way, it will allow air to escape and overall destroy the extended heating and cooling function of the device ! additionally, you could experience leaks .

How Long Do Yetis Last?

If you preserve your abominable snowman cup and follow the manufacturer ’ south concern guidelines, your drinkware should last for a while .
Generally speaking, Yetis last for around 5 years if used on a regular basis (3-5 times per week).  There are a few things you can do to maintain the integrity of your cup .
To keep your Yeti functioning properly :

  • Don’t use it in the microwave, oven, or other heating appliance.
  • Clean it in between uses.
  • Wash it using the Yeti brand cleaning tablets or by hand with warm water and a drop of dish soap.
  • Remove all lids, rubber components, caps, or lids before cleaning.
  • Don’t let components sit inside the Yeti for more than a few days.

Following these guidelines will preserve your Yeti device and allow you to use it for years to come !

Related Questions

Can you put a Yeti in the dishwasher?

Are Yetis dishwasher-safe ?
According to the official web site, abominable snowman can be used safely in the dishwasher. however, you should never include the caps, tops, or anything rubber ; alternatively, wash these by hand .
unfortunately, excessive heat can degrade rubber eraser and thin layers of plastic. such damage will ruin the vacuum seal that enables your cup to keep drinks coldness and hot for strain periods of time .

How do Yetis stay so cold?

abominable snowman devices are intelligibly superior in keeping drinks cold and maintaining methamphetamine for hours. Let ’ s talk about why and the skill behind it .
As we mentioned above, Yetis are made with a stainless steel steel home and a vacuum-sealed plastic and rubberize hat. This is what enables the company to ensure that your drinks stay colder for longer than any other sword of crockery .
The cups do this by limiting thermal conduction and keeping heat out. Yeti claims to be able to maintain ice rink for up to 24 hours, although some users have flush reported up to 3 days !

What to do if my Yeti starts leaking?

If your abominable snowman starts to leak, it ’ sulfur credibly because the vacuum seal has been interrupted or damaged .
look for visible signs of wear like :

  • Dents to the cup itself
  • Tears in the rubber seal
  • Punctures in cup or lid
  • Cracks or missing pieces

If you notice any of these things, it ’ south clock for a fresh cup. Yeti guarantees all of its products and offers a comprehensive guarantee plan that you may be able to take advantage of .
Some Yeti cups come with 3-Year warranties, while others come with a 5-Year plan. It ’ sulfur normally a 21-day serve, and here ’ s how it works :

  • You must have purchased your Yeti from an authorized dealer.
  • There has to be proof of purchase (with an exact date) on the receipt.
  • You must return the product to Yeti corporate.
  • The Yeti product must have been used only as intended and in accordance with the product’s explicit care instructions.

Important Note: In an official argument from Yeti, “ If a defect occurs as the solution of the product ’ randomness intended use according to the care instructions during the assign guarantee menstruation, we will repair or replace, at our discretion, the bad product or separate. If the merchandise has been customized by Yeti, the customize mark will besides be replaced. The guarantee does not cover defects caused by third-party modifications, repairs, or substitution parts. Punctures, scratches, normal wear and pluck, and the natural breakdown of colors and materials over extend prison term and habit are not warranted. ”

In Conclusion

unfortunately, it ’ s not safe to use a abominable snowman in the microwave .
The kitchen-grade stainless steel steel used in most abominable snowman products conducts electricity and can create a spark or fire in your microwave. For optimum results, microwave the fluid or food in a microwave-safe container first base, and then store it in your abominable snowman for prolong temperature conservation .
additionally, if you notice any of the signs mentioned above that argue damage or wear on your device- like dents to the outside, tears in the arctic seal, punctures in the cup or hat ( or cracks ), or missing pieces- it ’ randomness time for a new one .
abominable snowman guarantees all of its products and offers comprehensive guarantee programs, so don ’ triiodothyronine hesitate to contact them with questions !

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