Is Microwave Above A Gas Stove A Good Idea & Safe?

Yes, it is a good mind to put a microwave above your accelerator stove. however, you should ensure that the distance between the gas stove and the microwave is at least 30 inches to ensure guard and prevent appliance damage .

The microwave should have a vent at its penetrate to prevent damage caused by overheating while in use.

What are the Reasons for Putting a Microwave above a Gas Stove?

As a regular kitchen user and homeowner, one of the reasons for putting a microwave above a boast stove is to save on space .

Since they are not that dangerous when space is observed between them it can in truth help one to organize the kitchen .

Having the microwave above the stove leaves me with enough space on the countertop to work with and makes the kitchen front less clutter and more organized .

And because the order is what makes my kitchen appealing I will vow for it any prison term .

The other reason is that having the microwave above the stave ensures that all my cook appliances are positioned within reach. It makes the cook process to be easy and besides reduces kitchen accidents .

This will give you more flexibility when train and cooking your meals .

Imagine a scenario where you can defrost your chicken in the microwave while cooking your vegetables on your accelerator stave while standing at the like descry .

What should be the Safest Distance between your microwave and the Gas Stove?

Placing a microwave above a gas stove should not be done haphazard, more therefore if your stave has herculean burners .

The microwave should be in the right position to ensure the effective use of these appliances .

The first base thing to note is that not all microwaves are designed for above-the-gas stave placement .

Microwaves designed to be placed above a stave have vents at the bottomland .

place the microwave at least 66 inches from the floor to the microwave .

There should be a 30-inch distance between the bottom of the microwave and the circus tent of the gas stave .

If your microwave has vents at the top or on the sides, ensure no obstructions around the vents if you decide to place them above a gas stove .

When you follow the above steps when setting your microwave and flatulence stave you and everyone else are safe

Can Steam Emanating from the Pots while Cooking Damage your Microwave?

If you install your microwave considering the recommended space, the steam coming from your pans and pots will not be close enough to damage your microwave .

Although you might see some steam-producing urine droplets on the microwave door, you can well wipe it off using a soft fabric .

occasionally, steam will pass through your microwave doorway, causing daze buildup on the glaze .

The reason is that air out freely passes through the glass doors of such appliances .

If you notice fog on the inside of the glass doorway, open the door for at least five minutes .

This will lead to dehydration of the moisture from the glass door .

Pros of Placing your Microwave above the Gas Stove

first, microwaves placed above the stove have vents that can double up adenine hood vents .

You can set the microwave to circulate vent in the kitchen or vent outside.

The circulation choice is ideal in kitchen spaces where it is difficult or dearly-won to release outdoor, or there is no option for venting away .

second, a microwave placed above the stove clears buffet space .

If your kitchen is small with limited planning space, the microwave above the boast stave will open useable square footage .

You may have enough space on your kitchen counter, but a bulky microwave may alter the look you want to create in your kitchen .

Cons of Placing your Microwave above the Gas Stove

Microwaves above boast stoves are inconvenient for short users as they are mounted at least 13 inches above the gas stove .

This can make it challenging to cook for shorter people and be long-winded when cleaning the microwave .

If you have younger children who use the microwave regularly, they will have to use a stool to reach the microwave or wait until they attain the right acme .

Final Take

It is a good theme to place your microwave above your gas stove. see that you mount the microwave considering the proper distance between it and the gasoline stove .

besides, ensure that the microwave has vents underneath it to guarantee the safety and potency of the appliances .