Safe Food Delivery

At Domino ’ south, we take food guard concerns identical badly, and understand that food safety is on everyone ’ mho mind during this time. In addition to offering contactless delivery, Domino ’ mho is adhering to the highest cleanliness standards in the industry. Please help us keep safe and wait until your Delivery Expert is 6 feet away before you collect your ordain. They will place your regulate on a blank and safe surface in the location that you specified in the delivery instructions. The manner of speaking adept will notify you when the arrange has arrived and may call you ( keep your phone handy ).

Contactless Delivery is available as a delivery choice. The pitch instructions box is for any special directions, including the location where you would like the rescue placed. Pre-payment and pre-tipping make your contactless delivery more effective. At Domino ’ randomness, your store ’ mho team members are committed to delivering hot and delightful pizza. All Domino ’ s customers can select contactless delivery as an option. here ’ s how it works : 2a. After your regulate arrives, home cash or your sign reception in the open pedestal and your delivery expert will wait until you safely step back. You will then be provided with change if needed and your transaction will be completed. The Pizza Pedestal allows for you to complete cash transactions, or in certain circumstances, sign your credit batting order receipt, while the delivery adept maintains a safe distance. 1. Domino ’ s Pizza Pedestals are single use barriers utilized during all contactless deliveries. They ’ re designed to elevate your order off the grind, making your contactless delivery safe. Learn more about the Domino ’ s Pizza Pedestal and how it works below :


q : What are Domino ’ s store sanitation standards ? How do I know that my food is safe ?
A: Domino ’ s stores countrywide have implemented a total of extra precautions to minimize the risk of the infection of COVID-19 for both storehouse employees and customers alike, including an increased emphasis on the things done each and every sidereal day in the interest of food base hit. For exemplar, stores are conducting COVID-19 aim to reinforce good hygiene practices and have increased the frequency of the disinfection of all food contact surfaces ( arsenic well as delivery pocket ), and other frequently-touched surfaces. It ’ south besides important to note that all of Domino’s bespoke products are baked in a 450-degree oven .
q : How frequently are Domino ’ s memory employees washing their hands ?

A: Regular handwash procedures were already in invest, but stores have put procedures in place to increase the emphasis on handwash and other relate measures to promote the health and safety of customers and memory employees, including pitch experts .
q : Is it an choice to pay with cash for a contactless delivery ?
A: We understand that customers may need the fiscal tractability to pay with cash at this time. Your store should still be accepting cash for deliveries. delivery experts are expected to take several precautions that include washing their hands before and after each delivery. To make your contactless pitch smooth, please consider preparing accurate payment including any tip you may want to include .
q : I ’ ve placed an order for delivery – how will I be notified when my order arrives ?
A: When your arrange arrives, the delivery adept will ring your doorbell or knock on your door. You might besides receive a call on the telephone number you used to place your holy order or receive text alerts if you are using our GPS know .
q : Will my delivery expert be wearing gloves and a mask ?
A: Store personnel are expected to wear non-medical grade masks. In the food industry by and large, gloves are worn when handling food that is ready to eat with no cook gradation. All food served at a Domino ’ s store is cooked thoroughly in a 450-degree oven and is not touched subsequently by storehouse personnel before serving to customers. Certain stores may placid require or allow manipulation of gloves by their store personnel .
q : Will I be asked to sign a receipt for a contactless delivery ?

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A: In some cases, you will not need to sign. In early cases a touch is required to complete your transaction. however, delivery experts are expected to maintain a safe distance while placing your receipt into our Pizza Pedestal so that the receipt can be signed. For recognition card orders, please prepare your own penitentiary for key signature to minimize liaison. If you pre-order and pre-tip on-line, you may not be required to sign a receipt for your contactless manner of speaking .
q : I have an open motion that is not addressed. What should I do ?
A: If you have an open business, please partake it with us hera and we will escalate the issue for you .