How to Cook Totino’s Party Pizza in Microwave | in 6 Easy Steps (2022)

How to Cook Totino’s Party Pizza in Microwave

Microwave ovens can be a promptly and easy way to cook pasta, vegetables, and even pizza. For case, Totino ’ s Party Pizza is an iconic serve for many people ; it tastes like home. The problem with microwaving your Totino ’ s Party Pizzas ( or any flash-frozen pizza ) is that they tend to come out unevenly cooked, causing the cheese to bubble over onto the pan or plate in some spots while other parts are still raw. here are some tips on how to cook Totino ’ s party pizza in microwave ! This recipe will be perfective for when you need a quick dinner or lunch. We ’ ll show you how to do it step-by-step with pictures and instructions. Let ’ s suffer started !

What is Totino’s Party Pizza?

Totino ’ s Party Pizza is a party-sized fixed pizza product made by the frozen food company Totino ’ mho. It is manufactured in diverse flavors, including pepperoni and cheese, kernel lovers, and supreme. The crust is crisp and flaky on the buttocks but flexible adequate to lift with your hands. The sauce has a hearty tomato spirit, which balances well with all toppings ( which are normally balmy ). The cheese is nicely melted and broadly browned in spots, and the pepperoni rounds have a delightfully grease-soaked season .

Ingredients to Make Totino’s Party Pizza:

  • 1 Totino’s Party Pizza (any flavor)
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup flour
  • 2 tbsp oil
  • 1/4 tsp salt

Directions: How to Cook Totino’s Party Pizza in Microwave

Step 1:

Preheat the oven to 350° ( or 170° Celsius ). If you are planning to use the oven, preheat it now .

Step 2:

Break afford the two Totino ’ s Party Pizza ( four pizza ) and separate them into boodle circles. The dough should feel like bread dough if frozen for a few months ; differently, the dough should be slenderly spongy but inactive slightly firm .

Step 3:

Rub a small amount of butter on a microwave-safe plate and spread the boodle circles out on the plate until they reach out to the edges of the home plate .

Step 4:

Microwave each circle individually for one minute on gamey ability. The pizza should be slightly soft. Proceed to step 5 when microwave is arrant .

Step 5:

Eat the pizza while they are still hot, or place them on a plate and let them cool for ten minutes until you can pick up the individual edges of the pizza without tearing them apart .

Step 6:

Add any desire toppings while the crust is even hot, and return it to the microwave for an extra minute. If you failed to add a sufficient amount of tall mallow or if your oven international relations and security network ’ t working properly, you may need to return it to the oven to melt the cheese .


When purchasing Totino ’ s Party Pizzas, only purchase the ones meant to be cooked in the oven. The pizza should not contain eggs or milk ingredients unless you buy vegan/dairy-free Totino ’ s Party Pizzas. besides, the cheese sauce will become soft if left out for more than 20 minutes, so it is best not to leave the pizza out for excessively long .

Things to Consider:

1. Microwave times may vary. If you have a lower watt microwave, it will take longer to cook your pizza. If you have a higher watt microwave, it will take less time to cook your pizza.

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2. If the cheese on top of the pizza starts to melt off at any item during microwave, turn the pizza over in the middle of microwave. 3. Always be careful when removing your pizza from the microwave, particularly if you are cooking more than one at a time. The cheese will be scalding and could burn you. 4. Do not leave microwaving your pizza unattended for any sum of fourth dimension. This could result in injury to yourself or damage to your microwave. 5. For pre-made pizza, always be surely to follow all heating instructions on the promotion .

How Long Do You Cook Totinos Party Pizza?

Microwave ovens can cook foods more promptly than traditional over ranges. The actual fudge time depends on the electrical power of the microwave, which varies greatly between models. A general principle of finger is that a 1000-watt microwave takes about two minutes to heat a Totino ’ s Party Pizza. however, it may take longer depending on the electrical power of the microwave oven. Totino ’ s Party Pizzas are pre-cooked so that they can be heated in a microwave. however, because microwaves generate heat differently than early ovens, the edges of the pizza may get crisp while the center remains doughy. This can be prevented by placing a cup of water in with the pizza to shield it from direct microwave energy .

How Hot Does It Get?

Microwave ovens heat food by causing molecules in the food to vibrate quickly. These rapid vibrations cause friction, which produces heat. Since microwave energy does not penetrate deeply into foods, microwaves are absorbed within about an edge of the outside of the pizza. The boodle close to the outdoor gets cooked more quickly than inner parts. This can cause the center of the pizza to be doughy while the out crusts are crisp. A microwave oven does not brown foods because it does not provide enough heat for that purpose. however, microwaving can help dry out and overcook food that is already besides dry or overcooked .

How Do I Cook a Frozen Pizza in the Microwave?

Microwave ovens are popular for cooking single-serving foods such as fixed pizza, chicken nuggets, or burrito. however, cooking a frozen party pizza in the microwave requires care to prevent burning and/or overcooking the crust while waiting for the cheese to melt. therefore, readiness is a gene when microwaving a pizza. First, remove the Totino ’ s Party Pizza from its corner and put it on a microwave-safe plate or dish to catch any possible escape. If using a ceramic plate, be certain to choose one designed for microwaves ; if it heats raggedly, parts of your pizza may overcook before the tall mallow melts. Next, cut the package open cautiously, without tearing it, to release the pizza from its aluminum wrap. This can be done safely by inserting a knife or scissors through one of the cut-out areas in the cellophane .


Totino ’ s Party Pizza in the microwave is a big option for interfering parties or when you don ’ t have time to cook. You can even make these pizzas ahead of time, so they are quick to go when your guests arrive !

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The best separate about microwaving them ? They come out crisp and tasty every unmarried time. We hope you now have a clearly idea of how to cook Totino ’ s party pizza in microwave. Try this recipe tonight for your next party. It ’ ll be a hit with everyone at your table ! You May Read Our Another article On – How to Build a Brick Smoker and Pizza Oven