How to Make a Baby Bottle: Storage and More | Similac®

Preparing Similac powderize formula is simple, but it ’ mho still significant to carefully follow the directions. Your baby ‘s health depends on it. Proper rule cooking is crucial in order for your child to receive the necessary nutriment .
Formula-to-water proportion : 1 floor scoop of formula ( not packed down ) per 2 florida oz of water. Be careful not to add excessively much water. Watered-down formula is not recommend, as it dilutes all-important nutrients and can affect your child ‘s nutrition .
reminder : Powdered baby rule is not aseptic and should not be fed to premature infants or infants with immune problems unless directed and supervised by your doctor .
Preparing formula with boil water

Ask your baby ’ mho repair if you need to use cool, seethe water for shuffle and if you need to boil ( sterilize ) bottles, nipples, and rings before use. If you choose to boil, follow these steps :
1. Bring water to a roll churn for 1 infinitesimal, then turn off the heating system. Overboiling can increase the concentration of impurities .
2. Let the urine cool to board temperature before adding formula. Making formula with boiling water can cause clop and decrease the nutritional value .
3. Before feed, sprinkle a few drops on the at heart of your wrist to make sure it is not besides hot .
4. run or refrigerate the cook formula .
note : If you are concerned about spark advance or other harmful substances in your water, talk to your healthcare master before making formula with tap water. Bottled or percolate water can contain bacteria and should inactive be boiled .
Mixing Tips for Similac Powdered Formula
Single bottle instructions
1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water.

2. measure and pour desired amount of water into the pamper bottle .
3. Add unpack, grade exclusive ( south ) of powder recipe to the bottle as directed. Return dry scoop to can. ( 1 soap of recipe per 2 florida oz of water. )
4. Put the detonator on the bottle and judder .
tap : Moving your wrist in a twist movement helps powder rule shuffle more cursorily and more thoroughly .
5. fertilize or memory immediately in refrigerator .
multiple bottle instructions*
1. measure 23 florida oz of water using a liquid measuring cup .
( eminence : If using Similac NeoSure powder, use 21 florida oz of water alternatively of 23 florida oz of water for standard thermal concentration. )
2. Add 1 cup ( 100 g† ) of gunpowder, unpack and level, using a family measure cup for dry ingredients.

3. Add powder to urine and desegregate well .
4. Pour disposed formula into individual feed bottles .
5. Put the detonator on and store immediately in the refrigerator. Feed within 24 hours .