6 Reasons to Use Lock & Lock Food Storage Containers

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Lock & Lock have all the bases covered when it comes to food storehouse. There are hundreds of shapes and sizes to choose from, so there is a solution for any storage or space-saving issue. The Lock & Lock containers are all microwave, deep-freeze and dishwasher safe, making them so handy for use in cook, storing and reheating leftovers. Best of all they are BPA barren and carry heaps of internationally recognised accreditations being USA FDA and german SGS approved .

|1. Tight sealing

Permeability factor is one of the most authoritative features in food storage containers. The lower the divisor, the longer the food will stay fresh. Through independent screen, Lock & Lock containers have shown to be 200 times more insubordinate to permeability than other popular storage containers.

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We all have those spices or dry goods in our cupboard that credibly have gone well past their best usage. By storing them in Lock & Lock containers, the ledge animation of these items can be greatly extended. here in Australia, pantry moths are a big problem that can be unmanageable to get rid of. It ’ sulfur besides very annoying to have to throw out contaminated food. The locking arrangement on these containers ensures that nothing gets in or out .
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I love this storage container has a latch to pour flour into bowl when mix and seals shut to keep out moths .
Meats can be marinated in the containers and smells or juices will never leak out or permeate the container. Lock & Lock have a patent seal that is 100 % vent and fluid tight, and obviously can be opened and closed 3 million times without breaking .
I love this onion storer which keeps onions fresh after cutting. It besides keeps the strong onion smell out of the rest of the electric refrigerator .
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|2. Lunch on the go

Lock & Lock containers are a great choice for a educate lunch box. There are many choices of sizes with separate containers and mums can relax knowing that the plastic is wholly BPA free. They have been highly approved by all the safety complaisance standards out there .
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|3. Durability tested on kids!

These containers will never leak, even when jostled around inside a bag or turned top down. There are memory containers for many uses and sizes which make it easy to take food on the go.

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|4. Stores baby food batches with ease

I find the set of 3 Euroglass containers highly handy for holding odds and ends, snacks such as olives, nuts and crackers. And of naturally, they are the arrant size for holding portions of baby food. ( 160ml ) They can be directly stored in the deep-freeze and then taken out to defrost and microwaved for baby ’ sulfur meals. The handles remain aplomb to the touch even after being heated. The well-defined body allows you to be able to see the contents without removing the eyelid .
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The perfect share size for snacks or baby meals .
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Freezer safe excessively which is capital for making homemade pamper food batches at home

|5. Oven, microwave and dishwasher safe too!

Lock and Lock ‘s Oven Glass is highly hard-wearing with the glass dishes able to withstand temperatures astir to 230°C ( without the lids ). It is light weight and cool to the touch than conventional chasten glass. The Oven Glass compass is oven, microwave, dishwasher and deep-freeze safe so it is able to handle the extreme temperatures and being tempered will break into modest shards and always will remain perfectly clear and transparent .

|6. Peace of mind

If the above does n’t convince you about the versatility and lastingness of Lock & Lock ‘s memory containers then the guarantee sure will ! These products are besides backed by a circumscribed life guarantee against any manufacturer defects which will put your mind at ease and make you confident .
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Becky Gilhespie is a food writer and early Masterchef semi-finalist. Her web log, www.eatwhatweeat.com provides inspiration for meals that both kids and adults love. They are elegant yet simpleton, easy to follow recipes that are fast to get on the table and manipulation everyday ingredients .
Becky is primitively from the US but lived in London for 15 years and now resides in Sydney with her husband and two little boys. Her food is inspired a set by her travels ( and desire to travel more ).

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