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Microwavable hand warmers to chase away the winter frisson. These DIY hand warmers are reusable and cheap to make !
DIY Reusable Handwarmers |
Although the Polar Vortex is said to have moved on its gay way, we placid have several months of frigid, wintry days ahead of us here Up North. The entirely room to survive winter on the forty-fifth Parallel without going wholly stir-crazy is to bundle up, get out there, and embrace the snow-white weather. After all, we can expect to see coke flurries at least six months out of the year here. sometimes seven .
I wish I were exaggerating.

As a season veteran of Embracing Winter, I can attest that no combination of farseeing underwear, polar overcharge, or Thinsulate lined gear will keep the extremities from losing all spirit after a few hours of playing in the bamboozle. Heck, my fingers go asleep after a good 20 minutes outdoors in the winter !
due to the prolong cold weather, most stores up here display chemical hand warmers at every end crown and cash register. The store bought pass warmers work well adequate for me, but I get a fiddling dainty at the idea of popping a disposable newspaper pouch entire of chemicals into the Sons ’ gloves. I mean, those things come with warnings about all the amazing ways they ’ ll burn you if used improperly–and my four young men don ’ t tend to use things at all properly. ever .
Pretty certain that it ’ s a Boy Thing .
Microwavable Hand Warmers |
I merely can see bundling their sweet little hands with something that could be potentially dangerous .
I think it ’ s a ma thing .
so alternatively of warming their hands with chemical-filled-paper-pouches, I decided to make reclaimable, chemical absolve pass warmers. I must say that sewing up a few pair of hand warmers couldn ’ t have been easier ! And I say that as a womanhood whom only sews under extreme duress .
DIY Microwavable Hand Warmers - reusable and inexpensive to make! |

So before my boys go outside, our homemade microwavable hand warmers are heated for 30 seconds or so.

then, we slide them into the pockets of their gloves. The bridge player warmers will give off heat for between 20 to 30 minutes, which is enough time to make some serious headroom on a snow fort, or to get in a dependable hike while taking Daisy the Hound out for a frigid play in the coke. possibly the best separate is that these microwavable hand warmers are chemical free and with proper manage, can be reused over and over again .
Microwavable hand warmers are comfortable to make, excessively ! All you need is :

  1. a needle & 100% COTTON thread (or sewing machine)
  2. some scrap muslin and another soft 100% COTTON fabric
  3. uncooked white rice

IMPORTANT Words to the Wise: Since the hand warmers will be concisely heated in the microwave before using, bubbling or shimmery fabrics or ribbon should not be used. Microwaves have a cruddy habit of sparking or other nefarious things when metals are being heated inside them. Be sure that your choose framework and thread are made from 100% COTTON, and are in no way metallic in nature. Synthetic fibers can catch fire with repeat heat in the microwave .
I like to use a layer of muslin under a flimsy layer of voiced, cotton washcloth for my hand warmers. The washcloth feels nice future to the skin, and the muslin keeps the rice from poking through the fabric. The muslin can be skipped if a thick cotton material is used .
base fabric cuts
Since these hand warmers are intended to fit in boxing glove pockets, I want the eat up size to be 1 1/4-inch by 3-inches. Therefore, I cut two 2 1/2-inch by 6-inch rectangles from each fabric. Pin the layers, faulty sides in concert, and then run a 1/8-inch sew around the edges .
After sewing the rectangles, I stitched a small heart on one edge of the good sides. I figured that way, my boys can carry good a little bit of love from their mama when they ’ re outside .
Awwww !
OK, not actually. I stitched the hearts on because it gave me the opportunity to infuse a fiddling tap into my life. You would excessively if you lived in the testosterone-filled kingdom that I do. accuracy be told, if I didn ’ t know that it would spark like the Fourth of July fireworks in the microwave, I would have encrusted those hearts with a liberal coat of aglitter tap glitter…but I digress .
making the pouch
Fold the right side of each rectangle in half, right sides together, pin them together, and run a 1/4-inch stitch on the two longer sides, leaving the shortest side open, to form a pouch.

Fill 'er up!
Turn the pouch right side out and fill it with a couple of tablespoons of uncooked, dry white rice .
fold it up
Fold the upper edges inward and then whip stitch it closed to make a little rice pillow .
To use the hand warmers, just heat the short pillows in the microwave for 20 to 30 seconds. My microwave is 950 watt, so I heat our handwriting warmers for 30 seconds on wide ability .
DIY Microwavable Hand Warmers - reusable and inexpensive to make! |
once heated, the hand warmers are ready to pop into raincoat gloves or pockets to keep your hands nice and toasty warm for between 20 to 25 minutes. then go forth ! Go out and embrace winter with warm hands !

Common Sense Disclaimer:

Please use your best judgment when heating the microwavable hand warmers .

Start with a minor measure of fourth dimension first base, increasing as you feel comfortable. Whatever you do, do not exceed 30 seconds. besides, if the hand warmers are made with organic material, do your best to keep them dry. 😉

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