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When I was growing up, my ma always had Crock-Pot going. It seemed like she was always cooking something in it. immediately that I ’ m a ma, I understand why she loved her Crock-Pot so much .
It ’ south in truth commodious to be able to put something in the Crock-Pot in the good morning and have it ready for dinner late in the sidereal day. But what about when you want to speed things up a bit and have your meal ready preferably ? Can you microwave Crock-Pot ?

Can a Crock-Pot Go In The Microwave?

On their web site, the godhead of the Crock-Pot has clearly stated that their Crock-Pot inserts are both microwave safe and oven safe. It can withstand temperatures of up to about 400 degrees Fahrenheit .
however, just because the tuck is safe for the microwave doesn ’ thyroxine bastardly it is o for the eyelid. The lid itself should not be placed in the microwave or oven.

If you want to use the Crock-Pot in the microwave, either leave the lid off or place a microwavable blanket to cover it up .
The problem with microwaving a Crock-Pot eyelid is that it has a alloy fuck isthmus to secure the hat to the foundation. And as you may already know, putting alloy in the microwave is a recipe for disaster !
When you put alloy in the microwave, it deflects the microwaves and sends them off in erratic directions all around the inside of the microwave .
It ’ s actually not a dear thing to do because it can interfere with the microwave ’ s ability to cook your food by rights and potentially damage your oven. Over time, the interaction of the microwaves with the metallic can evening cause a fire inside your microwave .
It doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate matter whether you use a Crock-Pot or other brands of decelerate cookers, the eyelid should never be microwaved .
You can use a microwave-safe plate to cover the tuck rather of the lid if you ’ d like. There are many estimable microwave-safe covers that you can find in the kitchen part of your local box store or on Amazon .
There are respective options available when it comes to microwave-safe covers. silicone is a coarse substantial used as it provides a lightweight, collapsible option. credit card is the most low-cost option, it ’ sulfur besides a light option and easy to clean .
glass is my favorite and probably the best choice available. Glass is durable and can often do doubly duty as a baking dish since many are oven-safe. You besides don ’ t have to worry approximately BPA as you do with silicone or credit card .
The downside is that it ’ mho heavier and bulkier than the other options, which can make it unmanageable to store if you ’ re short on cabinet space.

What If You Use Another Slow Cooker Brand?

If you ’ re using a slow cooker cut-in that ’ s not made by Crock-Pot, you ’ ll need to check with the manufacturer or refer to the owner ’ s manual to be sure that it is condom for microwave use .
If the manufacturer doesn ’ thymine mention it clearly on their web site or in the owner ’ s manual, you can check what materials it ’ second made out of .
In general, inserts made with stoneware or ceramic are safe for microwave use. however, not all manufacturers use these materials, some brands make their inserts out of metallic, which you should never put in the microwave .
That said, it ’ second better to play it safe. If the manufacturer doesn ’ t clearly say that their inserts are microwave safe, it ’ randomness best not to use them in the microwave careless of the fabric they are made out of .

Safety Tips To Keep In Mind

even if you opt for a Crock-Pot slip in that is microwave condom, there are hush some safety precautions to take .

  • First, remove the lid before placing the insert in the microwave. Always use microwave-safe covers if you need to cover the insert.
  • Next, it may seem obvious, but the outer part of the Crock-Pot, which has an electrical plug, is definitely not safe to put in the microwave.
  • Since Crock-Pot is designed to run on low or medium heat, don’t use high heat settings in the microwave.
  • Whether it is stoneware or ceramic Crock-Pot inserts, always monitor the temperature of your microwave. You should never allow your microwave to get hotter than 400 degrees because the inserts won’t be able to handle it and you could end up with a broken Crock-Pot insert.
  • Lastly, the Crock-Pot will be hot if it’s been in the electrical unit for a while, so be careful when you move the insert from the unit to the microwave or take it out of the microwave. Always use oven mitts to protect your hands from burns.

Final Thoughts

In stopping point, you can use a Crock-Pot cut-in in the microwave but not the eyelid .
It is important to check with your manufacturer before microwaving any slow cooker because some brands are insecure for this determination .
A microwave-safe blanket such as formative, silicone, or glass can be used to cover your Crock-Pot cut-in while microwaving .
My question is, why would you flush want to use the microwave with the Crock-Pot anyhow ?

In my impression, it defeats the function of using the Crock-Pot in the first place. After all, it ’ second designed to cook food lento, meaning you can leave it cooking neglected for hours without having to worry about overcooking your meal .
Let your Crock-Pot do what it was made to do and use your microwave for other things that need to be heated up promptly .


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