Crock-Pot FAQ’s: Answering Your Crock-Pot Questions!

Got a question about cooking in your dull cooker ? Want to know what slow cooker to buy ? Check out our extensive Crock-Pot FAQ’s for the answers ! Readers send us questions via e-mail and social media all the time and indeed we thought we would compile some of more frequently asked questions they ask us and put them all together on one page so that it will hopefully help everyone out. If you have a interview and it is not answered here please feel free to shoot us an email and we will get back with you a soon as possible…Is crock-pot cooking safe? Cooking in a crock-pot is safe. slow cookers reach a simmer temperature of 209°F, that along with the cook in a damp environment over a long period of time safely kills common bacteria such as E. coli, salmonella and botulism. Be sure to follow the cook times for the recipe you are following to be certain to cook your foods, particularly meats for the needed times.

What is the difference between a crock pot and a slow cooker? There is no deviation. The term “ slow cooker ” is a generic term for the diagnose trade name “ Crock-Pot ”. Crock-Pot is a register trade name of slowly cookers owned by the equal parent party. And any other stigmatize is barely called a decelerate cooker. What is your all time favorite Crock-Pot? Between the integral Crock-Pot Ladies team we have respective slow cookers in all different shapes and sizes. From small dip sized crock-pots to casserole crock-pots and everything in between. however our go to Crock-Pot size is a nice oval shaped 6 quart crock-pot with programmable settings is our absolutely favorite. We like this size because it holds enough to feed our families which range in size from 4 to 8 people, and the ellipse size fits pot roasts, whole chickens and early longer cuts of meat better than a round slow cooker. What is the difference between the LOW and HIGH setting on my crock-pot? Both HIGH and LOW stabilize at the same temperature, it is barely a matter of how long it takes to reach the simmer point. once food reaches the simmer point, sum cook time is dependent on cut and weight of meat to reach the point of utmost flavor and texture electric potential. ( Most dishes can be prepared on either HIGH or LOW. What are the typical cook times for slow cookers? The typical time for dull cookers to reach the simmer point ( 209°F ) is 7 to 8 hours on LOW and 3 to 4 hours on HIGH. These times however are estimate as different behind cookers will come to temperature slenderly differently. Can I convert cook times between HIGH and LOW? Yes you can. Below is a conversion chart to show you the comparative fudge times for HIGH and LOW.

Note : It is not recommended to convert recipes with cook times less than 7 to 8 hours on LOW or 3 to 4 hours on HIGH.
Crock-Pot Conversions - Use this handy chart to help you convert your slow cooker recipes from low to high cooking temperatures. Do you have any recommendations for typical meats and how long they should be cooked? Yes we do !
Pork Butt Roast, 6 to 7 Lbs. – 9 1/2 hours on LOW or 7 1/2 hours on HIGH.
Pork Loin, 3 to 4 Lbs. – 6 hours on LOW or 5 hours on HIGH.
Whole Chicken, 6 lbs. – 7 1/2 hours on LOW or 6 1/4 hours on HIGH.
Bone-in Turkey Breasts, 6 lbs. – 7 1/2 hours on LOW or 6 1/4 hours on HIGH.
Beef Roast, 3 to 4 Lbs. – 8 hours on LOW or 5 3/4 hours on HIGH.
Stew Meat, 3 Lbs. – 6 hours on LOW or 4 3/4 hours on HIGH. How much should I fill my slow cooker? A dull cooker should be at least 1/2 full to 3/4 full for best results. Does the water evaporate in a slow cooker? decelerate cookers have very little dehydration. When converting a recipe designed for the stove top remember that your final merchandise may be dense, adding extra urine during or at the end of cook will help thin it out. Do I need to stir while cooking in my Crock-Pot? For most recipes you do not need to stir while cooking. In fact opening the hat to stir decreases the inflame inside your slow cooker and frankincense increases the fudge time. however there are a few recipes that do call for hatchway and stir and thus, they have been adjusted for the extra cooking time. thus, unless your recipe calls for stirring, don ’ thyroxine. And when you do have a recipe that calls for stirring while cooking, open the lid, give it a quick raise and then close the hat promptly to prevent besides a lot estrus personnel casualty. Can I reheat food in my slow cooker? We don ’ t recommend reheating foods in your crock-pot. however most ceramic inserts that come with most slowly cookers are oven and microwave dependable. Please read your direction manual that came with your slowly cooker to see if the crock can go in the microwave or oven. Do I need to pre-brown meat? We suggest that you follow the recipe if it calls for pre-browning then go ahead and brown it up. While this is an add step it is normally included to create a more flavorful product and to get rid of excess fatness that may alter the flavor of the end result of the the dish.

With recipes that call for ground beef, turkey, chicken or pork ( with the exception of some recipes such as meatloaf an meatballs ) you will want to cook the meat on the stove-top fully before adding it to the slowly cooker. Is it safe to leave my slow cooker cooking while I am not at home? Most mod crock-pots are designed to be left cooking away on the counter-top neglected. To ensure that your slow cooker is safe while cooking while unattended stead your slow cooker on a clean and flat airfoil. Make indisputable that nothing is touching your crock-pot an gather the cord up and out of the way so that it is not angling off the counter. If you have curious pets that might be tempted to investigate what ’ s cooking while you are not home it may be judicious to make certain the pets do not have access to the kitchen. How do I prevent over-cooking or under-cooking? Always fill the stoneware 1/2 to 3/4 entire to conform to recommended cook times ( with the exception of certain cakes and custards. besides, if a time range is given in a recipe constantly fudge for the shortest total of time given, check your serve, and only then cook longer if needed.

Is the food in my slow cooker safe if there was a power outage while cooking? If your exponent was out for less than 1 hour your food is credibly safe to resume cooking and to eat. however if your power was out for more than an hour or you don ’ metric ton know how long you were without exponent it is better to be safe than deplorable and we do not suggest that you attempt to eat it.

Remember, when it doubt, throw it out ! Do I need to keep the lid on my slow cooker while cooking? Most recipes require that you cook with the eyelid on. Unless the recipe calls for it leave the lid on the integral cook time, specially during the first gear 2 hours. Can I start my dish off with frozen meat? In most cases you can, however you will need to adjust the cook time to compensate for the freeze kernel. Allow an extra 4-6 hours on LOW or 2 hours on HIGH when using freeze meat. Do not place frozen kernel inside a dry pre-heated crock-pot as the immediate variety in temperature can crack your crock Can I cook pasta in my slow cooker? Pasta is best cooked in quickly boiling water. It is best to cook pasta just until tender and then add to the stoneware during the last 30 minutes of cooking. Can I cook in the stoneware crock on my stove top? The stoneware can not withstand the extreme direct heat and will break if placed on a stove top burner. You may use the stoneware in the microwave or oven. however, the tempered glass hat is not desirable for microwave or oven use. We constantly suggest that you read your specific dense cooker ’ s user manual to be certain your decelerate cooker insert is microwave safe. Can a crock-pot go in the microwave? Most modern stoneware crock-pot inserts ( the actual carbon black depart of your slow cooker ) can be used in the microwave. Keep in mind however that the hat is normally not microwave safe and never put the actual heat component in the microwave ! If you are in doubt please consult to the owners manual to the specific crock-pot you own. What size of a crock-pot should I buy? This will depend partially on the count of people you are cooking for and partially on the type of cook you are doing.

– For singles a 1 – 1 1/2 quart is ideal.
– For a couple a 2 1/2- 3 1/2 quart is perfective.
– For a syndicate of 3 to 4 choose a 3 1/2 – 4 1/2 quart.
– For families of 4 to 5 choose a 4 1/2 – 5 quart unit.
– For feeding 6 or more people a 6 quart is the best option.

Of course a larger size is a great choice if you want to have leftovers to freeze and serve late. Most roasts besides fit better in a 5 quart or larger unit. Can I use aluminum foil or baking bags in my crock-pot? You sure can ! Some recipes even call for wrapping meat and other ingredients in foil and then placing in the stoneware for cooking. It is besides fine to home ingredients in bake bags, place in stoneware, cook and then lift the pocket our of the stoneware for serving. What do you think about the disposable crock-pot liners that are available? We love em ! Anything that helps clean up prison term is a winner in our record. Buy them!
There is besides a new reclaimable BPA free silicon behind cooker liner that we love besides. You can read our review on it HERE or purchase one for yourself HERE. My crock-pot recipes turn out too watery, how can I prevent this? This is probably happening because there is besides much water in your recipe. One half to one cup of fluent is sufficient for most recipes that do not call for rice. besides some meats, like chicken are processed with add water, this lend water or liquid cooks out and much can make your dishes more watery than you like. To avoid be indisputable not to add excessively a lot liquid and look for wimp and early meats without add urine. When should I add fish or shellfish to my crock pot recipe? Add sensitive seafood 30 minutes to 1 hour before the cook is finished. Add pre-cooked seafood a few minutes before the end of cook. How do you clean burnt on food in the crock-pot? suggest read : Tips For Cleaning Your Crock-Pot

Can you provide nutritional information for your recipes? We have provided the nutritional information for most of our recipes hera at Crock-Pot Ladies. If you find a recipe that we have not calculated the nutritional information however you can use a service like MyFitnessPal to calculate it yourself. My recipe didn’t turn our right! What did I do wrong? Our goal is to do our very best to give clear instructions for our recipes. however, without being in the kitchen with you we fair don ’ triiodothyronine know what might have gone wrong. One of the most common reasons for a recipe not coming out correctly are :

Different slow cooker brands cook at different temperature.

Older crock-pots tend to cook lower and slower than newer models. And some brands equitable run hot or colder when they cook.

Substituting ingredients or not following the recipe correctly.

not cooking the proper time and temperature set as instructed in the recipe.

Water subject of food. sometimes the water capacity in certain meats and vegetables can very vary and this may cause a recipe to turn out reeking or dry than it should. Can I prepare all my ingredients in the crock pot in the evening, just the ceramic liner, refrigerate it then put the cold pot in the heating liner, and start cooking immediately? Yes you can, in fact we do it all the time ourselves on days we know that we are going to be extra busy. evening a adolescent can be instructed to get the crock out of the refrigerator, put it on the base and turn it on to cook in the dawn before they head off to school !