How to Keep Your Corn Tortillas From Breaking


This post may contain affiliate links. If you click one of these links and make a purchase, I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. In addition, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Corn tortillas are a versatile food that can be used in all kinds of dishes. They add an authentic Mexican spirit to many meals .
however, corn tortillas are besides prone to breaking. breakage is not a big a trouble when you are making a fresh smasher such as enchiladas, but crumbling tortillas can threaten the morphologic integrity of your greaser .
fortunately, there are respective ways to keep corn tortillas from breaking. That way, you can continue to enjoy greaser, enchilada, and more without worrying about spilling all over yourself .

Corn Tortillas Versus Flour Tortillas

Corn and Flour Tortillas Corn tortillas are not the only type of tortilla out there. many home cooks and Mexican restaurants use flour tortillas rather .
Corn tortillas are made by curing corn in calcium hydroxide water and creating a dough called masa. The work for making flour tortilla is exchangeable to the one for making corn tortillas, except that they are made with wheat flour and normally have added fat so that the boodle comes together easier .
Corn tortillas are more authentic for most mexican meals, including taco and enchilada. however, flour tortillas are well for dishes that have more occupy, such as burritos and fajitas .
Flour tortillas tend to be larger than corn tortillas and more elastic. They can wrap larger fillings without breaking .
If flour tortillas are so easy to use, then why do people bother with corn tortillas ? Corn tortillas have far more relish and are more authentic to Mexican cuisine. The occasional breakage is worth it for their fantastic smack .

Why Do Corn Tortillas Break?

Corn tortillas are more prone to breaking than flour tortillas because they tend to be firmer. They do not have any add fats, which is partially what makes flour tortillas more bendable .
respective factors can make corn tortillas more probable to break, including age, heat, or moisture. Understanding why your corn tortillas keep fail will help you prevent breakage in the future .

Keep Them Fresh

Fresh White Corn Tortillas One of the main reasons why corn tortillas tend to break is if they are stale. a soon as a tortilla is more than a few days old, it is no longer flexible adequate to accommodate roll or fillings .
The best place to get newly tortilla is at a traditional tortilleria, a bakery that only makes bracing tortillas. Tortillas bought in supermarkets normally can not compare. however, tortillerias are merely accessible if you live somewhere with a large Mexican population, such as the Southwest .
If you want guaranteed fresh tortillas, you can always try making them at base. You can buy masa harina and a tortilla press in forte grocery store stores or on-line, then you ’ re constantly going to have a issue of fresh corn tortillas on hand .
If you can not find a fresh tortilleria near you and don ’ t have the fourth dimension to make your own, then grocery store shop tortillas can distillery work. You just have to make indisputable to put in the feat to keep your tortillas clean .
The best direction to avoid stale corn tortilla is to use them soon after buying them. once you open a bag of corn tortillas, make certain that you reseal it wholly so that they stay american samoa fresh as potential for longer .

Keep Them Warm

Opening a Microwave Corn tortillas are stiffer and more likely to break when they are cold. Heating them flush good a small piece before you begin rolling will help them become more flexible.

There are several different ways to heat your tortillas cursorily, depending on what is more convenient for you and what dish you are planning to prepare .
You can heat your corn tortillas on a dry grillroom or mold iron griddle for less than a moment on each side ( any long, and they will become excessively crisp for anything but tortilla chips ). This method works better if you are planning to make greaser or tostada .
If you are making enchiladas, you can add a little morsel of vegetable oil to the pan because the extra moisture will improve the taste .
You can besides heat your corn tortillas in a microwave or oven by wrapping your tortillas in a muffle paper towel. This will heat your tortillas and works particularly well if you are planning to make enchilada, but tortillas heated in the microwave tend to be excessively damp for greaser .

Retain Moisture

Another source of breakage for corn tortilla is a miss of moisture. Corn tortillas are prone to drying out if they are a few days old or have been left outside for besides long .
You can easily boost the moisture levels of your tortillas before preparing them, and that will prevent breakage. The microwave method acting mentioned above, where you heat tortillas in a microwave wrapped in a damp towel, helps retain moisture .
Another means to increase the moisture of corn tortillas is to use a steamer. Wrap the tortilla in a towel when putting them in the soft-shell clam basket, then let them stay in the soft-shell clam for about 15 minutes after the water system comes to a boiling point .
No topic what method you are using to add moisture to your tortillas, be sure to monitor your tortillas closely. If you let them moisten for excessively farseeing, they will become inert and ruin your dish .

Use Sauce to Your Advantage

Enchiladas When you are making a dish with sauce, such as enchiladas, you can use that sauce to moisten your tortillas. Soak your tortillas in a short of your enchilada sauce before you begin rolling, and they will be damp enough to roll and have extra relish .
A impertinent smasher such as enchiladas will besides cover up any minor cracks that do appear in your tortillas. If your corn tortillas are a few days erstwhile and you are disquieted about how stale they are, enchiladas are a big way to use them up .

How to Keep Corn Tortillas Fresh While Cooking

once you ’ ve put option in the unvoiced work of preparing your corn tortillas by heating them and moistening them, you don ’ thyroxine want to see that bring go to neutralize. however, if you leave your tortillas unattended while you ’ re preparing the rest of the meal, they could become brittle again and break .
If you heated your tortillas using the microwave method acting, keep them wrapped in the dampen towel or wallpaper towel and only take one tortilla at a time as you work. This will help them retain moisture .
If you used a grill or stovetop to heat your tortillas, you can wrap them in foil and place them in the oven so that they stay strong. You can besides warm them in the oven in the first position, although this method acting tends to be slower than the other ones .
Corn tortillas are a crucial ingredient in delicious, authentic Mexican dishes such as tacos and enchilada. however, they can be a pain to cook with since they are prone to breaking .
By making sure your tortillas are fresh, helping them retain moisture, and heating them before manipulation, you can prevent them from cracking or breaking .
If all else fails, use your tortillas in a fresh serve that will cover up any imperfections. Or, break them up and fry them to make tortilla chips. After all, it ’ s the smack that counts, not appearance .