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A boastfully question I ’ ve been getting recently is, ” Are blender bottles microwave safe ? ” The answer to this doubt varies across the internet and I am hoping to shed some light on the topic. First things first, it is significant to always ensure your safety when putting items into the microwave that you ’ re not confident about. If you ’ ra not certain, then it is probably the safest count to avoid microwaving that item .
personally, I have have over the past year of needing to microwave my blender bottle or shaker cup. My profession is teaching and I often need bombastic amounts of coffee to get me through the day. unfortunately, I was lacking a travel chocolate mug and rather used one of my shaker cups .

Blender Bottles And HeatCoffee Cup

Over the course of an entire school class ( September through the begin of June ) I filled my blender bottle with coffee and brought it to school. This march brought me both a positive and negative know.

On the positive side, blender bottles are leak proof and can handle quite a sting of hotness even though it is made of formative. In addition to this, if you use a BPA free blender bottle or shaker cup, you will not have to worry about poisonous effects from the warming plastic. All in all, I happily used my bottle for coffee bean on a daily footing and suffered no major injuries or health side effects ( Disclaimer : personally I was not influenced but this is not to say it can not influence you ) .
On the veto side, the cover to my blender bottle cracked and therefore began to leak. This was most likely due to the high pressure build up within the bottle containing a hot liquid. That being said, it is constantly important to expect your bottle to spray a little liquid when opening the ceiling under the eminent blackmail of a hot liquid .
All in all, I had no major issues and would probable use my blender bottle for coffee once again if needed .
due to a blender bottle not being insulated, I did have to microwave my coffee on many occasions. When asking myself, “ Are blender bottles microwave safe ? ” There are a few things to consider .

Things To Consider when Microwaving a Blender BottleMicrowave

At the end of the day, when questioning are blender bottles microwave safe, the choice is in truth yours ! Like I said, I had no major issues when using my blender bottle for coffee and in a microwave .
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But, there are a few things to keep in thinker.

first base, you must absolutely make sure that you do not microwave your blender bottle with the metal ball inside ! Metal is a natural conductor. This means that electricity flows through it quite easily. If you microwave metal, you will most likely destroy your microwave and see sparks fly. This is a big no-no so make sure you remove the metallic ball ! And if you have a metal shaker cup like these in this other article, do not use them in the microwave. This post will tell you why I like alloy better and which are my favorites. The Best metallic element Shaker Cups Ever
second base, as I briefly mentioned, when the inside of your blender bottle becomes hot the pressure raises quite a spot. Due to the pressure sealing eyelid, it is not released until you open it. This could lead to the spray of hot liquid causing injury or burn. You must always be careful when opening your hat after microwaving a blender bottle or shaker cup .
If you choose to microwave a blender bottle or shaker cup, just make indisputable you consider the possible effects .
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Is It Worth It?

If possible, merely use a different type of container to heat your liquids ! You may have to wash another smasher, but it is always better to be safe than deplorable .
If you must choose between chocolate or no chocolate, then you may feel the motivation to take the risk as I have !
fair remember to consider :

  • Is your metal ball out of the bottle?
  • Where is your pressurized bottle pointing? Avoid the burn!
  • Is your bottle BPA free? Just in case you could become ill, make sure your bottle is BPA free!

By using my blender bottle for coffee, I plainly found another habit for the product. It seems that the possibilities are dateless !
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