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If you ’ re wondering how to microwave bacon, so it ’ randomness crisp, no greasy splatters, and eliminate messy clean-up, you ’ re at the right place !
Cooking bacon in the microwave is childlike ; that said, it ’ south besides identical easy to overcook it and burn it. It seems like it goes from “ about cook ” to “ oh, no it ’ south burn ! ” faster than you can open the door .
cooked bacon on a paper towel lined plate

How to Cook Crispy Bacon in the Microwave

If you want bacon for breakfast or need it in a recipe but wear ’ metric ton have time to fry it in a frying pan, the microwave is your next best option ! Believe it or not, it ’ s possible to cook superintendent crisp bacon in just a few seconds with the push of a button. If you ’ re wondering how to microwave bacon, follow the steps below.

  1. Layer
    Place two paper plates on top of each other, and line them with at least two paper towels.
  2. Add Bacon
    Add 3-4 slices of bacon on top of the paper towels making sure they’re evenly spaced. 
  3. Cover
    Place a third paper towel diagonally on top of the bacon, covering as much as possible. 
  4. Cook
    Microwave your bacon for 2 minutes. 
  5. Check
    After 2 minutes, check your bacon to see if the pieces are firm and crispy all the way through. Remove any fully cooked bits from the plate.
  6. Continue cooking
    If you still have soft centers, place your bacon in the microwave for 15 to 20-second intervals until it is completely crispy but not burnt.

Watch this video to see how it ’ mho done, and find cooking alternatives if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to use a newspaper plate !

How Long to Microwave Bacon

The secret to cooking perfect bacon every clock time is in how hanker you cook it. Depending on the issue of strips and thickness of your bacon slices, you will need to cook each strip of bacon for 1 moment to 1:30. Two to four strips of bacon will need between 2-4 minutes .
Remember that the number of slices being cooked and the thickness will determine how long to microwave your bacon.
I recommend microwaving 4 slices at a fourth dimension, no more .

Thickness Time
Thin 2 minutes
Medium 3-4 minutes
Thick 4-5 minutes

No matter how slurred your bacon is, I recommend starting with 2 minutes. then, continue to cook it in 20-second intervals as needed .

Can you Get Crispy Bacon in the Microwave?

With the serve of newspaper towels, you can get crisp bacon in the microwave. Paper towels avail absorb excess grease and provide a surface to make your bacon crisp .
Be aware that you will need to do a little oven clean-up as the anoint tends to drain through the paper towels onto the paper plate .
Never microwave bacon directly on a porcelain plate. It will get extremely hot.
cooked bacon on a paper towel lined plate

How to Microwave Bacon Without Paper Towels

If you don ’ t want to use paper towels or paper plates to cook your bacon, you can do it by doubling and tripling the newspaper plates underneath the bacon and one on top to cover the bacon pieces .
alternately, if you want to reduce lay waste to, feel free to place your bacon in a microwave-safe dish, and follow the cooking instructions listed above .

Microwave Bacon Tray Method

Microwave bacon trays are specifically designed to keep the bacon elevated, allow the bacon fat to drip to the bottom, and have a cover to contain grease splatters .
All you have to do is place your bacon on the tray, cover it with the hat, and cook following the 2 minute and incremental time suggestions above .
The bacon grease will drip to the bottom, which you can save or disgard. Once the bacon is how you like it, lift it out of the tray and it ’ s ready to go .
These microwave bacon trays are reusable and inexpensive and you can grab yours here.
bacon in a microwavable tray

What to Do with Leftover Bacon

Leftover bacon is a great problem to have, because it can be used in so many recipes. When I have a few supernumerary pieces, I love to crumble them up and toss them in omelets, salads, or miniskirt quiches. If you ’ re looking for ideas, there are tons of great meal homework recipes that use bacon .

How to Microwave Bacon

If you ’ re wondering how to cook bacon in the microwave so it ’ mho crisp, no greasy splatters & easy killing you ’ re in the right place !



  • 4 slices of bacon


  1. Paper plate & towels method:
    Layer two paper towels on top of a thick paper plate. Place bacon slices on top and cover with a paper towel.
    Microwave on senior high school, for 2 minutes and check for doneness. Add cook time in 20-second increments until the bacon is cooked to your desire texture .
  2. Reusable tray:
    Place bacon slices on top of the reusable tray and cover with the lid.
    Microwave on gamey, for 2 minutes and check for doneness. Add cooking time in 20-second increments until the bacon is cooked to your coveted texture .


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