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All You Need To Know On How To Make Over Easy Eggs In The Microwave Over easy eggs are a classical breakfast option, and are much cooked by pan-frying the eggs on the stovetop. however, if you ’ ra looking for a quick room to cook over easy eggs in the microwave, you ’ ve come to the properly topographic point.

All You Need To Know On How To Make Over Easy Eggs In The Microwave In this article, I will explore some key data on cook over easy eggs, including how to make over easy eggs in the microwave. Let ’ s get into it .

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What Is An Over Easy Egg?

In short, over easy eggs are fried eggs that are cooked for a short period of time on both sides so that the egg white is set, but the egg egg yolk hush remains fluid.

There are four basic types of fried eggs : Sunny side up, over easy, over medium, and over well. The charge of doneness of the yolk varies depending on which type of egg you opt for. Generally talk, the longer you cook the eggs, the hard the egg yolk becomes .

Can You Make Over Easy Eggs In The Microwave?

Yes, you can make over easy eggs in the microwave. That being said, this procedure is slenderly different as you won ’ triiodothyronine flip the cheery side as you would if you were pan-frying the eggs. As a result, cook over easy eggs in the microwave is more alike to how you would make cheery side up eggs .
The reason for this comes down to the fact that the heat in a microwave is not entirely directed at the bottom of a pan, but alternatively targets the egg from all directions. As a consequence, the circus tent of the egg will be slenderly cooked due to the heat from the microwave without the need to flip the egg over, meaning there is one less step that you need to worry about !

Is It Safe To Cook Over Easy Eggs In The Microwave?

Yes, it ’ s absolutely safe to cook over easily eggs in the microwave. How fluid you like your eggs is a personal preference .
That being said, when cooking with testis, you should inactive be mindful of the risk of the bacteria, salmonella. Eating a fluid egg egg yolk can cause a food digest illness, careless of the level of fluidity. salmonella can make you very sick, particularly if you eat bleak or lightly cooked eggs .
According to the USDA temperature risk zone, salmonella won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be killed unless the egg is amply cooked .
You can minimize the risk of salmonella by keeping eggs refrigerated at 40°F ( 4°C ) or colder at all times and ensuring that all dishes that contain egg reach an inner temperature of 160°F.

How Do You Cook Over Easy Eggs In The Microwave Without Flipping Them?

While making an over easy egg in the microwave, you will first need to preheat a microwave- safe plate ahead and then add cooking anoint or melted butter on its hot surface. This will both help the testis to cook, but will besides prevent it from sticking to the serve as it cooks .
following, you will need to add your chapped egg gently on the preheat plate, being careful to not crack the egg yolk .
Adding a eyelid to your eggs is the key to cooking easy eggs in the microwave without flipping them. This, along with the microwave targeting all sides of the egg will ensure that it evenly cooks, imitating the work of flipping the testis over without actually having to do it .

A Guide On How To Make Over Easy Eggs In The Microwave

A Guide On How To Make Over Easy Eggs In The Microwave


  • 1 large egg
  • 1 teaspoon of oil or butter
  • Salt and pepper, to taste


Step One – Find A Microwave-Safe Dish

Before you begin, you will first need to find a desirable microwave-safe dish to cook your over easy eggs in the microwave.

preheat it in the microwave for around 15 seconds .

Step Two – Butter Or Oil The Preheated Dish

following, you will need to add butter or oil to the preheat dish. The heat from the dish will melt your butter, so don ’ thymine concern about melting it advance .

Step Three – Crack The Egg

once your preheat smasher is ready, you will need to crack the egg into a humble bowl to ensure that the egg yolk doesn ’ t break and ruin the preheat serve .
once you ’ ve cracked the egg into a bowl, carefully transfer the egg onto the hot dish. Season with salt and pepper to smack.

Step Four – Cover The Dish

You will need to cover the dish to cook the egg. This will ensure that the steam gets trapped inside the eyelid, cooking the clear and the bottom of the testis evenly .

Step Five – Microwave The Egg

station the dish into the microwave and set the timer for 45 seconds .
Microwave the egg for 45 seconds or until the white on the peak of the yolk has partially set .

Step Six – Remove The Egg From The Microwave But Keep It Covered

Take the egg out of the microwave with oven gloves to ensure that you don ’ triiodothyronine cut yourself.

You will need to make indisputable that you keep it covered for 30 seconds so that the egg yolk starts thickening and the whites become opaque .

Step Seven – Remove The Lid

carefully remove the lid to allow the steamer to dissipate .
At this charge, you will besides want to allow the egg to rest to ensure that the yolk doesn ’ t detonate when you cut into it .

Step Eight – Serve The Eggs

stopping point by no means least, serve the eggs and delight !

Tips When Making Over Easy Eggs In The Microwave

Before you crack your egg into the preheat dish, you should crack the egg into a small bowl to ensure that the egg remains intact and that the yolk doesn ’ thymine break .
Make sure that you cover the dish to trap steam in order to cook the testis egg yolk without having to flip the egg over as you would while pan-fry it .
To be safe and to avoid an plosion in the microwave, you will need to take a toothpick to break the surface of the egg yolk by piercing the concentrate of it. Covering your egg will besides help to minimize the risk of your egg explode .
guarantee that you preheat the microwave-safe dish before you add your testis to the dish, as this will help the cook process significantly.

Make certain that you add butter or oil to your dish before adding your egg. Greasing your microwave-safe dish with either butter or anoint will not only help your egg to cook in the adipose tissue, but it will besides prevent it from sticking to the dish deoxyadenosine monophosphate well .
Always allow the egg to rest for 30 seconds before cutting into the egg yolk, the center may have superheated which can cause it to explode after being microwaved .
Always make surely that you cook over easy eggs end, after everything else is train .
This is because eggs continue to cook from the remainder inflame, so the longer you leave them in the hot pan, the more likely it will be that they are no retentive the right texture for over easy eggs .

In Summary

so, there you have how to make easy over eggs in a microwave !

however you like to eat your eggs in the dawn, after reading this article, hopefully you now know how to cook easy over eggs in the microwave when you have less time to make breakfast .
beneficial luck make over easy eggs in the microwave !

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Difference Between Over Easy And Sunny Side Up Eggs?

The difference between over easy eggs and cheery side up eggs is how the egg yolk is cooked .
When you ’ re making easy eggs, the testis is flipped so that the egg is cooked on both sides .
On the other handwriting, when an egg is cooked cheery side up, the egg is fried with the egg yolk up and is never flipped to cook the other side. This results in a fluid yolk.

How Long Do Easy Eggs Take To Cook In The Microwave?

once you have cracked the egg onto a preheat dish and have seasoned it, it should take around 45 seconds to cook .
Using a hat will improve the results and adjust the cook time. however, it ’ mho crucial to note that the fudge meter can differ depending on the electrical power of your microwave .

Can You Reheat Over Easy Eggs In The Microwave?

Yes, you can reheat over easy eggs in the microwave with the caution that this is very likely to change its texture .
When reheating over easy eggs in the microwave, the egg white has a tendency to become cartilaginous in texture, and the yolk will no retentive be fluid .
therefore, while you can reheat over easy eggs in the microwave, they won ’ thymine be equally good as they would be when they ’ re made fresh.

That being said, leaving the eggs cold and chucking them into something like an egg salad is better than wasting them .