How To Microwave Ramen With Egg? – An Ultimate Guide


Ramen is a identical popular attic serve because of its delectable smack. But if you want to make them in a microwave, that is completely accomplishable, and the steps are pretty simple. In addition, combining with an egg to accompany them will make you feel the perfect blend of flavors and can not be missed. Furthermore, eggs will provide you with a goodly acid of protein and make your Ramen more alimentary .
This article will provide you with microwave ramen with egg recipes that you can make at home and have a big time enjoying this dish .

Can You Microwave Ramen With Egg?

You can completely heat eggs and Ramen in your home microwave. vitamin a long as you know the adjustments to get a attic dish cooked absolutely and the eggs cooked to your like, a microwave can wholly help you do that .
It is a delectable combination of egg and Ramen that ’ s worth trying because its taste is amazing, and it ’ second easily to make with a microwave. Your noodles will be enriched with protein with merely one egg or two, depending on your preference and preference.

Is It Possible To Make Ramen With A Poached Egg?

You can eat Ramen with a poach testis. Most people ’ second smack buds prefer to eat poach eggs rather than boiled or fried to serve with Ramen .
It will be a short unlike and requires more proficiency to make a poach egg than making a boil egg. The poached eggs will be peeled and cooked at a moderate temperature, unlike leaving the shell on when cooking boiled eggs. In addition to having a extra taste, poached eggs will have a higher nutritional measure than cooking them in any early means .
A boiled egg is considered satisfactory when the white separate on the outside is cooked while the egg yolk part on the inside is still crimson and fluid, which requires more advanced cooking than the other ways. When eating them, many people like to break them in half so that the yolk can flow, or some people like to leave the whole eggs on the noodles .
When you want to make a poach egg in the microwave, but you don ’ thymine know “ how long to microwave egg in ramen ? ”. The answer is that you need to boil a bowl of water in the microwave for 2 minutes. At this detail, the water will still not amply boil, and you can crack a raw testis into this bowl of hot water. Nuke it for about 30 seconds is the poach egg is done .
so with a microwave, you can wholly make a boiled testis with a very simple way of making it ; its delectable flavors are worth a judge. A boiled testis is an essential side dish when you want to enjoy the perfective and most alimentary ramen dish .

When Is It Appropriate To Add An Egg To Ramen?

To cook a combinative dish of Ramen with eggs cooked in the microwave, you can do it in two main ways. The best way is that after your Ramen is cooked, you will put an egg in the bowl of noodles and then enjoy it. The second way is to put an egg directly into the Ramen while cooked .
The dish ’ second taste will differ between the two fudge methods, depending on your preferences and taste to choose the right way to cook. Both of the above methods can be done with your microwave .
Eggs are a capital choice when serving with Ramen, but you can make it in many ways such as clamber, poaching, simmering, and for each type of egg will require time to add into Ramen accordingly .

  • You should put case-hardened eggs into the Ramen when it has been cooked .
  • You can put eggs in Ramen while cooking hot water for poached eggs .
  • besides, if you want to eat fry or fried eggs, you need to cook them first gear and then add them to the Ramen while it ’ s inactive hot .

You can make a fantastic smasher that combines betweens Ramen and eggs with barely a microwave no matter how it is cooked. You need to be aware of the suitable time for each type of egg you want to add to your Ramen .

How To Put An Egg In Microwave Ramen?

Want to ways to make a serve between Ramen and eggs ? Follow these simple steps :

  • beginning, you need to choose the type of Ramen you want to eat. They have many flavors for you to choose from, such as gripe or chicken, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as hot and piquant noodles .
  • In the package of noodles you buy, there will be a cup of Ramen that can be cooked directly in the microwave. But if you want to use your normal bowl, take the Ramen with the seasoning packets into the stadium and cook it in the microwave .


  • future, you need to pour seasoning packets like sesame seeds, bolshevik chili, curry powder, and moon pepper directly into the Ramen.
  • Pour a sufficient amount of boiling water system into the bowl .
  • Cover a bowling ball of temper noodles and boiling water to retain hotness, then microwave them for about 1 hour to cook them through .
  • then you take them out. Your noodles are now cooked .
  • Put an egg directly into the stadium of noodles that has good been taken out .
  • Cover and microwave them again for about 1 minute .
  • After 1 moment, you can take out your bowl of ramen. Your dish is cooked and ready to be enjoyed .

Tips When Microwaving Ramen With Egg

You don ’ t need to worry excessively much when you have never tried cook eggs and Ramen in the microwave earlier. Because with some tips below will be very useful for you to minimize the risks :

  • When using the microwave for cooking eggs, if you are not careful, your eggs will explode due to the high temperature in the oven. To avoid this situation, you need to let them be wholly submerged in water to be boiled safely when boiling eggs .
  • It makes sense to use the microwave to boil eggs before cooking Ramen. On the other hired hand, you need to cook your noodles in the microwave while promptly nuking the eggs to your like .
  • While the Ramen is cooked in the microwave, you need to observe the water level in the bowl. To have a delightful bowling ball of Ramen, it is necessary to have a sufficient amount of water to avoid the water being completely evaporated when the flock cook. then your Ramen will be burn and smell like smoke. If the water in the bowl of noodles is gradually depleted, you need to add a little more water to continue cook .
  • The hale microwave cook process will not take excessively much of your clock time, but to get a arrant serve, they need to be cooked in a certain time. Each software of Ramen will be instructed at an allow time to cook. If you can ’ thyroxine estimate the adjust time, set the fudge time on your microwave .
  • You need to pay care to the materials put in the microwave during the cook process. wooden furniture is not commend even though its aesthetic is quite high. Besides, formative utensils should not be cooked in the microwave because they can easily melt and leave toxic substances in your noodles. The recommend materials are best made of glass or porcelain .
  • You need to consider the size of the bowl of noodles to cook in the microwave consequently. They should not be excessively big or besides little to fit the number of noodles and eggs you want .

What’s The Best Way To Add An Egg To Microwave Ramen?

To save prison term, you can cook the eggs first and when the Ramen is completely cooked, put them in. If you want to eat hard-bitten eggs, place them in a stadium of boiling water and cover them with a plate .
While your noodles are cooking, the eggs need to be nuked over gamey heating system for 3 minutes. During this process, you need to pay care to the water charge to boil the eggs, or they will explode .
In addition, you can cook ramen before cooking eggs. First, you boil two cups of water in the microwave. then, you add the noodles directly to the hot urine and cook in the microwave until they are completely cooked. You need to put the seasoning packets in the bowl and hot water. then cook the eggs and add to the bowling ball of noodles in your preference .
once your noodles and eggs have been cooked, you can decorate the come on of the Ramen with grate carrots, thinly sliced ​​scallions, or any other toppings you like.

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This article has some bare steps to help you make microwave ramen with eggs at your home. There are many ways you can cook your eggs in the microwave, such as poaching, electrocute, or boiling them. furthermore, to get a delicious end merchandise, you need to keep in beware the very utilitarian tips in this article. refer to it and start cooking a dim-witted, delectable meal that adds enough nutrients for yourself and your family .