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I like using my Nalgene for hot tea and chocolate therefore I ’ ve frequently been tempted to put it in the microwave. Insulated covers help keep my drinks warm for a fiddling bit, but they constantly cool before I can finish the entire bottle. They ’ re very well to use with seethe water, but that doesn ’ triiodothyronine mean it won ’ thyroxine mellow. So I decided to reach out to Nalgene to ask the question : toilet you microwave a Nalgene water bottle ?

It’s safe to microwave modern Nalgene water bottles that were made after the 2008 BPA Recall. Nalgene water bottles are made out of polycarbonate so they can withstand heat and UV radiation. The bottle shouldn’t melt, warp or deform in any way. Just make sure you take off the lid so the steam can escape and the bottle won’t explode.
Please note that you shouldn ’ metric ton put hot liquids in old Nalgene water bottles that were made before the 2008 BPA Recall. Heat and UV rays speed up the secrete of dangerous chemicals and you don ’ thyroxine want BPA, BPS, BPF, and Phythatlates getting into whatever you ’ rhenium drink.

After learning that I decided to put my Nalgene water system bottle to the screen and tried putting it in the microwave. A few minutes later I had my answer and found a new means to use my Nalgene water bottles. Keep understand to learn how and when I use my Nalgene ’ s in the microwave .

Is It Safe To Put A Nalgene Water Bottle In The Microwave?

hand opening microwave to put in Nalgene
It ’ randomness dependable to put a modern Nalgene water system bottles in the microwave. Modern Nalgene water bottles are made out of Tritan fictile which can handle temperature ranges up to 540°F so you won ’ metric ton have to worry about the bottle mellow, warping or deforming in any way. Microwaves only reach 212°F temperature so it ’ s not even close to Tritans soap temperature rate .
good make sure you remove the bottles lid sol steam can escape ! You don ’ triiodothyronine want to incidentally create a small water system bottle bomb in your microwave.

Older HDPE and Polycarbonate Nalgene ’ s can withstand a microwaves heat without warping, but you have to worry about another problem. Heat and UV radiation speed up the secrete of BPA, BPS, BPF and Phthalates into the bottles contents .
It ’ s an inconspicuous danger, but those chemicals are known to cause cancer and hormonal imbalances with long-run use. Pre 2008 BPA recall Nalgene ’ second probably won ’ t cause any problems with casual use, but I wouldn ’ thymine use them on a regular footing. It ’ s not worth the risk for the monetary value of a new Nalgene .
There are two main things to remember when heating Nalgene ’ s up in the microwave. Remove the lid and use an insulate sleeve to keep it hot. You can heat coffee bean, tea, hot chocolate, etc. It ’ s in truth not complicated !

  • Remove Nalgene’s Lid: This is probably the most important thing you need to remember. You have to leave the bottle’s lid off when it goes in the microwave. Leaving the lid on will cause steam to build up and the bottle will eventually explode. I shouldn’t have to explain why this is a problem!
  • Use Insulated Sleeves: Plastic is a terrible insulator so you will need to use an insulated sleeve (On Amazon) to keep your contents warm. You’ll be at room temperature in 10 minutes without the insulated sleeve. Any of the cheap sleeves will work in warm weather, but I like to use this Nalgene Brand Bottle Carrier in the winter. It’s highly insulated and has a zip top lid so the bottle won’t freeze on winter backpacking and camping trips. It’s kind of a pain to use the zip lid in the summer, but it will keep ice from melting.

Take Off The Lid To Let Out Steam

As I mentioned above, removing the bottles lid is by far the most important dance step when microwaving a Nalgene water bottle. The hat is made out of Tritan Plastic that can withstand 540°F temperatures so it ’ s not about melting anything. It all has to do with the steam that comes off heat liquids.

When you heat up liquids steam will start to build up and release into the air. That ’ s not an exit with the hat off since it can disperse into the microwave, but it can be a dangerous problem if you forget to remove the hat. The steam will lento build up creating coerce and the bottle will finally explode .

Use Insulated Sleeves After Heating Nalgenes In The Microwave

Insulated Nalgene Water Bottle Sleeve
I highly recommend picking up an insulate sleeve to use with your Nalgene. They ’ re kind of costly ( check them out ) for what you ’ rhenium getting, but they very help insulate the bottle. Hot drinks stay ardent and cold drinks stay cool. You ’ ll have a cold bottle of chocolate in less than 10 minutes without an isolate sleeve .
I like to use Nalgene ’ mho Insulated cover with the zip code top eyelid when I ’ megabyte packing in the winter. The zip up top hat actually helps keep out the coldness and I don ’ t have to worry about my water freeze. It may have to go in my jacket in laughably cold weather, but that ’ s to be expected .

Heat Up Your Coffee and Tea In The Nalgene

It ’ second dependable to use your Nalgene to heat up coffee bean and tea. I was always worried that coffee bean would leave an aftertaste in my water bottle, but that ’ s not a problem. You will be able to taste the coffee for a fiddling act, but it should go away once you clean out the bottle.

It doesn ’ t matter how well you scrub out the bottle that coffee taste finally starts to linger. like to use urine bottle cleaning tablets ( check them out ), when my Nalgene starts getting fetid. Just shed a pad in a full bottle of body of water, shake it up a bite, and your well to go. It should help remove any after taste or mold/mildew that was growing in the bottle .
You can besides use a water/bleach solution to clean the bottle, but that ’ s not as easy. Just mix 2 capful of bleach in a bottle that ’ south filled with water and shake it up. Let the bleach concoction sit for 30 minutes to an hour, enfeeble it, and clean it with regular soap/water .

Great For Heating Up Soup

I ’ m decidedly not a morning person so waking up early to eat breakfast international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate going to happen. That ’ randomness why I like to toss a can of soup in my Nalgene so I have something hot to eat when I get to work. It goes in the microwave for 2 minutes and I ’ meter good to go when I head out the door .
good make certain you use an isolate sleeve so it can maintain its temperature.