Can I Melt Hair Removal Wax in The Microwave? (Is it Safe)

A professional may have all the correct equipment for wax, but do we need the master tools to heat up wax from home. Do you actually need a wax ardent ? This is where the questions come rolling in, can you melt wax in the microwave? Is it SAFE ?

What about heating the hair removal wax on the stove ? Would this study. The Microwave can be used to melt hair removal wax without a wax warmer, this will do exactly the same as your wax warmer would. Just pour your desired quantity of beads into a clean microwavable bowl and put it in for a minute at a time to keep an eye on when the wax has melted.  Be sure to continue to read our full moon steer for all our hacks and tips on waxing with your products from home and not having to worry about having the professional tools for you to wax correctly and safely from home .

How to Melt Hair Removal Wax Correctly

With the many different methods, you could use to melt your haircloth removal body wax, your need to follow these requirements to melt it safely .

Uniform Heat – 

Uniform inflame is necessity to achieve effective performance from your wax. unfortunately, wax that international relations and security network ’ metric ton heated uniformly may start to crack and go brittle making waxing pretty impossible to work. We would recommend stirring the wax every now and again to make sure the temperature stays even throughout the liquescent process .

The Right Temperature –

depilatory waxes ( Hair removal wax ) melt at around 220 Fahrenheit, but you wouldn ’ t actually apply to your peel until it reaches a ‘ low melting point ’ which is normally around 104 Fahrenheit. You should be about to locate this data on the box. They normally apply a piece below 104 Fahrenheit. If you look close, most waxes have a “ low-melting-point ” indication in the software. This Kolua Wax Hard Wax Beads for Hair Removal – is merely the best ! it ’ s so comfortable to use and targets chummy coarse hair !Depilatory waxes

Constant Warmth –  

In the salon, your wax would stay constantly warm from being inside a wax ardent. But if you are working from base and doing a DIY wax at home you need to figure out a room to keep your wax heater. If your wax starts to go cold in the process of your waxing then you will start to lose workability and then it won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be able to do its caper. possibly try boiling some water and resting your pot of already melted wax inside to keep the temperature going to keep it melted.

Can I Melt All Types Of Wax in the Microwave?

not all types of wax can go in the microwave to be melted. so be sure to know the difference before putting your haircloth removal wax into the microwave. Be sure to remember you CANNOT put soft wax cans in the microwave. The metallic can and the type of wax it is it ’ s fair not recommended to be heated up unless you are using a wax strong. alternatively, you can heat up unconstipated hard wax beads in the microwave, a farseeing as you have the PATIENCE. You precisely need to melt it a handful at a time to make certain it fully melts all the way through to be able to use it on your skin .

Steps to Melt Wax in a Microwave

Learn how to melt hair removal wax in the microwave correctly, and safely without causing any explosions along the manner ( You can do this, I believe in you ) .

  1. First the most important step is preparation. You need to prepare some items to make sure you are safely melting the wax. You will need; a resistant glass or a plastic container, an apron, a spatula, and paper towel to protect your work area. 
  1. Now you have the correct equipment, you will need estimate or weigh out the amount of beads of wax you are going to need for your waxing session. This will all depend on how lare the area is you are waxing. Now put your wax beads into your container. 
  1. The next step is very IMPORTANT – you must turn down your microwaves power wattage to around 10 – 20 %, as most microwaves would just by default be on full power at all times. But if you left it on full power you would just burn the wax not actually melt it.
  1. Now you can put the container with the wax beads in the microwave, making sure you place it on the side rather than in the middle. Be sure to avoid putting a lid on the container.
  1. Set the timer to ten seconds, be sure to stir it a bit in between every 10 seconds; this will help conduct heat evenly. Repeat the previous step as many times as necessary to get the correct wax consistency which should be runny. 

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Should I Get a Wax Warmer?

There are many benefits you would gain by purchasing a wax quick. If you are working in a professional environment then it ’ s an absolute must you will need a wax quick to be able to work in your salon waxing. normally, master wax warmers are a set bigger with larger capacities for wax beads. Whereas if you are searching for one to use from home a small portable matchless would work absolutely. These are available for under £40 and are well worth the purchase. Take a attend at our recommend wax warm which is great value for money and easy to use. You will not be disappointed with the AEVO wax warm kit out .

What about Microwavable Waxes?

Microwavable waxes are convenient and easy to use. They have been designed for microwave use, so they get the perfective temperature promptly. We strongly recommend trying a microwavable wax called Mylee Rose Soft wax which is perfective and easy to use in your microwave to wax from home . Read here : Should Moisturise After Waxing


hopefully, our guidebook has helped you understand although you can use a microwave to melt your wax, you need to follow the decline instructions to make surely you safely melt them in the microwave.  It ’ mho besides essential you use the correct prep with the right tools and the correct wattage when melting the wax in the microwave. If you cant get on with using a microwave to melt the wax then you can well purchase a wax heater on a budget. What did you think of our template on can I melt haircloth removal wax in the microwave ?. If there are any far questions we would love to hear from you .