You Can Grill a Frozen Pizza

Image for article titled You Can Grill a Frozen Pizza I have never been and never will be “ above ” eating a freeze pizza ( once cooked, obviously ). They are convenient. They are tasty. They are customizable. But cooking them has a way of heating up your kitchen, as they need a good snatch of heat to get all browned and champagne. There is, fortunately, another scorching estrus reservoir that cooks up freeze pizza fair as well—if not better—than your oven, and it ’ second located outside, which is already hot. That ’ s right, I am talking about the grill in your yard.


Grilled, freeze pizza has all the makings of an easy but queerly special-feeling weeknight supper. You can grill multiple pizza, one at a time, and eat the first at a easy clip while the following one is cooking. Grilling a pizza from frozen to hot and wrinkle takes all of 20 minutes, and the pre-heat time is markedly shorter than your oven ’ s .

Image for article titled You Can Grill a Frozen Pizza The crust gets crisper, bubblier, and delightfully browned. The only drawback is that you can ’ thymine switch on a broiler for browned tall mallow, but I was reasonably felicitous with how the cheese melted and browned along the edges, thanks to swirling, indirect inflame coming off of the coals. You can grill any freeze pizza, but some menu better than others, and there are a few strategies you can take to ensure freeze pizza grilling achiever.

Avoid super thick crusts

I grilled a variety show of freeze pizza last nox, and found that the thin, crispier-style crusts did the best. Thicker pizza came out a little doughy, and they ( obviously ) took long. This international relations and security network ’ metric ton such a big deal if you ’ re only making one freeze pizza ( or are using a gas grill ), but if you ’ re working with charcoal, you have a limited total of fourth dimension, and you want to get as many pizza cooked as possible ( or at least I do ). Skip the DiGiorno, is what I ’ megabyte saying .

Keep it cheap

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I love Totino ’ s Party Pizzas profoundly and unironically, and the grill brings out the absolute best in their cracker-like crust. I mean, just attend at this browning ( but don ’ metric ton expression at my dirty plate ) .

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The Red Baron pizza I grilled besides did pretty well, but everyone at the mesa ( and there were three other people there ) agreed that the fancier Screaming sicilian ’ randomness crust was a disappointment ( though the meat on top was pretty excellent ). If you ’ ra uncertain which brand to pick up, I strongly recommend you grab a box of party pizza. They ’ rhenium fabulously cheap—like, a- dollar- per- pizza cheap—and honestly tasted the best out of all the pizza we tried. ( red Baron rather slapped excessively though, and I bet store- stigmatize pizza would kill. ) ad

Mind your coals

again, if you have a boast grill, fuel is not actually a problem ( unless you ’ ra running low on propane and propane accessories ), but a chimney full of coals is a circumscribed resource. I was able to get four pizza out of one lamp chimney, and I credibly could have eeked out one more. The key, as with anything charcoal, lies in minding your vents. ad

If you ’ re using a charcoal grill, keep the bottom consumption vent amply open the stallion time, and start with the run down vent about center open. You want to keep your grill temp in the 375-425℉ compass. I know that seems wide, but you ’ re going to be opening the grill up quite a bit, so fluctuations are inevitable. ( besides, do not rely on the little built-in thermometer on circus tent of your grill to give you an accurate reading—everyone who grills over charcoal should have an external thermometer. ) You ’ ll want to open the top vent a small more with each pizza, as the coals will gradually cool as you ’ ra cook. By my fourth pizza, I had both vents fully open .

Just grill it

To grill a frozen pizza into crisp, bubbling perfection, you will need :

  • Frozen pizzas
  • A grill

That ’ s it. If you ’ rhenium working with charcoal, fill a lamp chimney and get it going by lighting a crank cube or some newspaper underneath. Once the coals are glowing and partially ashed over, dump them on one side of the coal grates and set the grill grate on top. Open the intake vent fully and the bottomland vent about center, and let the temp heighten to at least 375℉. If you are using a gas grill, set up a two-zone system with the burners set to medium-high to reach that lapp temperature. Place a pizza on the “ collateral ” side ( the opposite english of the coals ), and close the hat. ad

Let the pizza cook for five minutes, then give it a quarter turn and let it cook for another five. Repeat two more times, then slide the pizza over to the direct side for a minute if you want to crisp up the bottomland. ( Be careful here, as it can burn, but I like a small charwoman on my pizza. ) Remove the pizza, close the grill, and—if you ’ re using charcoal—open up that top vent a little more. Let the temp come back up, then place your future pizza on the grill and do it all all over again. Repeat until you are out of pizza ( or until your charcoal is spent ). ad