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Having pizza delivered is one of life ’ s bang-up treats. You can lounge at home and with a few simple swipes of your telephone or clicks of the keyboard, a hot and delectable pizza will appear at your door. But what about when you ’ re away from home or travel and precisely want to eat in your room without room service ?
Can you get pizza delivered to a hotel ? Yes. Hotels have different delivery policies – some drivers will be allowed to reception, some only to the front gates. Hotels with kitchens will discourage deliveries, but very few ban bringing food into your room. Many pizza companies have policy to only deliver to hotel receptions so you will have to meet them.
In short – you should be able to find a direction even if the hotel doesn ’ thymine make life easy. I ’ ve got a few tips in the article to make the manner of speaking go smoothly. My first gear tip – make sure to give the driver your first and last name, and your room number. now they can enter the build and pass through reception with some details which match a hotel guest if they are questioned .

Getting Pizza Delivered To Your Hotel

If you ’ re planning ahead, there are a few things to consider. In many hotels, having a pizza delivered to your hotel board is very simple – you can precisely use your darling food delivery app or visit a restaurant ’ s web site to place an order. But there are a few actions to take to ensure your order makes it to you without any trouble oneself.

Look For Problematic Signs

Some hotels have actual signs that forbid external food from being delivered. This doesn ’ thymine mean a pizza delivery is completely off the table, but it can be a bump in the road .
then, there are other kinds of “ signs. ” These are the signs that pizza delivery might be frowned upon, which again doesn ’ thymine mean you can ’ thymine order rescue, you ’ ll just have to dig a little deeper before you do. Keep an eye out for these :

  • Higher-end hotels that might prevent delivery drivers from taking food to rooms.
  • Hotels that have a fast-casual dining restaurant in the hotel lobby or close to it – they’ll want to try to get you to eat their food.
  • Strict parking personnel that might give the driver a hard time about parking while delivering food.
  • Front desk staff that are particularly overly concerned. They can potentially cause a snag for the driver by not allowing them to bring the pizza to your room.

Check With The Front Desk

evening though you may observe some of the signs mentioned, this doesn ’ thymine have to be a complete roadblock. It ’ second always a good idea to call the front desk to see what their pitch policy is. They are probably fine with it, and this can alleviate your anxiety .
It might be that you need to meet the driver in the anteroom, so it can be helpful to notify the front desk staff as they can call you when the order arrives. Or in some instances they might just walk the rescue person to your room. This is one reason why it sometimes pays to be an excess kind hotel guest .
In the rare case of a serious stickler for rules at the front desk, you might merely have to meet the driver outside to get your pizza. I ’ d say good pizza is credibly worth the extra leg work .
If you’re in an unfamiliar area or new city, checking with the front desk ahead of time has an added bonus. They can give you a recommendation for the best pizza delivery .
Some hotels have arrangements with local services, so might have menus available for commend pizza. They might place your decree and notify you when it arrives .
I ’ thousand sure you ’ ve had some killer local recommendations before while you ’ ve been away. So its worth asking to find places which you might not have found yourself .

Do Your Research

Before you order, check the diverse food delivery apps and sites for pricing. Some pizza delivery places charge more for hotel delivery, particularly if its far away, while others don ’ t. besides along these like lines, pricing on certain apps is increased for some restaurants .
You can avoid this by making a little comparison on your own. Just remember to do this before you ’ ve reached the point of accomplished starvation. Ordering pizza when your hangry is a dangerous move.

Checking out the likely means of delivery will besides save you the time of wondering whether or not the food will come to your door or if you ’ ll need to go to the lobby. And you ’ ll be able to predetermine your method of tipping. This can save you fourth dimension and awkwardness at the decrease .

Tips And Tricks For Hotel Pizza Delivery

Sampling a local pizza while on vacation should be one of the best parts. here are some hints from real number hotel front man desk and the manner of speaking drivers, sol hopefully you can avoid any delivery fails .

Give Your Correct First Name, Last Name And Room Number

sometimes night managers can get fishy with manner of speaking personnel. If they have your first name, last name and room count then that normally puts their concern at rest and are allowed in the building .

Front Desk and
Delivery Driver Networking

In some cities where delivery happens more much, delivery drivers and hotel staff shape together much. Restaurants have been known to hand out “ hotel cards ” when delivering to the same descry repeatedly, and once the hotel has reached a sealed count of orders, they ’ ll bring free pizza to the presence desk .

Avoid Tip Confusion

If you ’ rhenium stay at a hotel that doesn ’ t allow drivers up to the rooms, make certain to add the tip to your card during the ordering process. If the concierge or another staff ends up delivering the pizza, a cash tip won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate work .

Mind Your Manners

While it might seem obvious, there are many people who forget that prison term is money for delivery drivers. If you ’ re going to have to meet the driver in the anteroom, be on clock .
Making the driver wait is not merely rude to the driver, but they most probably have other deliveries to make that will get cold and be delayed if the driver has to wait on you. Most delivery services offer tracking and even do a courtesy text when the driver is approaching .

Don’t Forget The Utensils

Although pizza requires the least number of utensils, some people do prefer to use a knife and crotch. And it ’ sulfur much easier to eat off of a plate. This doesn ’ thymine mean you can ’ t go straight from the box to your mouth with a slice though. No judgment here .
Most delivery services have an choice to check if you need utensils, but that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate constantly include plates. You might be able to get plates from your hotel if you ask. It ’ s besides handy to have extra napkins on hired hand. You can normally find them in the hotel lobby or browning automatic rifle if you ’ re in a touch .

Check For A Fridge

If you ’ ra traveling alone or precisely with one other person, it ’ second more than likely that you ’ ll have leftovers. If your room doesn ’ metric ton have a electric refrigerator, your leftover pizza might go to waste, and that ’ s fair about the saddest thing ever.

If you don ’ t have a electric refrigerator, but the remember of letting that pizza go to waste crushes your soul just a small act, you can always see if the front man desk staff wants any. Leftover pizza brings a smile to anyone ’ s confront .


Ordering pizza to a hotel can feel a sting awkward, particularly if you are staying in a high end place that doesn ’ thyroxine want delivery drivers hanging about .
But most hotels will be helpful and make sure you get your pizza to your room. hopefully now you have all the information you need to put your fears to rest and get ordering with comfort. So what are you waiting for ? Pick up that earphone !