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sometimes after a long day at work, at school, or taking worry of your kin, you just don ’ triiodothyronine feel like fudge. then, you login to the Domino ’ s web site or go into your nearest chain, place your arrange, and in no clock time, you have pizza at your doorsill or in your hands. Great, right ? While Domino ’ s pizza sure is commodious, it ’ s not particularly cheap. sure, there are many ways to save money on pizza including using coupons and promo codes. But if you love pizza and are on a budget, you may be wondering how to get free Domino ’ sulfur.

Is it very possible ? In some cases, yes ! I ’ ll level with you here – Domino ’ s employees aren ’ thyroxine barely standing there handing out free pizza .
Although I wish that were the case !
No, alternatively, you need to be bright with how you rate and take advantage of the deals and amazing offers that are available to you .
Do that, and you ’ ll save a short ton of money and evening get food from the post for release !

Ways to Get Free Domino’s

Okay, therefore below, I ’ ve included all of the tips and tricks that I use to get my food for free or at a discount !

1. Score free pizza with your points!

There ’ s no easier way to get barren pizza from Domino ’ randomness than by signing up for Piece of the Pie Rewards .
It ’ s a advantage program from the brand .
It gives you points each meter you spend money at the pizza chain .
once you ’ ve accumulated enough points, you can exchange them for free food !
Awesome, correct ? Advertisements

I find that these points add up cursorily, and before I know it can I redeem them for my favored Domino ’ s menu items .
Here’s how the points work:
Every holy order of $ 10 or more gets you 10 points. This $ 10 includes tax and delivery charges .
When you get 60 points you get free pizza .
It ’ s therefore childlike !
You ’ ll need to create an account and enroll in the course of study to get points .

  • Piece of the Pie: You can sign up for Piece of the Pie Rewards here.

2. Get free Domino’s gift cards (as big as $50!)

Sign up for Swagbucks and you could get detached endow cards !
Swagbucks is a rewards website that gives you points for doing tasks, such as :

  • Shopping online
  • Watching videos
  • Searching the web
  • Answering surveys
  • Playing games
  • Finding great deals

You can exchange your SB for endow cards or money !
Awesome, right ?
The best function is that Swagbucks offers Domino ’ s giving cards as a redemption option .
And you can redeem endowment cards in lots of unlike denominations, ranging from just $ 5 to $ 50 !
This means that even if you don ’ t have a long ton of points you can still redeem them for that $ 5 give menu .
You have to complete 6 orders before you get your spare pizza with Piece of Pie Rewards. so, if you don ’ metric ton dispatch that many orders, joining Swagbucks is a good alternate !
And if you join Piece of Pie Rewards and consumption Swagbucks endowment cards you could get release pizza twice as fast !

  • Free gift card: Join Swagbucks here.

3. Check out the coupons section for freebies

Before you start placing your order on-line, constantly check out the locate ’ south coupon section .
This is a treasure treasure trove of savings, many of which give you huge discounts that when you break them down equal free pizza. Let ’ s say these deals save you $ 8 on your order, that ’ s a free pizza !
Awesome, right ?
Check the coupons section for money-saving deals in your area .
It ’ mho significant that you check this page before you start placing your order though .
This is because you can then tailor your order to fit the deals presently on offer and maximize your savings .

4. Consider the carryout option over the delivery option (if there’s a deal available)

I have to admit, I a lot prefer getting my pizza delivered to my doorsill quite than going it to pick it up myself .
If you ’ re not feeling quite therefore faineant though, you could carry out your pizza alternatively and get it for dislodge .
I frequently get carryout deals for my local Domino ’ s that give me 50 % off when I collect my pizza, preferably than having it delivered .
They have carryout specials in many locations so do look out for these deals .

5. Look out for mix and match deals

One of my darling deals to go for when ordering from the pizza range are those mix and catch deals .
For example, I frequently see deals where you can choose any 2 or more items for precisely $ 5.99 each. therefore, when you order 2 or more items the monetary value of each detail drops to equitable $ 5.99 .
nowadays, as these Domino ’ s employees point out on this Reddit thread, not all franchises will tell you about this deal or even offer it. ( According to one Redditor, this deal is available on most, but not all menu items. )
so, often, you ’ ll motivation to ask about the distribute at your local chain if you ’ re not doing an on-line order for delivery. Or expression for it online in the aforesaid coupons part of the web site, if you are ordering on-line .
besides, when you ’ ra making your order, play around with the act of toppings ( pepperoni, blimp, cheese… ), slope items ( 2-liter pop bottles, wings, garlic bread… ), sauce and flush the crust ( thin, thickly, wood fired… ). little variations can give you bigger discounts .
What I like about these offers is that if you were to order all that food without the consider, you ’ d pay means more. But, when you add the deal on, it actually works out that you ’ re getting at least one item for free.

I ’ five hundred highly recommend looking out for shuffle and match deals .
evening if you end up with more food than you initially planned to order, you ’ ll normally pay less .
Plus, you can always keep leftovers in the electric refrigerator for the next day .
I frequently do this because then I get lunch and dinner in one club at a much lower price !
The future sidereal day, I good put my pizza in a cold oven, turn the oven on, and when the oven is preheated, my pizza is the right temperature !

6. Buy Domino’s gift cards for 5%, 20%, or even 50% off

adjacent on our list is one of my favorite ways to get free Domino ’ s pizza .
And, it ’ s thus childlike .
The future time you want to order food from the pizza chain rather of paying with your regular debit wag, credit card, or PayPal account, rather, use a dismiss give card .
Gift poster resale websites sell gift cards at a rebate .
These sites allow you to buy giving cards for a lower total than their value .
For exercise, you could pay merely $ 45 for a give that ’ s worth $ 50. thus, you ’ re getting $ 5 free cash to spend .
not bad, right ?
You have $ 50 to spend at Domino ’ randomness, evening though you paid just $ 45 for the giving circuit board .
Here are a few sites where you can get gift cards:

7. Find awesome deals online with coupon sites

The coupons section on Domino ’ randomness is great for getting deals. But you should besides look on coupon sites ( like these ) .
sometimes, you can find deals that ’ ll get you rid pizza !
here are some great coupon sites :
On these sites, you can get some amazing deals .
For case, RetailMeNot has deals like two for $ 5.99 or 50 % off pizza. This means you can get two pizza for the price of one – so basically you get a release pizza !
There are so many big deals like that on coupon websites .
now, you do have to scroll through a morsel to find these deals and try a few different codes until you get one that works .
Try a few unlike codes though, and you ’ ll save yourself money on your following rate .
On the sites above, you ’ ll find Domino ’ s coupon codes that work in 2020 !

8. Get freebies in the mail

Okay, one of the ways that I like to save money with the pizza chain is to keep a lookout for deals in the mail .
I frequently get coupon booklets mailed to me. These include lots of deals, from jazz band deals to carryout specials .
If I see an amazing deal, I ’ ll locate an regulate and end up getting many of the items in my holy order for release !
Don ’ metric ton confuse out flyers from the brand – keep them and see if you get any amazing coupons .

9. Sign up for the Domino’s email and text offers

My next tip is to sign up for Domino ’ s electronic mail and text offers. If you don ’ thyroxine want to miss out on deals and opportunities to save money, I ’ vitamin d highly recommend doing this .
When you sign up for the sword ’ mho textbook and e-mail offers, you can get exclusive deals, coupons, and discounts sent right to your telephone or inbox. This is such a good way to keep up with the chain ’ sulfur offers and save yourself a distribute of money in the process !

  • Email and text offers: Sign up for the brand’s email and text offers here.

10. Follow the company on social media

These days most companies reward their followers with exclusive coupons and promo codes. Domino ’ mho is no different. not only you get especial deals and discounts that early people don ’ thymine, but you besides get to hear about seasonal promotions that run for a short circuit time period of time .
For exercise, in 2019, the company ran a forwarding where they ’ d give you 10 points for taking a picture of any pizza ( even a rival ’ randomness pizza, or your own homemade one ) and submitting it through the app. Submitting 6 pictures would have earned you a free pizza. This hand was announced correctly before the 2019 super bowl. It is no longer available, but they ’ ll probably ruin alike offers that you can hear about before it ’ south excessively late by following them on social media .
Follow Domino’s on Facebook and Twitter .

11. Register for free pizza on your Wedding Registry!

Yes, equally crazy as it sounds, Domino ’ s Wedding Registry is real !
obviously, this doesn ’ t work for everyone, but if you are planning a marry and love pizza that much, you can actually register to get more free pizza .

  • You can register here.

12. Use a reward and cashback credit card

If you have a reward and cashback credit card like the US Bank accredit menu, use it to pay for your purchases. once your reward adds up, use ’ em to pay for your adjacent ordain !
I mean, if you are buying food anyhow, you might american samoa well use a tease that rewards you so you can get something spinal column !

13. Genius hack to score free (or deeply discounted) pizza

This won ’ thyroxine suffer you wholly spare pizza ( unless you get golden ) but it will get you amazing discounts .
When it comes to promo codes and special deals, a batch of companies follow a exchangeable arrangement where they add a count to the brand ’ south name .
For exercise, “ Brand 10 ” or “ 40 Brand “, which gives you 10 % or 40 % off on your club .
And these promo codes normally work year about. So next time you are ordering from Domino ’ sulfur, try some of the popular promo codes that brands use. I would start with the party name followed by a number or frailty versa. Start at 100 and work your direction down. Like so, “ Company 100 “, “ Company 90 “, “ 80 Company ” and sol on. It ’ ll only take a few seconds. You never know how much you can save .
hera are a few other codes that seem to work with many companies :

  • TEST
  • 10OFF
  • SAVE30
  • Employee
  • SUMMER30
  • FALL10
  • ABC
  • 123

This is besides a big hack for fast food orders online, but it ’ s not equitable limited to food companies. You can use this hack whenever and wherever you are shopping from !

Go Get Your Free Pizza!

There are lots of ways to get free food from the mark. You just need to know where to find amazing deals, and take advantage of all the great offers and freebies available .
besides, keep in mind that you can much

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My darling ways to get free stuff from the pizza chain are through the Piece of the Pie Rewards course of study, earning endow cards from Swagbucks, and using deals from the Domino ’ s coupon section .
Do you know how to get barren Domino ’ sulfur ?
Let us know your front-runner ways to get free gorge in the comments section below .