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An easy step by step tutorial on how to freeze pizza dough with yeast, fast at home.
Pizza Dough Balls on a Marble Board ready for Freezing Jump to Recipe

FAQ: can you freeze pizza dough ?

And trust me when I tell you that the best dough to use is a freezable dough, like this best Italian pizza dough recipe we talked about way back when, which still is the best ever! 

Usually when you make pizza dough you don’t just make enough for one or two pizzas, right ? It takes a little time to make it, let it proof, assemble your pizza creations, it is a project. So why not make a double batch to freeze for later use ?!
Pizza Dough Balls for Freezing
The great thing about freezing pizza dough is that you don’t event have to let it proof. 
You can freeze it right away, no need to let it rise. Then next week when you feel like having a nice home made pizza on a whim, you just thaw it out on your kitchen counter for a couple of hours while you walk the dogs. 
How To Freeze Pizza Dough Tutorial
Last summer we went to Sicily Italy, and my mission there was to learn everything I could to perfect my pizza game. I am the self proclaimed queen of the best pizza dough, so you should trust me, at least when it comes to pizza  😉

This step isn’t 100% necessary, but when you freeze pizza dough, the best and proper way to do it is nicely vacuum sealed.

I got the smallest hand held vacuum sealer + bags from amazon, just for this.
Usually I freeze 4 dough balls in each bag because that’s how many I usually make for pizza night, but If you normally just make one or two, I would suggest freezing 2 pizza dough balls in each bag.
Vacuum sealed pizza dough balls for freezing

FAQ: Can I freeze pizza dough twice ?

Short answer: NO, don’t do that! 

How To Freeze Pizza Dough Tutorial


How To Freeze Pizza Dough

A tutorial on how to freeze pizza dough with the best homemade freezable dough.

Prep Time








  • 1 batch italian Pizza Dough


  • Make a double batch of this countrified Italian pizza dough according to the recipe instructions .
  • Cut the dough into 12 pieces and with oiled hands form them into dough balls.

  • Place the dough balls on a plastic cutting board without touching each other and place in the freezer for a couple of hours until firm.

  • Remove the frozen dough balls from the freezer and individually wrap them in plastic wrap.

  • place the individually cloaked frozen boodle balls in a vacuum seal bag and void seal it. If you don ’ t have one of these vacuum sealers (

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  • When in the mood for a pizza, remove as many pizza dough balls from the freezer as you plan to bake, and place them on the counter to thaw out for a couple of hours. Make sure to remove them from the vacuum sealed bag and just let them rest on the counter loosely wrapped in the plastic wrap. They will be proofing at the same time. 

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