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Freezing leftover pizza may be the best pizza chop of them all. There is no better thing in the worldly concern than heating up a leftover slice, but sometimes we barely ca n’t eat it in fourth dimension before it goes bad. surely, you can store it in the refrigerator for five days or therefore if you do it right, but after that you have to toss it. Unless, of course, you freeze it. But how retentive can pizza last in the deep-freeze ?
We ‘re not talking the kind that you buy pre-frozen at the supermarket. We ‘re talking about a veridical, bum, melty, proto-indo european that you ordered on Friday night after searching for the closest pizza delivery near me. Did you even know that freezing leftover pizza was potential ? It turns out that it is. And best of all, it can keep those slices safe to eat for quite a while .

How Long Will Pizza Last in the Freezer?

If you ‘re looking to freeze your slices, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that frigid pizza will stay edible and tasty for up to sixty days. After that point it does n’t become dangerous to eat, but it may not be as delicious .
This is great news for those who ca n’t stand the estimate of throwing uneaten pizza in the trash. Trust us, we get it. There is nothing more disappointing than tossing a absolutely thoroughly share of pizza away. specially when there are ways that you can save it for late. such as freezing leftover pizza.

How to Properly Freeze Pizza

now, you ca n’t good take the leftovers from your dinner and toss them in the deep-freeze and hope for the best. For optimum results that are sure to keep those slices tasting good for months to come, there ‘s a protocol to follow. fortunately, it ‘s dim-witted .
The best way to store pizza in the deep-freeze is to keep it in an airtight container. It ‘s tempting to use any old Tupperware, but most of these containers are not air-sealed. You want to make sure that your pizza stays protected while it ‘s in the frosting box. If you do n’t have any airtight storage containers laying around it ‘s worth a trip to the store or a quick on-line order to scoop some up. They ‘re relatively cheap and keep your food angstrom clean as can be .
If you ‘re in a apprehension, and freezing leftover pizza needs to happen right now, but you ‘re without an airtight container, there is no motivation to worry. You can use an surrogate technique of wrapping your slices tightly in plastic wrap, and then wrapping the outside in aluminum foil .
If you are using the credit card wrap and aluminum foil method acting for freezing leftover pizza, make indisputable that you only wrap one slit at a fourth dimension. You do n’t want pockets of air in-between slices, as it can lead to freezer burn. Wrap each slice on its own, and then if you wish, bundle them together with another layer of either fictile wrap or aluminum foil. then, unwrap the packets slice by slice when you ‘re ready to enjoy them.

Cooking Frozen Leftover Pizza

There is much argument on the best way to reheat leftover pizza. Some people prefer using a microwave, some people swear that it ‘s best when you bake it in the oven, and some people say that a toaster oven will do. How you heat up your leftovers is a personal choice, and we say do it the direction that you think makes it taste best .
But, with freeze leftovers there is a apprehension. You want to avoid the pizza becoming bathetic, or conversely, rock hard when you re-cook it. You want your pizza to turn out perfectly. We get it, because we love absolutely cooked pizza ourselves .
To cook your frozen leftovers, we recommend that you let the pizza defrost in the refrigerator. You can take it out of the aluminum foil swathe, but keeping the fictile wrap on is best. Defrosting pizza in the refrigerator may take respective hours, or you may need to leave it there overnight. After you defrost it in the electric refrigerator, go ahead and reheat the slices with your method acting of choice. Or, go ahead and eat it cold.

When You Want to Skip Defrosting

We know that sometimes you ‘re hungry and you need something to chow down on immediately. You ca n’t wait several hours, or nightlong, for your freeze pizza to defrost before you have a chance to eat it. When a pizza craving hits, it hits. The good news program is that there is a shortcut to cooking frigid leftovers .
You can put the pizza immediately in the oven or microwave, but beware that it may become rubbery or tough if it is not carefully watched. Be certain not to overcook the leftovers .

Get to Eating

nowadays that you know freezing leftover pizza is possible, how to store it by rights, and how to defrost and cook the slices, it ‘s time to get to eating ! If you ‘re athirst after reading this, we do n’t blame you. If your deep-freeze is presently pizza-free, it ‘s meter to call Hungry Howie’s® for fast, fresh pizza manner of speaking !