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WHEN losing weight is top of your To Do list – you might think pizza is off the menu .
But a diet guru has debunked that myth, and is urging anyone on a diet to treat themselves now and again . A top dietitian has revealed that you can still enjoy pizza while you're on a diet


A top dietician has revealed that you can still enjoy pizza while you ‘re on a diet credit : Getty – subscriber
Terri-Ann Nunn said : “ Pizza is often people ’ second favorite ‘ naughty ’ treat and it ’ s true that this food type can be very calorific and high in fatten .
“ however, living a healthy life style is decidedly not about swearing off your darling foods completely and actually, enjoying a slice of pizza now and again is not going to stop you from losing system of weights .
“ The key is to be chic about it, and shape out swaps and tricks to placid get your favorite pizza regale – with less of the guilt .
“ The resultant role ? You decidedly can eat pizza and calm lose weight. ”
here, Terri-Ann, the expert and founder behind the popular Terri-Ann 123 Diet Plan, takes us through the best healthy swaps so you can enjoy a pizza following time you ‘re out – with none of the guilt .

1. Pizza Express

Pizza Express has a Leggera menu which contains 12 tasty pizza that are all under 600 calories .
They ‘re served as a ring of wheaten, white and spelt dough with a hole in the middle filled with fresh, dress salad .
The pizza include chicken, goats cheese and caramelize onion, pepperoni and vegan options .
 Pizza Express has a tonne of lower-calorie pizzas as part of their Leggera menu


Pizza Express has a metric ton of lower-calorie pizza as part of their Leggera menu credit : Pizza Express
Terri-Ann recommends going for the Wholemeal Leggera Padana which contains 587 calories – this is in contrast to the Romana Padana which has 1,108 calories. Both pizzas are covered in capricorn ‘s cheese, caramelised onion and spinach – but one has half the calories.

2. Wetherspoons

Cheap and cheerful, Wetherspoons is a go-to for those of us who do n’t want to spend a luck on a meal out .
however, you might want to avoid munching on a overact and mushroom 11 edge pizza if you ‘re on a diet – as you ‘d be consuming a stagger 1,134 calories .
On the other bridge player, Terri-Ann urges slimmers to pick the ham and mushroom eight inch pizza – as you ‘d slash your calorie intake to 567 calories .

3. Prezzo

Prezzo offers two smaller and lighter pizza which come served with a english salad .
They come in capricorn ‘s cheese and eggplant and chicken primavera, which has just 524 calories .
This is the perfect choice for those people trying to lose weight unit – unlike the restaurant ‘s classy pepperoni pizza which has 1,242 calories .

4. Domino’s

This takeout pizza giant at farseeing death launched a low-calorie option for those people on a diet last year. They unveiled the Delight, which weighs in at under 650 calories a dad – perfective if you ‘re trying to lose weight .
Each small slice contains 100 calories, and is made using Domino ‘s key signature dough stretched into a thin base and topped with reduced-fat mozzarella .
 Domino's has launched two new lighter pizzas


Domino ‘s has launched two new lighter pizza accredit : domino ‘s

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There ‘s both a vegetable option and a chicken one, with both boasting a load of crunchy shuffle peppers, sweetcorn, tomatoes and chopped onions .
Another option to lower your calorie-intake that Terri-Ann has picked out is the Vegi Classic personal pizza which has 499 calories. This is three times less calories than if you picked the American Hot bombastic pizza.

5. Zizzi

Zizzi has a wholly section on their menu dedicated to ‘skinny pizza ‘ – which are all under 600 calories .
One Terri-Ann has picked out is the Zizzi Skinny Primavera which has equitable 521 calories .
On the other hand, if you were to go for the Primavera Rustica you ‘d be gorging on an excessive 1,339 calories .

6. Ask Italian

ASK has two lighter menus – one for pasta and one for pizza .
Their Prima Light pizza are “ made with less boodle and more rainbow ”, all coming in slenderly smaller sizes and with a rainbow salad .
Terri-Ann recommends ordering a Light Caprina, covered in capricorn ‘s cheese and rocket, which has equitable 382 calories .
meanwhile, if you were to pick the standard Caprina pizza, you ‘d be more than doubling your calorie intake to 863 calories .

7. Pizza Hut

A family front-runner, nowhere does a deep-pan pizza quite like Pizza Hut. While you may want to avoid the tall mallow farce crust offerings if you want to shed consistency fat, you can still find a short ton of dishes to order .
In particular, Terri-Ann suggests going for a Veggie Supreme Small Classic Sourdough pizza which contains 696 calories .
 Pizza Hut offers pizza-like flatbreads that are all significantly lower in calories than the Domino's options


Pizza Hut offers pizza-like flatbreads that are all significantly lower in calories than the Domino ‘s options credit : Pizza Hut
This is in contrast to the Veggie Supreme Large Garlic Butter Stuffed Crust pizza which comes in at a staggering 2,100 calories .
Pizza hovel besides has a menu entire of flatbreads – all of which contain under 550 calories. certain, a flatbread is n’t a stuff crust pizza but they ‘re close adequate.

8. Fake It!

If you ‘re not eating out but even craving pizza, Terri-Ann says you can make your own light version of a Domino ‘s or Pizza Express at home .
When making your pizza, she recommends adding tomato puree, lower fatten cheese or mozzarella and your darling toppings to a wrap or pitta boodle floor for a lighter choice .
Terri-Ann adds : “ We ’ ve all gotten to the end of eating a huge pizza and felt absolutely stuffed – because the commend share size international relations and security network ’ t the stallion pizza.

Top tips for eating out

The Hospital Group ‘s dietician George Hamlyn-Williams has revealed his top tips for eating out .

  1. Opt for tomato-based sauces instead of those containing cream, cheese, or coconut milk.
  2. Ask for certain components of the meal to be prepared differently if possible – such as poached eggs instead of fried, or baked potato instead of chips on the side.
  3. Go ‘bun-less’ when ordering burgers and swap out chips for a side salad.
  4. Avoid absentmindedly adding dressings or condiments to meals.
  5. Opt for leaner sources of protein, like grilled chicken or white fish, instead of pan-fried steak which will be higher in calories and saturated fat.
  6. Avoid starters that contain lots of cheese or batter, and instead opt for a healthier vegetable-based dish.

“ It ’ mho why eating an entire pizza can much set you back 2,000 calories or more, and why the stopping point slit of pizza is nowhere cheeseparing american samoa enjoyable as the first .
“ One of the best things you can do to still enjoy the preference of pizza on a diet is to reduce your part sizes. ”
She concludes : “ The best way to sustain a goodly life style is to feel as if you aren ’ thymine depriving yourself. ”

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