People are sharing photos of converted Pizza Huts

What happens when a Pizza Hut closes ? It turns out that a batch of them do n’t good get tear down. All over the state, erstwhile Pizza Hut restaurants have been repurposed into other businesses like banks, churches, liquor stores, a funeral home and — you guessed — wholly newfangled restaurants.

While dine-in Pizza Hut restaurants have been closing for years, in 2019, the popular chain announced that it would be closing hundreds of locations offering across the country within two years to focus on its carryout and delivery businesses. These closures have been leading to more message for one hyper-focused blogger .Pizza Hut restaurants around the country have been converted into other businesses. Pizza Hut restaurants around the state have been converted into early businesses. Mike Neilson Startup founder Mike Neilson created the web log Used to Be a Pizza Hut around 2008 after a colleague joke about telling person to “ turn left where there used to be a Pizza Hut ” while giving driving directions. “ You can constantly tell when a construct used to be a Pizza Hut, ” Neilson told TODAY Food, alluding to the iconic shingled, trapezoidal roof feature of the restaurant chain. “ I had the thinking that there should be a blog about this, ” he continued, adding that he believed the theme would appeal to a fortune of people since the recognizable buildings are about everywhere in U.S. The blog was initially created as a joke project and Neilson ‘s kin members were the alone regular readers. however, about four years after he started the web log, he began receiving submissions from strangers, so he started posting their pictures, besides. In 2013, Neilson created a Twitter account, @ UTBAPH ( an abbreviation of the blog ‘s name ), dedicated to converted Pizza Huts in an attempt to find the best chopine for his subject. He besides created Facebook and Instagram accounts dedicated to the project, but remains most active on Twitter. While he is not able to verify that every construction with the very recognizable roof was indeed a erstwhile Pizza Hut, Neilson said he still gets a kick back out of seeing all the submissions.

The account even recently gained about 5,000 new followers, closely doubling in size after one of Neilson ‘s tweets received thousands of likes and hundreds of retweets earlier this calendar month .

so army for the liberation of rwanda, one person shared a photograph of a former Pizza Hut in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, that now functions as an pressing care facility .

Others have spotted banks with the signature sloping ceiling. many early Pizza Huts, like a brake shoe memory in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and a dentist office outside of Dallas, have kept the recognizable crimson roof .

A lot of Pizza Huts appear to have been repurposed into restaurants, presumably because they did n’t have to bring in wholly new commercial kitchens .

Some people have even joked about spotting erstwhile Pizza Huts on hit television shows.

Neilson admitted that sometimes he takes breaks from posting. however, whenever he gets a crowd of submissions, he ‘s excited by the fact that he ‘s been able to compile a pretty across-the-board collection of erstwhile Pizza Huts. “ Our landscape changes quickly these days, ” he said. “ It is nice to remember what was, even it if it was reasonably holocene — and flush if it was merely a chain pizza establishment. ”