How To Dry Weed In Microwave-Other Quick-Dry Methods –

Weed Speed Dry Overview

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I ’ ve gone over best practices for drying pot before. I.E. B rown Bag Drying method. And ideally, you should be affected role, and delay for a few weeks for your buds to be dried and properly cured. however, for whatever reason, you may just want to quickly dry your crops
Microwaving is one fast way to get swiftly dried cannabis. other ways to fast dry herb are an oven and food dehydrator. This article will examine the follow :

  • The pros and cons of these rapid drying methods
  • Proper methods of microwave drying and oven drying
  • And much more. . .

Quick Drying Weed For purposes of this article, quick or fast-drying weed is defined as cannabis that is dried by any means other than the sun or other conditions. I.E. Using a fan, humidifier or other aids does not make drying any quicker as you still need to wait for at least 10 to 15 days. In contrast, putting weed in an oven, dehydrator, or microwave drying can literally make your weed smokeable in seconds. (It can reduce the time to dry bud in minutes)

Why Do You Dry Weed ?

When a cannabis flower is park the THC, and terpenes are inactive. so, by drying cannabis the THC, CBD, and trichomes will be activated. then, the immediate answer is that drying cannabis activates THC .

first Things First- Trim Your Bud

just because you might be able to cursorily dry weed ; does not mean that you should take cannabis plants and immediately start drying. For optimum taste and quality, you must first properly trim your bud. ( not matter how you dry it ) The proper manner for bud trim is an article by itself. then, I will only briefly inspection this and give you general guidance and resources sol you can do it yourself .

Why Trim?

There are three reasons why bud trim is all-important .
Appearance -Professionally trimmed buds merely look better. Granted, this rationality is more for master growers. however, home plate growers besides would likely want to have buds that they are proud to show their friends .
Better Taste -Unnecessary leaves on cannabis plants and buds will result in a harsh taste .
Better Potency -Buds contain the most trichomes, that contain the terpenes, cannabinoids, etc. A cannabis implant ’ s leaves hold fewer trichomes. consequently, trimming off the leaves, and leaving the bud results in a more potent plant .

Types of Bud Trimming

There are three types of bud trimming : wet trimming, dry trimming, and jazz band pare. Each of these has its pros and cons, which will be evaluated below .
Wet Trim -Wet Trimming occurs when you start the bud trim angstrom soon as your plants are harvested, and all leaves are removed before the bud are dried. Wet dry is chosen most much because of high humidity ( 60 % +RH ), worries about mold, and it besides dries quicker .
Dry Trim -A dry shipshape at its purest occur when the entire plant ( flush the fan leaves ) are hung up to dry. The plant is then trimmed only until after the cannabis plant has been dried .
It is chiefly used in broken humidity, ( 45 % RH or less ) environments, when you have no worries about mold, you value tighter bud, and you want to prevent hay smelling or otherwise abnormal smelling pot. One disadvantage of dry trim is that your weed may not look angstrom appealing as it will be dark and not greens, purple, etc .
Combo -Many growers do a jazz band of both moisture and dry trim. This is much done by taking the fan leaves off beginning and then drying them .

Drying Process Best Practices

First of all, it needs to be emphasized, traditional cannabis dry ( 10 to 15 days ) is the BEST method acting for drying weed. There are many types of traditional, boring dry methods for drying weed. previously, I wrote an article on the brown newspaper bag method acting for dry, and another common method acting of drying is to use a cannabis drying rack. An excellent steer for drying weed can be located here. additionally, the scout besides gives guidance on proper cure and introduces you to the mason clash and other curing methods .
If you quick-dry cannabis you can not expect the best results. however, when you are anxious to try your newly grown crops or you are plainly out of smokeable weed, quick-drying is acceptable .

Why Would You Quick Dry Weed ?

other than you being impatient, why would you choose to promptly dry cannabis ? The quicker bud is dried the less chance for molds and other problems to occur. so, if you do not mind waiting ten to 15 days for it to dry, the only reason you would choose to quick dry weed is because of surfeit humidity and you do not have the means to combat the humidity. other than that, for best practices, you should slow dry.

Why Quick Drying Bud Is not ideal

There are batch of opinions when looking up advice on how to dry pot in a microwave, food dehydrator, or oven. Some will say it will lead to a guarantee disappointment, and others say that there will not be much difference in quality from slowly dried and flying dried pot .
The biggest problem with fast-drying weed is that it degrades the terpenes, which results in less spirit, smell and your bud will tend to burn faster and hot. then, quick-drying cannabis will most likely leave you with a less satisfy cannabis smoke feel .

How To Quick-Dry Cannabis-Microwave, Food Dehydrator, and Oven

Microwave, Food Dehydrator, and an oven are the three most common, quick-dry methods. arguably, of the three an oven is the best, a food dehydrator is the second-best and the microwave is the third-best fast-drying method of drying bud. FYI-No matter what method you use. You should lone fast dry a little measure of cannabis .

How To Dry Weed In Microwave

The trace is the best and safest method acting for using a microwave :
Equipment Needed : denture, paper towel, and of course weed and a microwave oven .

  1. Grind-Grind weed to your desired size.
  2. Place-Place ground weed onto the plate. The ground weed should cover as much space and be as thin as possible.
  3. Dry Paper Towel-The paper towel should then be placed on top of the weed, fully covering your buds.
  4. Nuke It-Put microwave at 30% of power and put it in for only around ten seconds. Afterward, stir your buds.
  5. Check It Out-If the weed is dry enough, you are done. Otherwise, do it again.

Remember, you can’t un-dry weed. So, the key to success here is that you start out at 10 seconds or less, and then if it is not sufficiently dried, do it again.

Food Dehydrator

A food dehydrator or food preserver will dry your pot in a few hours, but it will not taste the lapp as slow-dried bud. This method acting is the least popular method acting of dry, which does not necessarily make it bad. however, info on using the food dehydrator for weed is sparse .

  1. Use the lowest heat setting and run it through the night, check it first thing in the morning, and dry till it’s “crackly”
  2. Then bag it and let the moisture even out and test it. If it needs more, I simply leave the bag open till it’s right.

Oven Cannabis Drying Method

The oven dry method acting is considered by many to be the best way to fast dry cannabis. In fact, some experts country that when done correctly, oven drying will preserve your weeds will preserve weed ’ s season, cannabinoids, terpenes, and so forth, american samoa closely arsenic well as traditional, decelerate dry .
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Equipment Needed -Modern convection oven or its equivalent, oven baking sheet, non-stick parchment newspaper, and of run cannabis bud.


  1. Preheat the oven to 220 to 240 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Grind-Grind the buds via a hand weed grinder or even a food processor. (Be careful to not over grind your weed though as it should).
  3. Put a cookie sheet on a tray and then evenly spread out the buds on a tray.
  4. Place the cookie sheet full of buds in the oven when it reaches the desired temperature. Set the oven timer to 30 minutes.
  5. To determine when your buds are dried enough do not rely solely on the timer. Instead, look at the color of the buds and see when they have changed from dark green to a brown-like green color. After the color change stir the buds until they are sufficiently dry.

Final Thoughts

For a small sum of bud or to promptly dry a sample bud, fast dry is acceptable. however, you need to meticulously follow the dry directions, for any type of fast dry. Because you can constantly dry more. But, you can not un-dry over-dried cannabis .