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This military post may contain affiliate links. Please read the disclosure policy .Microwave mashed potatoes are ready in 15 minutes, fluffy, creamy and delicious! See how easy it is to make and forget about other methods! These Microwave Mashed Potatoes are downy, creamy and smooth ! This quick side cup of tea is easy to make in precisely 15 minutes, far less time than boiling or other methods !

Microwave mashed potatoes garnished with chives and melted butter on a serving plate
Look no further than the microwave when you want delicious mashed potatoes in a haste ! There ’ second no need to wait for water to boil and you can avoid steaming up your kitchen excessively .
The potatoes are cut into chunks and microwaved until fork-tender before being mashed with butter, milk, salt and pepper. It ’ south one of the best ways to get flying mashed potatoes !

How to make mashed potatoes in the microwave

Making potatoes in the microwave is actually easy. I will parcel with you a few tricks to getting smoothie and downy microwave mashed potatoes that are evenly cooked .

  • Peel the potatoes (if desired) and cut into 1-inch chunks.
  • Place the potato chunks into a medium microwaveable bowl. Then add water to rinse off excess starch:

Baking potatoes that have been peeled and cut into chunks in a mixing bowl with water to remove excess starch

  • Drain the water and cover the bowl with plastic wrap. poking a hole with a knife tip so steam can escape. Then microwave for 10-12 minutes on high power until fork-tender:

Poking a hole in the plastic wrap on a bowl of raw potato chunks to let steam escape during microwaving

  • Add the milk, butter, salt and pepper to the potatoes.
  • Mash the potatoes until smooth and creamy.

Using a potato masher to mash potatoes with butter and milk in a bowl after microwaving

Best potatoes for mashed potatoes

The best potatoes for mashed potatoes are baking potatoes such as russets and Yukon golds. They ’ ra starchy potatoes with a floury texture that disintegrates easily for smooth mashing with no lout !

Do you need to peel potatoes before microwaving?

You don ’ t need to peel potatoes when making microwave mashed potatoes. It ’ s a matter of personal predilection for the concluding texture, and they ’ ll cook fair american samoa well with the peels on or off .

How long to microwave potatoes for mashing?

If the potatoes are cut into 1-inch chunks, they ’ ll take 10-12 minutes on full power in a 1200-Watt microwave ( the force of most built-in microwaves ) .
You ’ ll need 13-15 minutes on full power in a 600-800 Watt microwave, which is the intensity of most countertop models .
If you cut the potatoes into larger chunks, you ’ ll besides need extra prison term. Medium starch potatoes such as loss potatoes can besides require a few minutes more to become balmy .
Using a ricer to mash microwaved potatoes for the a fluffy and creamy texture

How to make mashed potatoes creamy and fluffy?

The best manner to avoid lumps is to choose starchy potatoes and cook them thoroughly. If you inactive encounter lumps, then simply put the potatoes through a ricer ( this is how restaurants mash potatoes ). If you don ’ t have one, then microwave the grind potatoes several more minutes to soften the lumps .
The squash or ricing legal action, along with add liquid and butter, will make your mashed potatoes fluffy and creamy .

Is it safe to microwave potatoes?

Yes ! There ’ s some risk of whole potatoes exploding in the microwave when steam can ’ metric ton evasion. When microwaving whole potatoes, constantly prick at least 3 holes an edge abstruse using a skewer or fork to avoid imperativeness buildup during cook .

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Closeup of microwave mashed potatoes showing the fluffy, creamy texture

Microwave Mashed Potatoes on a serving plate garnished with fresh chives and melted butter for the perfect side dishPrint


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Microwave Mashed Potatoes

These Microwave Mashed Potatoes are shockingly good: creamy, smooth and fluffy! This quick side dish is easy to make in just 15 minutes.


  • 2 pounds large potatoes, peeled and cut into little chunks

  • 3/4 cup milk, or light skim

  • 4 tablespoons butter, or to taste

  • salt, to taste

  • impertinently ground black pepper, to taste

  • fresh chives, optional for serving


  • Peel the potatoes and cut into 1-inch chunks. *
  • Rinse the potato chunks in cold water system. then rate in a large microwave-safe bowling ball or casserole cup of tea .
  • Cover the bowl with formative wrap and poke a hole to allow steam to escape .
  • Microwave on High power (100%) for 10-12 minutes**, or until the potatoes are fork-tender.

  • Remove the roll from the microwave ( caution : the stadium will be hot then habit oven hand ) and set aside .
  • Place the butter and milk/cream in a small roll and microwave on high might for 1 minute to inflame .
  • Add the butter mix, salt and pepper to the potatoes. Mash using a wolf or hand mixer until smooth and creamy*** .


  • * Peeling the potatoes is optional when microwaving. Note that unpeeled potatoes will not be smooth after mashing.
  • ** The cook time can vary based on strength (wattage) of your microwave and size of the potato chunks.
  • *** In the event there are any lumps, you can quickly remove them by putting the potatoes through a ricer. Alternatively, you can microwave them for several minutes more.
  • Reheating mashed potatoes in the microwave: Microwave on High power for 2-3 minutes. Stir and repeat until piping hot throughout.

nutrition Facts
Microwave Mashed Potatoes

Amount Per Serving ( 5 oz )

Calories 199

Calories from Fat 72

% Daily Value*

Fat 8g


Saturated Fat 5g


Cholesterol 22mg


Sodium 22mg


Potassium 675mg


Carbohydrates 29g


Fiber 2g


Sugar 2g


Protein 4g


Vitamin A 291IU


Vitamin C 9mg


Calcium 59mg


Iron 1mg


* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet .
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