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This microwavable brown rice recipe will close the gap in any stigma you might have making this nutty and healthy rice variety. While you can use a rice cooker, an Instant Pot, or cook brown rice on a stave, using a microwave is super immediate and you won ’ t need to watch it closely. Since all microwaves have different strengths and settings, it ’ south worth noting that my microwave is 900-watt world power. Make sure to check the ability degree of your microwave and adjust consequently since this could change the cook prison term .microwaved brown rice

Essential: use the right scoop

It ’ south important to note that the “ cup ” I write about throughout this article and recipe card is the little fictile rice scoop that came with my rice cooker. For the rice I ’ ve cooked, the book of rice and body of water normally does not scale up linearly, so its important to use the right scoop.

To demonstrate how different each measuring tool is, I ’ ve weighed how much water each one holds in grams :

  • Rice scoop: 173g (my last two scoops were the same size)
  • 1-cup dry measuring scoop: 217g
  • 1 cup liquid measuring cup: 250g

This besides helps demonstrate a kitchen fact some folks are not aware of, that dry and liquid measure tools should not be used interchangeably. For this recipe, we used a dry measuring cup for the brown rice and a liquid measuring cup for the water. We ’ ve besides included leaden measurements to make it even easier to follow .

Water to Rice Ratios

Like our microwaved white rice recipe, the come of water to rice proportion is very specific. One significant change from white rice to brown rice is that the proportion changes more perceptibly depending on how much rice you want to cook. Brown rice can be a morsel finical at times and making rice in the microwave is no different. After many tests, I ’ ve found this proportion works best for long-grain brown rice :

  • 1 dry measuring cup (or 178 grams) long-grain brown rice needs 1 ¾ cups (or 14 fluid ounces) water
  • 2 dry measuring cups (or 356 grams) long-grain brown rice needs 2 ½ cups (or 20 fluid ounces) water

For this recipe, I used Mogami long-grain organic brown rice from 99 ranch. Every half cup of rice is about one serving per person. If you double or treble these recipes it will likely require adjusting rice to water ratios and cooking times .

Step 1. Prep your rice

pouring water into microwave safe container measure out your long-grain brown rice and rinse it under running water ( I use a strainer for easy transfer ). then add the rice into a big microwave-safe bowl. I like to use glass so I can see the rice during cook. besides, when you pick a bowling ball accept into score that the rice will expand during cook, so it needs to be bombastic enough for the rice to potentially double in size. Add in the water, and make indisputable to flatten the top of the rice so it cooks evenly .

Step 2. Microwave on high, uncovered

bowl of brown rice and water uncovered in microwave then place the bowl in the microwave and cook for 10 minutes on the highest power. For my microwave, this is level 10 .

Step 3. Microwave on medium, covered

bowl of rice in microwave, covered with towel After 10 minutes, you can open the microwave and attend at your rice. Don ’ t be alarmed if there is silent a large total of water. Brown rice takes a lot of water when cook and it will suck this up in the next cook clock frame. At this point, the water level should be at approximately ½ to one inch above the rice. Take a serve towel and cover the rice bowl and continue to cook for another 15 minutes but on average world power. For my microwave, this is level 5 .

Step 4. Rest, covered

cooked rice resting under a towel After it ’ s done cook, do not open the microwave. Let the rice rest in the microwave for an extra five minutes so that it can continue steaming, soak up some more moisture, and plump up more .peeking at the rice after resting

Step. 5 Fluff and serve

fluffing cooked rice with a paddle Take a rice paddle or branch and fluff your rice to make sure all the grains are cooked and fatten. The rice grains should even be integral ( this is how you know it ’ s not overcooked because they aren ’ metric ton mushy ). Serve the rice as is or you can besides place it in the electric refrigerator for a workweek. To reheat the rice, merely drizzle a little water on top before placing it back into the microwave for as many intervals of 30 seconds as needed ( 1 or 2 rounds normally does the flim-flam for me ). To learn how to by rights eat rice with chopsticks, you can read my chopstick tutorial .


brown rice cooked in a microwave After fudge, if you find a little water on the bottom of the bowl, you can continue to fluff the rice so that it gets soaked into other grains. Let the rice cool, uncovered on the counter for another ten minutes, and see if the water gets amply absorbed. If there is TOO a lot water ( meaning the urine telephone line is still above the lead layer of rice ), then you need to adjust the measure of water in the future. You can try to remove the surfeit water and microwave in one-minute intervals on average power, but I would be careful to not overcook the rice. If the grains are hard and under-cooked, add two tablespoons of body of water gradually into the rice and cook for about one-minute intervals on culture medium baron until you ’ ve reached your desire texture. If your rice needs adjust, take note of the issue and adjust the starting water level so you can get closer to your concluding target without adjustments following clock time .

How do you microwave brown rice quickly?

Using this recipe, I cook brown rice in the microwave angstrom promptly as 30 minutes for one or two cups of brown rice. To reheat brown rice out of the electric refrigerator, drizzle a few drops of urine on peak of embrown rice and cook in one-minute intervals on gamey ability .

How much water do I need to cook brown rice in the microwave?

For one cup of long-grain brown rice, you need about 1 ¾ cup of water. For two cups of long-grain brown rice, you need about 2 ½ cups of body of water. To reheat brown rice in the microwave, you need merely drizzle a small amount ( no more than one or two teaspoons ) .brown rice Pinterest imagemicrowaved brown rice

How to Cook Brown Rice in the Microwave





Follow this super simple recipe for cooking brown rice in the microwave. Now you can make plump and nutty brown rice at home without the headache.



Huy Vu
















Two servings

  • 178





    ) long grain brown rice

  • 14

    fl oz


    1 ¾


    ) percolate water

Four servings

Equipment Used

  • 900-watt microwave

  • serve towel

  • microwave-safe bowl


  • Read the note both above or below this recipe about using the right scoop. I used the small rice scooper that came with my rice maker. If you don’t have this, follow this recipe using measurements by weight for best results.

  • Measure out your long grain brown rice and rinse under running water. Place the rice in a large microwave-safe bowl (the rice will expand so you need enough room, I use a microwave-safe eight-cup mixing bowl).

  • Add water into the rice bowl and place it in the microwave for 10 minutes on the highest power (my microwave’s highest power is level 10).

  • After 10 minutes, use a dish towel to cover the bowl and continue to cook for 15 minutes, but lower the power to half the strength (mine is level 5). After this is finished, let it rest in the microwave for five minutes (do not open the door).

  • Carefully remove the bowl and use a paddle or fork to fluff the rice and test if it’s finished. Your rice should be soft but still have whole kernels intact.


  • The “cup” in all the measurements uses the plastic rice scoop that came with my rice cooker, so for best results you should use yours too.
  • Rice recipes usually don’t scale up linearly, so its important to use the right scoop. This is how much water each tool holds by weight. My rice scoop: 173g. A 1-cup dry measuring scoop: 217g. 1 cup liquid measure 250g.
  • This recipe is strictly for one cup and two cup portions. I have found that the more rice I add on, the amount of water also changes. 
  • If you find that there is a little water still on the bottom of the bowl after fluffing, continue to fluff the rice to mix the water and then let it rest, uncovered for about 10 minutes on the counter. The rice should soak up the leftover water. I try not to place this back in the microwave because the rice could end up overcooking. 
  • If your rice is too hard, add a little more water (about two tablespoons at a time) and mix it in the rice. Place in the microwave for about one-minute intervals on medium power.  

Nutrition Facts

















Saturated Fat:



























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