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A forest fired oven can be used for cooking many foods apart from precisely pizza. People have been cooking bread in a wood fired oven for thousands of years. There is something identical satisfying about cooking with fire, and the char and forest smoke can add bang-up flavors to most boodle recipes. In some cases the estrus and char is absolutely essential such as the indian nan boodle or the Mediterranean pitta bread .
The perfect thing about a pizza oven is the cooking time you get as it cools. You can fire it up for Neapolitan dash pizza, and then cook bread, desserts and even slow cook dishes belated on .
This article has the tastiest boodle recipes from around the world that you can cook in your pizza oven. I ’ ve added recipes to all the breads so that you have simple instructions to follow, vitamin a well as get some great ideas .
here is some quick guidance to cooking boodle in an pizza oven.

Guide to cooking temperatures

Fahrenheit Celsius Style Of Cooking What To Cook
750°F + 400°C+ Pizza cooking Pizza, garlic bread, naan bread
540 – 600°F 280 – 320°C Grilling Steak, sardines, shrimp
450 – 540°F 230 – 280°C Roasting Turkey, Roast potatoes, whole fish
400 – 450°F 200 – 230°C Baking Bread Sourdough, ciabatta, foccacia, rolls
320 – 400°F 160 – 200°C Baking Desserts Carrot cake,
cinnamon rolls, strawberry cobbler
210 – 250°F 100 – 120°C Slow cooking Pulled pork, BBQ ribs, stews

There are a few types of breads which you can cook in a wood fired oven. At the peak of the temperature range you have the types similar to a pizza such as nan breads and garlic breads which cook in minutes. Next you have lean breads which are baked at traditional temperatures around 400°F-450°F. As you add more fatty, eggs and carbohydrate they are cooked at a lower temperatures of 350°F until you are basically baking cakes .
You need to get an infrared thermometer to accurately measure temperature so try one like this from Amazon which can handle the soap temperatures of a pizza oven as not all go high enough .

How to cook bread in a wood fired oven

It ’ mho authoritative to fire the oven to broad heat and let it cool gloomy to your necessitate temperature. This ensures even temperatures around the oven, and it will retain heat while baking. Fire the oven with the wood in the center to heat the floor evenly .
You can then choose to push the embers to the slope, or to rake them out to cook your bread. There are some differences in the methods and advantages to each. The chief being the embers are a direct heat reservoir sol will cook the face side faster, and so the bread will require turn .
Rake out the embers if:

  • You need more space for more bread.
  • You are cooking lots of bread and don’t want to turn each bread.
  • You don’t mind the oven cooling down.

Bake with a fire if:

  • Your recipe needs a very high heat, similar to when you cook pizza.
  • You want to continue cooking after the bread, so you can add more wood to the existing fire.
  • You don’t want the effort of cleaning it out just yet if you don’t need to.

steam will help bread recipes create a crispier crust. You can achieve this by spraying water towards the dome using a mist hose or bottle, or by adding damp cloths to a pan. steam should be visible in the oven, then you can put the door in identify to trap it inside .

Some tips on cooking bread in the pizza oven:

  • If cleaning out embers, sweep the oven with a brush then wrap a damp cloth around a peel to wipe the oven floor.
  • Before cooking, create some steam in the oven for crispier crusts.
  • Close the door and don’t open it for the first few minutes to let the bread “spring” fully.
  • Remember to turn bread facing the fire.
  • Don’t cook too close to the fire. Closer means more turning and charring.
  • Use a wooden peel to deploy, metal to retrieve.
  • When cooked through it should sound hollow when tapped.
  • Let it cool slightly before you cut it open to allow the inner section to firm up.

You need a good sized peel, specially if you are making something long like baguettes. Check out my article on the best pizza peels for wood fired ovens to get a nice hanker handled one .

15 Breads For Your Pizza Oven:

Naan Bread

The pizza oven replicates a tandoori oven in which these indian flat breads are traditionally cooked in. They puff up slightly, and have charred areas and are delicious newly and warm. They can be brushed with butter and garlic and then served with your darling curry dish .
Get the recipe – Wood-fired Naan


A wood fired sourdough loaf of bread is a thing of beauty and is a must for any pizza oven owner to try. This lemony tasting bread is a top choice for brunch with some eggs. If you don ’ t have clock time to form a starter, there is some dim-witted breads in this list like the no-knead bread .
Get the recipe – Wood Fired Sourdough Bread

Pitta Bread

This Mediterranean flat bread works great in a pizza oven because the high hotness helps it to puff up promptly and form a hollow center. When it cools, you can cut these open and satiate with your favorite meats, veggies and sauces. A great accompaniment to join some other foods you ’ ve cooked against the forest fire .
Get the recipe – Wood Fired Pitta Bread

Garlic Bread

garlic boodle can be made in a similar way to a pizza, with the lapp boodle and the additions of squash garlic butter, herb and olive oil. Or you can create a style more like a bum of boodle which is thick. A nice way to use up leave over pizza boodle .
Get the recipe – Garlic Bread with Rosemary


This classical italian bread has large holes and bang-up flavor and is a big staple for sandwiches. It can be cut in half, filled with tall mallow and toasted to become a panini, or just filled with prosciutto for a tasty lunch or bite .
Get the recipe – Simple Wood Fired Ciabatta Bread

Olive Bread

This bumpkinly bread with the accession of olives makes for a fantastic bum to slice and dip into some balsamic vinegar and quality olive oil. The olives add a saltiness which pair bang-up with a glass of crisp white wine .
Get the recipe – Wood Fired Olive Bread

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Tuscan Bread

Another italian boodle. It ’ second crunchy crust means it goes great softened with soups, or toasted to make crostini with pate or a classical bruschetta with tomatoes. The linked recipe has additions of basil, thyme, oregano and fennel for a flavorful and aromatic bum .
Get the recipe – Tuscan Bread

French Baguette

One of the most popular forms of boodle around the world. The baguet is characteristic of its long length and crispen crust. This crispen crust is made by adding steamer to the pizza oven, so you get a good oven give. You can do this with a spray bottle, obscure hose, or muffle towels in a pan. By preparing the boodle a day ahead, you develop a deeper relish .
Get the recipe – Parisian Baguette

Rustic Bread Loaf

This agrestic boodle loiter with a mix of wholewheat flour and all purpose flour adds a lovely flavor and texture. It is a just recipe, and can be prepared faster than some of the other “ day ahead ” recipes on here. You won ’ thyroxine be disappointed cooking this one in your forest fired oven .
Get the recipe – Wood Fired Bread Loaf


A classical italian bread that is sol easy to make with the residual heating system of your oven. The dough is very alike to pizza dough so you should be familiar with it, or you can use some left over dough you have. Great dipped in olive oil, or sliced for sandwiches the next day .
Get the recipe – Focaccia Flatbread

Flat Bread

two-dimensional breads are another ace promptly boodle to cook in the pizza oven. They only take 1 moment to bake in the oven, and come forbidden charred and spotted for amazing spirit. The linked recipe has sesame seed and chili additions and make bang-up for tearing and dipping into hummus .
Get the recipe – Sesame Seed Chili Flatbread

No-Knead Bread

Making boodle couldn ’ metric ton arrive simple than this. This boodle doesn ’ t want kneading but even gets a nice open crumb from a 12 hour zymosis at room temperature. Make it the nox before, ready to be baked the next morning .
Get the recipe – No-Knead Homemade Bread

Kaiser Rolls

Kaiser rolls originated from Austria and have a distinctive appearance and a crisp, dilute crust. This is made from the steam in the oven and a gentle mist on top before they are baked. They are versatile and go with about anything, from soups to meat fill delights .
Get the recipe – Kaiser Rolls

Pizza Rolls

A capital crowd-pleaser if you are cooking for guests. These pizza rolls are covered in cheese and garlic butter and are certain to go down well. Standard pizza boodle can be used and you can fill them with absolutely anything .
Get the recipe – Wood Fired Pizza Rolls

Rosemary And Seed Bread

A number of bread couldn ’ thymine be complete without some seeded boodle. This interest craftsman bread has more depth to it than your average white bread. This comes from some malted seeded bread flour and rosemary for great season .
Get the recipe – Malted Rosemary And Seed Bread


Hopefully you now have some divine guidance to get baking in your pizza oven. It ’ s a great joyride to branch out into cooking some early foods. To get started – try one of the recipes that can be made from your leave over pizza dough such as the garlic boodle, focaccia and pizza rolls .
After that you can go for some of the more adventurous breads like the sourdough or the baguettes which take a small more cooking, but capital rewards.

If you want to find more foods to cook in your pizza oven then check out my article 25 foods to cook in your pizza oven which covers a wide compass of foods .