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Can You Microwave Cookie Dough
Who doesn ’ t like the feeling of affectionate, cushy cookies that are right out of the oven ? And most of us, including me, have frequently wished for a solution that could allow us to promptly bake our cookies as and when we want. Something like a microwave !

But can you microwave cookie dough ?
unfortunately, most will tell you not to.

But it ’ s not that you can ’ t microwave cookie boodle. You can ! There are merely a few techniques to know before you attempt it .

So Can You Microwave Cookie Dough?

The short suffice ? Yes. But it depends on why you want to microwave it .
Do you wish to defrost it ? Do you want to soften it up ? Do you want to try the celebrated Pinterest hacks ? Or do you good want a warm serve of fresh-baked cookies at your service ?

The answer to all these questions vary. And if you choose to read far, I will answer all of them for you .

Can You Microwave Cookie Dough? Is It Safe?

Let ’ s say you do microwave your cookie boodle and bake a cookie out of it. Will it then be safe to consume ?
technically, yes. Oven-baked cookies are condom because they are heated for a longer period of time, frankincense killing any bacteria the boodle might have. But when it comes to microwaving it, I can assure you that is it good as condom .
All bacteria ( including salmonella ) normally stop multiply after 150 degrees Celsius/300 degrees Fahrenheit. But to be certain, they will wholly die at 400 degrees Fahrenheit .
Since microwaves cook at a high temperature by default, it is completely condom to consume microwaved cookie dough .

How Long Can You Microwave Cookie Dough For?

here is the fun part ! While a convection oven normally takes 10-15 minutes to bake your cookies, microwaves will do the job in merely under 1 hour !
Yes, it is that quick ! And not entirely is it super easy, but it is besides very convenient to just microwave a minor batch of cookies rather of the whole batch .
Be warned though, your cookies can become dry barely angstrom quickly as you can bake them in the microwave. Make sure you keep an eye on them !

Can You Microwave Cookie Dough To Bake Cookies?

Don ’ metric ton let the others scare you. You can absolutely bake cookies in the microwave. however, do not expect them to turn out precisely like oven-baked cookies .
Microwave cookies don ’ metric ton befit all of us. But they are decidedly worth a sample !
To bake your cookies in the microwave, follow these steps .

  1. Bake your cookies according to your favorite recipe. You can use an already frozen dough, or make a very small batch. I recommend this recipe for the best results.
  2. Place your cookie dough ball on a microwave-safe dish or ramekin.
  3. Microwave this dish for 40-45 seconds. If it’s still not done, add another 5 to 10 seconds.
  4. Wait for 30 seconds before you devour your cookie. Once cooled down, use a fork to taste it to avoid burning your mouth.
  5. Your instant microwave cookie is ready!

While I have never been against this technique, I would like to inform you of the few cons of using this. Your microwave cookies will most probably not turn into that perfective combination of soft-on-the-inside-crunchy-on-the-outside. They will likely be identical soft and gooey, if you enjoy that texture this trick will suit you.

Can You Microwave Cookie Dough To Warm It Up?

Let ’ s say you do not plan to amply bakes your cookies in the microwave. But what about when you want to soften up your intemperate and firm cookie dough ?
I would ideally advise you against it. Your best option is to wait out until your dough comes to room temperature. If you ’ ve already shaped your boodle into balls before freeze, you can directly bake them in the oven .
If you choose to use the microwave though, make sure you do it identical gradually and at your lowest temperature setting. Always keep a conclusion eye on your boodle when in the microwave .

Can You Thaw Cookie Dough In The Microwave?

Most microwaves have built-in defrost options. This can make your life incredibly easy and save up so much of your time and patience. And if your microwave does not have this option, do not worry.

All you will need to do is set your microwave to its lowest temperature set and heat it at 10 seconds intervals. once your boodle starts getting soft, give it a idle stir so that it doesn ’ thymine start bake .
Be careful to not keep your boodle in the microwave for prolong exposure to heat. once your boodle starts baking, there is no going back .
alternatively, you can merely place your cookie dough in a warm place .

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however, if you are going to be using an oven to bake your cookies, you do not need to wait for your cookie dough to defrost. You can equitable pop your freeze boodle balls in the oven and add an excess 5 minutes to the baking time .

Can You Microwave Cookie Dough In A Mug?

Microwave countenance cookies, possibly one of the circus tent desserts served in a chump ! Who wouldn ’ t enjoy a cookie served in a chump, right ?
And hera is the effective news, microwave mug cookies taste fair ampere good as oven-baked cookies !
While microwave cookies fail in terms of the texture of your cookies, when you bake your cookies in a mug they attain the perfect texture cookie enthusiasts are affectionate of .
To make a microwave mug cookie, you will need to do the play along things .

  1. Find a recipe that will suit your preferences. Some recipes let you directly make your dough in the mug for your convenience. My all-time favorite recipe is this one by Em’s Kitchen on youtube.
  2. Go ahead and follow the instructions of your recipe and place your mug in the microwave.
  3. It should take you anywhere from 50-60 seconds.
  4. Poke a skewer in the center of the mug to check if it’s done. If not, add another 10 seconds.
  5. Allow your mug cookie to cool down for a minute.
  6. Your microwave cookie is ready to serve!

You can besides check out Mel ’ s 60-SECOND CHOCOLATE CHIP MUG COOKIE recipe for a detail explanation .


Can you heat cookies in the microwave?

Yes, you can ! Pop your cookies in the microwave for 30 seconds and enjoy soft, warm cookies that will melt your heart !

Can you microwave edible cookie dough?

unfortunately, comestible cookie dough can burn very promptly when placed in the microwave. I would recommend not trying this method .

How long does it take to microwave cookie dough?

You can microwave your cookie dough for 15-20 seconds on high and then lower your temperature to medium-low for the future 5 seconds .

Final Thoughts

honestly, no one is going to judge you if you want to find a flying way to bake and have your cookies. Chocolate nick cookies are extremely entice, and it ’ s worth a sample to have a microwave cookie at least once !

If you find that they are not for you once you try it, that ’ s all right. But if you end up liking the taste and texture of these lifesaving cookies, you have a chop that will save you time for your life !
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