Can Over the Range Microwave be used on a Countertop? – Best Kitchen Buy

Over the range microwaves are by and large installed above your compass. Their functionality is comparable to the countertop microwave except for the fact that they emphasize an built-in ventilation system that eliminates steamer, smoke and other cooking odors. many homeowners think of installing their over the range microwaves on their kitchen countertop, but they are not UL approved for this function and are not meant to be used on a counterpunch or ledge .

Why you must not use Over the Range Microwave on Countertop

Over the Range Microwave Working as ventilation system that eliminates steam, smoke and other cooking odors Reason 1 – The bottom bed of over the range microwaves is not bland and would not provide you with a stable surface. It implies that the appliance will not sit affluent with the countertop and it can make the usage quite daunting for you. You can face adversity while placing the pans inside and taking them off the microwave and it can besides be a base hit concern if your children prefer to use the unit frequently .
Reason 2-  All ceremonious Over-the-range microwaves have a functional vent apparatus installed at the bottom of the microwave which might create undesirable inflame of the microwave if kept with zero immediate clearance, specially if the vent fan or surface lights were remain turn on unintentionally .

Editor’s Suggestion

Most of the buyers tend to incline towards over the crop microwaves as they offer a built-in public discussion arrangement accompanied by open lights. But, some homeowners face problems with the installation, particularly the ones who don ’ triiodothyronine pay attention to the specific cabinetwork measurements before the purchase.

Editor's Suggestion to install Under Cabinet Rangehood over OTR Microwave If you besides own an OTR microwave that you can ’ t install over the cooking segment because of deep cabinets over the cooktop or you merely want to buy an under-cabinet roll hood for better breathing, then you can opt for cabinet customization .
You can hire a professional for modifying the cabinetwork of your kitchen space. The modification can be done in the cabinets that are not directly located above the cooktop and are situated somewhere on the side. Make sure that the installation is not done in a close cabinet and the bottom of the microwave is not covered as it would produce the same effect as that of placing it on the counter.

The ideal place of the initiation could be right future to your cook range where most of the prepping is done. furthermore, it is recommended that the base of the microwave should not exceed the stature of 55-inches from the kitchen floor. so, in holy order to secure the ideal use, ensure that the height of the oven is not more than 30-inches. Besides this, the ideal height will besides offer you with the perfect clarification of the countertop and you can easily perform the accurate cut and chopping tasks there .
If you get around these modifications and install your OTR microwave staggered with the localization of your cooktop, it is imperative that you ’ ll be losing points for public discussion. If not placed directly above the crop, your venting microwave just doesn ’ thyroxine affair the best it can in terms of venting out steamer and olfactory property. In such a case, you might want to consider some alternatives to a range hood to compensate.

Final Words

Over the range microwaves are integrated with numerous extra features that make them differ from the other types of countertop microwaves. They incorporate make surface lights and venting apparatus for expelling pot and other cooking odors from the kitchen space .
These extend customizations in the OTR microwaves make them an ill meet to be used on a countertop. other microwave configurations that are to installed built-in with the cabinet can, for once, be kept at the rejoinder. For case, a built-in convection microwave or a microwave drawer for that matter besides, can be used on a counter ; but not an over-the-range variant. ( Check more differences between OTR and built-in microwaves ) .
Despite this, some homeowners prefer to install them on their kitchen counters which leads to overheating of the appliance and compromise functionality. consequently, rather of using over the crop microwave on the countertop, you should opt for customizing your kitchen cabinetwork. It will offer you the emblematic usage of the device while keeping away the heat issues .