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not having the right sauce with you before cooking pizza is frustrating. Because it might not taste the lapp with the pizza sauce. however, you might think of adding a like sauce to the pizza. so, can I use marinara sauce for pizza ? Yes, you can. You only have to change the marinara sauce a little bit. For example, if your marinara sauce has more garlic kick to it. Or in case the sauce is too thin. Then you can fix it by adding a few crushed tomatoes and a bit of spice.  immediately, you ’ ll need more than this to successfully use marinara as pizza sauce. That ’ south why we ’ ve provided the deviation between the sauces. besides, we tried helping you out to turn marinara into pizza sauce.

therefore, don ’ metric ton forget to keep interpretation !

Can I Use Marinara Sauce for Pizza?

nowadays, marinara sauce is an italian classic. so, it ’ mho similar to the season or taste of pizza sauce. however, marinara sauce is actually not made for pizza. rather, it ’ s used as pasta sauce, dip, and spaghetti sauce. This is because there are some differences between the two .

The Difference between Marinara Sauce and Pizza Sauce

sol, what is the dissimilarity between the two sauces ? well, the differences are related to the qualification process, taste, and texture. Want to learn more ? good go through the excuse version of the differences-

Factors  Marinara Sauce Pizza Sauce
Used ingredients Cooked tomatoes, minced garlic, oregano, basil, olive oil, onion paste, ground black pepper, sugar, salt.  Uncooked fresh tomatoes, minced garlic, oregano, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, spiced herbs, a pinch of red pepper, tomato paste, cracked black pepper, sugar salt.  
Taste  A robust garlic flavor is prominent. Slightly weaker flavor than marinara sauce. 
Texture  Thinner Thicker 

thus, these were the dissimilarities between pizza and marinara sauce. sol, in decision, marinara sauce has fewer ingredients. That ’ s why it ’ s slightly easier to make than pizza sauce. besides, it provides you with a strong garlicky smack, unlike pizza sauce. last, its dilute consistency allows it to be used as a dip. But you can easily turn this sauce into pizza sauce .

How to Use Marinara Sauce for Pizza?

immediately, you know marinara sauce can be used while making your pizza. Hence, let ’ s discuss how to use it as a pizza sauce- For starters, you ’ ll need to transform the thin marinara sauce and thicken it. then it ’ ll automatically change the flavors vitamin a well .

How to Keep Similar Texture As Pizza Sauce

How to thicken marinara sauce for pizza ? well, it ’ second quite simple. You ’ ll need to add a few extra items. so, first of all, grab some fresh tomatoes. We don ’ triiodothyronine actually recommend using displace ones. Because they won ’ thyroxine aid to turn the taste similar to that of pizza sauce. Plus they besides make the sauce flimsy. Because the water contented is more in displace tomatoes. hence, take some fresh tomatoes, cut them thinly or in cubes. then add them into the sauce and heat up the sauce on low inflame. Keep stirring till the sauce gets a dense consistency .

How to Keep Similar Taste As Pizza Sauce

now, what to add to marinara sauce for pizza ? well, hold up a bit ! Before adding anything, it ’ sulfur well to have a bit of taste of the marinara sauce. This way you can understand what it ’ sulfur neglect. To be honest, frequently depending on the ingredients- Your marinara sauce might lack a little bit of seasoning or spices. thus, you can start off by adding 1 teaspoon of chili flakes or basil. This will tone down the garlicky spirit and make the sauce have a hot kick to it. By the way, if you don ’ t have fresh tomatoes, wear ’ thymine worry ! ! You can always use readymade tomato paste .

What Are Some Pizza Sauce Substitutes?

now, you have to use a sauce for your pizza. You can ’ t just cancel the sauce out. Just how you can go for another fish if c is besides fishy for your taste. frankincense, if you ’ rhenium curious about more alternatives to pizza sauce, we ’ rhenium here to help. thus, there are some more pizza sauce substitutes other than marinara sauce-

Substitute  Taste  Texture (Thicker or Thinner than Pizza Sauce 
Tomato and chili sauce Spicy and tomatoey  Similar 
Pesto  Herby and garlicky Similar
Salsa Herby and tomatoey  Slightly thinner 
BBQ Sauce  Rich BBQ flavor  Thicker 
Hummus  Rich umami-like flavor Thicker 
Spaghetti and Pasta Sauce  Tomatoey and spicy  Similar
Bechamel sauce Rich and cheesy  Similar 

now that you have a basic estimate, let ’ s get into the discourse version-

Similar Texture to Pizza Sauce

For your comfort- We thought about starting with alternatives that have a similar texture to pizza sauce-

Tomato and Chilli Sauce

now, if you want a very childlike sauce, this might be it. Mixing tomato and chili sauce in concert with oregano can help you out. This sauce recipe can give you a slightly similar taste and texture to pizza sauce. so if you want, you can use this option.

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Bechamel Sauce 

You can add white sauce sauce excessively. It has a exchangeable dense texture to pizza sauce. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate believe us ? well, this sauce can be used as a stand-in for using eggs in lasagna. therefore, the texture is actually midst. Plus, it ’ ll besides provide a rich bum taste .

Spaghetti or Pasta Sauce 

last, if you want you can go for spaghetti or pasta sauce. Because these have a alike taste to pizza and marinara sauce. however, you ’ ll see that there ’ south more water subject in these. therefore, there ’ sulfur a chance the pizza might turn boggy late on .


This sauce is one of the easiest to make among all the pizza sauce alternatives. This sauce will give you the lapp thick consistency as pizza sauce. But the best part is the flavor. You ’ ll get a garlicky yet herby taste from it. frankincense, it ’ s a capital choice to choose to give your pizza a new smack. now, if you don ’ t have pesto sauce with you, you can always buy ready-made ones. Plus try the sauce out once before think of making it every clock for your pizza. indeed, here are some of our suggestions regarding pesto sauce- Filippo Berio Classic Basil Pestofilippo berio classic basil pestoCheck Latest Price Seggiano, Fresh Basil Pestoseggiano fresh basil pestoCheck Latest Price just get the sauce and use it as a pizza sauce ! !

Different Texture to Pizza Sauce

now, let ’ s look at the ones that don ’ thyroxine match the claim texture of pizza sauce-


now, salsa is a actually democratic sauce. It has that tomato and herby taste. Plus it ’ ll be a good pizza sauce if you add chorizo, beans, or sweet corn as toppings. Because you ’ ll get an overall Latino bang !

BBQ Sauce 

immediately, if you ’ re a fan of BBQ pizza, this is your best picking. The sauce will complement the grill chicken top. Plus it besides has a thick texture to it. thus, decidedly give it a try !


now, trust us on this ! Hummus might sound like an exaggeration but it truly goes well with chicken or beef pizza. besides, it ’ sulfur truly thoroughly to eat with pita bread. Hence, it will work with your pizza bread as well. furthermore, to make your pizza more delicious, add toppings like onions, cheese, olives. Plus hummus is a capital source of protein. therefore, you make hummus at home or just buy it from a grocery store shop. now, if you think marinara is a better option than these and pizza sauce- Do purchase more to use with your pizza. therefore, here are some best jar marinara sauces for pizza- Rao’s Homemade Marinara Sauceraos homemade marinara sauceCheck Latest Price Primal Kitchen Marinara Tomato Sauceprimal kitchen marinara tomato sauceCheck Latest Price These will surely let you enjoy your pizza to the fullest !


wonder : Can I use tomato sauce for pizza? answer : Yes ! If you ’ re a tomato lover and prefer a tomatoey taste for your pizza. then we decidedly support you on this. Tomato sauce or paste will surely be an amazing alternate for you. question : Is marinara sauce for pizza? answer : No, marinara sauce is not primitively created for pizza. But it can be used as pizza sauce. Because more or less, the taste is quite childlike to that of pizza sauce. thus, if you want, you can decidedly use the sauce for pizza. interrogate : What can you use marinara sauce for? answer : well, marinara sauce is typically used for pasta, tomato soup, ratatouille, etc. It can besides be used in making spaghetti and pizza. To be honest, you can use it in lots of recipes.

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Final Words 

so, it ’ randomness meter to stop ! We ’ re finished providing everything necessity on how to turn marinara into pizza sauce. Hopefully, you have got the answer you were looking for. now, you can use ranch sauce, ricotta tall mallow, and evening balsamic glaze as pizza sauce. All of these are tasty options. anyhow, do let us know how your pizza tasted with the marinara sauce. Hope you enjoy a delectable pizza ! !