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The manual for the microwave or the toaster oven should give you the needed headroom specifications for the ovens. besides, if stacked, you must not attempt to run both appliances simultaneously as this can cause overheating and finally damage either or both of your ovens. In this article, we will discuss the dangers and hazards attached to stacking your microwave and toaster ovens and how you can avoid them. We will besides learn about ways that you can safely stack .

Can You Put Toaster Oven on Top of Microwave?

normally, it is better to create unlike spaces in your kitchen for your microwave and toaster ovens since a toaster oven runs very hot on all english.

But when you have no alternative, you can put the toaster oven on top of the microwave oven using a shelf  or by ensuring sufficient headroom. If you have the excess counter space in your kitchen, you should consider putting the microwave and toaster ovens in different places as they are safer separate than stacked. But when they are stacked, you should ensure that you have taken some precautions to prevent kitchen hazards in your home .

Precautions to Take While Putting Your Toaster Oven on Microwave.

guarantee that There is adequate ventilation

Can You Put Toaster Oven On Top of MicrowaveCan You Put Toaster Oven On Top of Microwave All ovens require space to ventilate and let out heat. This is particularly true for any device that using heating elements such as a toaster oven. A toaster oven generates heating system from all sides. A microwave, on the early pass, runs fairly cool. When heat is trapped around either of your microwave or toaster ovens, it can weaken the coat on your oven and damage it. If you suspect there is a heat damage to the application than you are witnessing a burn hazard. consequently, before you place your toaster oven on your microwave oven, ensure that there is adequate space round the oven. How much is adequate outer space ? Well that depends upon the manual itself. The peg of a toaster oven can give about 3-5 curium of clearance. For guard, you require a higher clearance than this .

Do not Place Your Toaster Oven Directly on Your Microwave

If your toaster oven has hanker extended feet then meet the minimum clearance necessity as per the manual, then it is fine to place it directly on your microwave oven, but if not, you might have to get a heat safe underlie for it .Oven heat guard Items like an insulation sheet can be big for putting in between both ovens. This will reduce the amount of heat that seeps in from the other to cause damage. If your toaster oven comes with extensive feet, try to keep them on. This will help create enough outer space between both ovens and avoid any friction that might result from laying them directly on top of each other .

Take Your Toaster Oven off Your Microwave When You Want to Turn the Toaster Oven On

If you have both stacked for stowage purposes, then you can use the microwave without any issue. Since a microwave does not radiate a lot of inflame from its side and the clearance provided by the toaster oven legs is sufficient. however, using a toaster oven is a different floor. Simply put, do not turn on your toaster oven without taking it off your microwave oven if you do not have sufficient safety precaution installed inaugural. Create a newly space to move either the toaster oven or the microwave to when you want to turn your toaster oven on. This is because the toaster oven is much hotter than the microwave oven and can damage the clear of your microwave oven when it is on .

Do not Turn on Both Ovens at the lapp Time

If you have taken only the minimal clearance necessity into consideration. then do not use both appliances at the lapp clock. Meeting the minimal headroom for the toaster oven means that the clearance is entirely suitable for the use of the toaster oven. When using both, that would require you to have a bit higher clearance for condom. Plus, both appliances have high powered electrical power and this can cause a sparkle or wrong to your socket. It can even trip your circuit circuit breaker if the combines custom crosses the amperage military rank. besides Read :

Do not Stack a Bigger Toaster Oven on a Small Microwave

This doesn ’ t apply to size or heat generated , but also weight. This besides applies if you are not using a dedicated shelf and alternatively using a base hit estrus immune entangle rather.

Before you choose to put your toaster oven on your microwave, ensure that your toaster is not heavier than your microwave. surfeit weight can cause slant imprints to your microwave oven and can cause it to press in .

Potential Risks of Putting Your Toaster Oven on Microwave

Below are some of the damage that can result from stacking your toaster oven atop your toaster oven

oven Paint or Protective Coat May Begin to Chip Off

In this case, it can be caused by either of two things. excessive heat from either of the ovens can heat up the protective rouge on the oven. This makes the paint excess vulnerable and any modest impact causes the paint to melt off, particularly when it is not heat repellent. You can avoid this by leaving open spaces all around the ovens, and allowing enough breeze round the ovens when either of them are on. Putting your toaster oven immediately on your microwave oven can besides cause friction and abrasion which can chip off the key atop the oven. Anytime the toaster shifts, the both appliances are in danger of losing their protective coatings. You can avoid this by putting a protective later between both appliances, this will reduce the abrasiveness and any chances of the rouge chip .

The Microwave Can Cave In

Always check the weight of both appliances before putting the toaster oven on top of the microwave. The weight of the toaster oven must be lesser than that of the microwave. differently, the toaster oven weight might cause the microwave oven to begin to cave in from the clear, this might end up damaging some of the microwave oven ’ s interior parts .

It Can Cause a fire

If there is no adequate breathing, the excess heating system from the toaster oven can cause a spark or fire after continuously damaging it from the outside. besides, ensure that you don ’ thyroxine punch both ovens to the lapp might source .

Alternative Spaces to Put Your Oven


ledge is by far the best choice for stacking. You can choose to design or buy a custom ledge for your oven .


You can put the oven in a draftsman : most times, kitchens have drawers that appliances can be kept, you can put your or microwave oven in one of them


Built-in Microwave Size GuideBuilt-in Microwave Size Guide Most microwave ovens come with shipshape kit options. If you find that you have run out of space for your oven, you can choose to get a trim kit and install it against your wall or inside a cabinet. That way, your oven will have a suspend space that won ’ t take up excessively much visible quad in your kitchen

Appliance Cart

You can get a wheeled appliance that you can bring out and tuck away into the crack of your kitchen when done using. An appliance cart is a need and a handy of using and stowing your appliances away. besides Read : Where to Put Toaster Oven in Small Kitchen


In this article, we talked in astuteness about can you put toaster oven on top of microwave or not. A toaster oven may broadly look smaller than a microwave oven, but it runs much hotter.

consequently, when stacking it on top of a microwave, we recommend you use a modest shelf that meets the clearance prerequisite for proper ventilation. alternatively, if the leg of the toaster oven are retentive enough and do meet the clearance requirement, then you should try to put a inflame repellent or insulation underlay in between both appliances. This will help to reduce the heat from the toaster oven and the chances of damage to either of your ovens .