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Microwaves are highly commodious appliances that can save you a set of time in the kitchen. however, the determine and size of these units mean that they can take up barely space in the kitchen, forcing homeowners to get creative with the placement. Is it safe to put the microwave above a natural gas stave ?
It’s safe to put a microwave above a gas stove if the distance between both appliances is at least 30 inches to prevent appliance damage and ensure safety. The microwave to be installed above a gasoline stave besides needs to have a release at the bottom to prevent overheating damage while in use .
The lie of the article will cover all you need to know about putting your microwave above a boast stave .

Why Put a Microwave Above a Gas Stove?

Homeowners put a microwave above a gasoline stave to save outer space on the countertop or kitchen island. With your microwave safely positioned above your gas stove, you ’ ll have more space to work with, and your kitchen will look less cluttered.

Putting a microwave above a accelerator stave ensures all your cook appliances are positioned within compass around the same separate of your kitchen. It gives you more flexibility when planning and executing your cook. Imagine being able to easily defrost meat while cooking vegetables on the stove without leaving the stave area .

The Right Placement for a Microwave Above a Gas Stove

Placing a microwave above a gas end international relations and security network ’ t any border on to take haphazard, specially if you have a stave with herculean burners. You need to ensure the microwave is in an optimum place to allow efficient use of both appliances .
You need at least 66 inches of clearance from the floor to the top of the microwave. alternatively, you need to maintain a distance of at least 30 inches between the top of the stove and the bottom of the microwave .
Keep in mind that not all microwaves are designed for placement above a stovetop. Microwaves designed to fit over a stave have vents underneath .
If yours has vents to the sides or the top, you need to ensure there ’ ll be no obstruction around the vent if it ’ randomness installed above your stave. then, it rules out installations that place the unit snugly in a quad between your cling cabinets over the stave. If you already own a microwave and the release international relations and security network ’ t underneath, you should consider alternate positions for the unit of measurement .
however, if you ’ re about to make a raw purchase, it ’ s a good estimate to read the specification tabloid and count at the images before you decide to buy any model .

Possible Problems if You Install Your Microwave Above a Gas Stove

You have to take concern when installing your microwave above a accelerator stove to avoid problems. A microwave installed excessively close to the natural gas stovetop will sternly limit the board you have to work with when cooking on the stove. In that scenario, there ’ s an increased risk of accidental burns and pot or plate slips .
second, you need to ensure the microwave international relations and security network ’ thyroxine blocking the area where your hood is installed ; differently, it would be harder to vent steam from boiling pots on the stove. Over-the-stove microwaves have vents underneath and can help deal with the steam from your cook, but they ’ re best used alongside a standalone hood .
correctly installing the microwave above the natural gas stave doesn ’ metric ton obviate problems either. The appliance may become out of range for children or seniors living with mobility issues in their arms. so, while you may have installed the microwave at the right stature, you need to consider how it affects other users in your home .
A good lean here is to strategically place a step stool for anyone that needs help oneself coping with the newfangled altitude of the microwave. however, climbing the stool may present a raw determine of challenges or risks .

Can I Put a Regular Microwave Above My Stove?

You can put a regular microwave above your stove, but it ’ s not advisable. Microwaves meant to be wall-mounted have vents on their bottom. The vents serve the double function of acting as a vent for your stave, and they besides ensure that the microwave doesn ’ t overheat while working.

If you must mount a regular microwave above your stave, you need to install a standalone hood vent and ensure that any kitchen fittings don ’ triiodothyronine stuff off the vent on the microwave .

How Far Should a Microwave Be Above a Gas Stove?

A microwave should be a far as 30 inches away from the top of the gas stove. The distance ensures you have adequate room to work with around the stove while keeping the microwave within reach for most adults .
however, as we ’ ve discussed above, this distance might be limiting for younger people or older adults in the home. If installing the microwave within the recommend distance puts it out of strive of some users, you can lower it a bite without compromising the cooking space above your stave. alternatively, you can place your microwave in other parts of your kitchen .
When installing a microwave over the stove, verify that the distance between its bottom and the stave scope is a minimum of 30 inches .

Alternative Locations for Your Microwave

If you can ’ t put your microwave above a gas stove, but you hush don ’ thyroxine want it sitting on the kitchen island and taking up space, there are other locations you can consider. They include the trace :

On the Upper Shelf

If you have a microwave that can fit on your upper ledge, you can neatly tuck it up there as a part of the cabinets. however, you ’ ll necessitate to ensure you have adequate space for the microwave and the wires there. The cabinet should besides be goodly enough to allow the vents to work normally. If you have enough space on the amphetamine shelf, you can call your electrician to install an wall socket .

On the Lower Shelf

The estimate here is the same as above. If you don ’ t have any space in the amphetamine level of your cabinets, you can look at the lower levels. Again, confirm that the space fits the microwave and then get an exit installed .
Keep in thinker that using the lower shelf means you have to bend down when using the microwave and it may besides put the appliance within reach of belittled children .

Above Your Wall Oven

If you have a wall oven and the board to work with, putting your microwave over it can give you a neat appearance and besides ensure that your microwave is at an optimum stature for manipulation. You ’ ll want to buy a trim kit out for this initiation to ensure a streamlined appearance. You ’ ll besides need to create an wall socket for the microwave .

Inside a Cabinet

If none of the options above are practical in your situation, you can hide your microwave in a cabinet. This is a good approach to go with if you don ’ thymine use the appliance regularly. Tuck it inside your cupboard or pantry deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as it fits .
You ’ ll need your electrician to create an exit, but if build codes don ’ thymine leave that, you may have to take out the appliance and plug it in elsewhere when you need to use it.

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Final Thoughts

It ’ second condom to put a microwave above a flatulence stove. however, you need to ensure you have the right type of microwave. Your installation should besides allow adequate outdistance between the top of the gasoline stove and the bottomland of the microwave .
If you can ’ t meet these requirements, you should consider placing your microwave elsewhere in your kitchen .