Pepperoni Pizza Pockets

When most people think of pie, they think of something sweet. however, I ’ ve never had much of a odoriferous tooth, so I ’ thousand normally craving something savory .

Yes ! Pie crust can be used for savory fillings like these Pepperoni Pizza Pockets ! The crisp, browned crust paired with creamy mozzarella and lemony pizza sauce is a winner. It ’ s like a portable pizza, or a mini-calzone, or evening those boughten Hot Pockets—except flaky !

These are comfortable to make and bang-up as a dinner served with a salad, or you can serve them for a hearty plot day appetizer. Any way you serve them, they will be a shoot .

Pepperoni Pizza Hand Pies
Nick Evans

Homemade Pie Crust vs. Store-Bought

I ’ megabyte not a stickler on homemade vs. boughten proto-indo european crust for recipes like this one. If I ’ megabyte making an authentic full pie, I ’ molarity making homemade crust about every time, following a recipe like this Perfect Pie Crust. But boughten crust is by and large easier to work with and is readily available .

Either is absolutely very well for this recipe, so use your preference ! To make life easier, I used Pillsbury proto-indo european crusts for this adaptation. Make sure they thaw well before you try to work with them, and feel exempt to re-roll them once to use as much crust as potential .

Filling the Pizza Pockets

I kept the fillings dim-witted for this version, but you could turn any version of pizza into a hand proto-indo european like this ! Just remember to keep the fill amounts under manipulate. If you overfill the handwriting pies, they will explode in the oven, and you ’ ll have a adult handwriting pie fix on your, well, hands .

Assuming you want to try my pepperoni pizza option, be sure to follow the amounts I give for each component so you don ’ triiodothyronine overfill them .

If you fall in love with this concept, try combining Buffalo chicken and smoked Gouda or broccoli and cheddar .

Homemade Hot Pockets with Pepperoni
Nick Evans

Sealing the Hand Pies

You want to make certain to get a good seal on these hand pies so they don ’ metric ton broke outdoors. I recommend using egg wash for this, as it creates a actually uncompromising seal. Just lightly brush the crust around the edges with your fingers, and then crimp the boodle together.

Secret to Golden Brown Crust

many traditional pies, sweet or differently, bake for 45 to 60 minutes and get a super golden brown crust in that come of clock. These hand pies need much less time in the oven, which means they wo n’t brown ampere much without some help .

To help get that golden brown crust, I like to brush them with some egg wash. You should besides use the egg wash to make sure the hand pies are sealed all the way .

The egg slipstream doesn ’ triiodothyronine change the season of the hand pies in any way, but equitable gives them a fiddling extra grind and a beautiful, glossy, golden brown outside .

Pepperoni Pizza Hot Pocket Recipe
Nick Evans

Freezing Your Pizza Pockets

If you want to freeze these hand pies, I recommend baking them first, letting them cool wholly, then wrapping and freezing them in airtight containers. They will freeze great for a few months. To keep the crust bizarre, reheat them in a 325°F oven for 20 minutes until thawed and the tall mallow is melty .

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