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I have had a draw of people email me to ask Can You Freeze Sourdough Pizza Dough. Yes ! You can, and it is easier than you think.

Follow the simpleton steps below to ensure that your sourdough starter discard and sourdough appetizer boodle can make a delicious pizza .

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This is a bang-up sourdough pizza boodle recipe for you to try .
You can besides check out some of our favorite pizza toppings to try .

Homemade pizza about always tastes better than boughten, and is constantly healthier, because fewer ingredients and preservatives go in, and much more nutriment comes out. When you freeze pizza boodle, you can maintain the quality of the boodle if it is done by rights .
In ordering to teach you how to properly freeze pizza dough on your own, I ’ ve laid out the basic instructions for you below .


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What Type Of Flour Should I Use?

You can use any flour that you would normally use to make your homemade dough. here are a few of the ones that are more common .

  • Bread Flour
  • All Purpose Flour
  • Gluten Free
  • Whole Wheat

How Long Does Sourdough Last in the Freezer

When I freeze pizza dough, it normally will keep for up to three months. This will depend on how you store it. so brand certain your boodle freeze in an airtight container. otherwise, you will invite deep-freeze burn .

Does Sourdough Require Anything Special Before Freezing

Yes and no. Before you start the process and make the decisiveness to make sourdough pizza crust with the purpose to freeze it, you will want to make sure that you have an active sourdough starter to work with .
If you choose a sourdough that has not had a farseeing zymosis process you will want to let it go through the first rise. childlike leave the ball of dough in the refrigerator to thaw, then once thawed target on the counter for four to six hours .
The best room to freeze your sourdough pizza boodle for your future recipe is to keep them in the ball form .

Follow these simple step by step instructions:

Separate your balls of dough into adequate portions. The great thing about this is they don ’ t have to be perfect, good close adequate .
Put it in your deep-freeze dependable pocket or breeze fast container and seal it closed. This technique will work for unretentive or long-run storage .
You can besides slide parchment paper in between the sourdough dough balls to ensure that they don ’ t cling together if you would like to store multiple dough balls in one bag .
Place your deep-freeze bag into a dainty, cozy spot in your deep-freeze, and voila ! You have the freeze dough
It ’ s important to remember that your dough will lose season the longer you freeze it. So it is a full idea to never freeze your dough ball or sourdough pizza crust for more than a few months .
The best thing about freeze is that the relish will stay a solid as you made it. Because the deep-freeze will stop the zymosis process, You don ’ t have to worry about it going bad in the deep-freeze .
If you want, you can store it in the refrigerator, and take it out the next day if you don ’ t have a full sidereal day to work with it. Sourdough can be a finical boodle, so make sure you can give it your full attention .

How Do You Defrost Sourdough Pizza Dough

First, get a baking sail ( some people call it a cookie sail ) and tune it with parchment paper. A means that you can defrost it lento over time is to rub some olive oil, or, feel free to use fudge anoint, on the top of the boodle. Make surely to use only a fiddling ( it goes a long way ! ) and cover the bombastic mix bowling ball with plastic wrap and a warm tea towel .
put the homemade pizza dough on your oven rack for a few hours ( two to four ) and let the dough rise, and be certain to take it out once it has doubled in bulk .
Allow the dough to come to room temperature first earlier attempting to stick your hands in it. Knead the boodle by putting your close fist in the middle of the boodle. Gather the boodle and fold it over about four or five times. ( You can besides use a boodle addict, or I guess even a wooden spoon for this )
I save my plastic baggies so that future meter you freeze your boodle, you can have a plastic bag already ready for you !
A antic you can use to thaw pizza boodle is to place your base of sourdough good into a large mix bowl filled with cold water system and be certain to leave the top of the boodle out of the water. Just let the boodle do its thing, and it will be ready in no time for pizza nox !

How Does Sourdough Taste After Being In The Freezer?

It preserves itself in the deep-freeze so that the preference of the sourdough will be the like as the day you placed it into the deep-freeze .
Your raw sourdough pizza boodle sours even more, lento over time, to lock in that sourdough-y spirit you must let it sit out on the antagonistic to continue to ferment .
When you take it out of the deep-freeze and start reheat, it will taste good ampere good as when you first made it !
If you made a double or treble batch, I would highly recommend wrapping my soon-to-be freeze dough in formative wrap barely to ensure the doughs do not stick and for easier removal. The parchment paper is merely to ensure this arsenic well. Feel complimentary to use whatever proficiency best suits your kitchen .

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Can You Freeze Sourdough Pizza Dough

Karla Harmer

Step by step instructions to answer the questions, Can You Freeze Sourdough Pizza Dough

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Prep Time








  • parchment paper
  • Zip Top Bag
  • Air Tight Conainer


  • Separate your balls of dough into equal portions

  • Put it in your freezer safe bag or air tight container and seal it shut.

  • Slide parchment paper in between the sourdough dough balls to ensure that they don’t stick together

  • Place your freezer bag into a nice spot in your freezer


Freeze Sourdough Pizza Dough

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