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A common asking ’ sulfur from moms who loves pizza and breastfeed is, ” Can she eat Pizza while breastfeeding a baby ? Eating pizza not affect your breast milk typography ; neither will cause cold, cough, not affect your baby ’ s stomach .

The Question

At first, I did not get the compensate answer when I asked a lady who works at a Domino ’ s franchise in New York, and she requested that it is condom to eat Domino ’ s pizza while breastfeeding. The question puzzled me for a long while. I was amazed, puzzled, and on a mission to prove her wrong.

It took me a few days to go and revisit Domino ’ s Pizza to ensure the truth of the statement she gave to me. On the premises of the Domino ’ s Pizza exit in Surulere, Surulere, Lagos, I went and purchased a couple of drinks and three medium pizza .

then, I asked the lady behind the anticipate to confirm whether it is condom for me to eat pizza while breastfeeding ; she obliged me by reading a interview from a booklet on how to have a great date night out .

How Pizza Affects Your Breast Milk Composition

The preference of pizza doesn ’ t have any influence on the nutritional content of your breast milk or, for that topic, your baby ’ s digestion process .
According to the United States Pharmacopeia ( USP ) label ( the classic manual of mention of the United States Pharmacopoeia ( USP ) ), the acetic acerb found in the ingredients of pizza does not alter the metabolic visibility of breast milk .

therefore, if you are having a delightful pizza and breastfeeding your baby, the vitamins and minerals in pizza will be wholly dependable for your baby and you to consume. So what Happens To My Baby While Eating Pizza ?

Why Can You Eat Pizza While Breastfeeding?

Jessica says the Founder and CEO of, pizza contains a good sum of lactose, which is not a problem for a healthy person. Pizza does not contain animal protein, cholesterol, sodium, or fat, so it is not a problem for a breastfeed ma .
The pizza taste is very different from a hot dog or ground beef because it is made from pasteurized cheese, so it is not as piquant or greasy as you might think. What is the Best choice for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Moms ? Fried chicken is probably the worst food you can eat while you are pregnant or breastfeed .

Pizza is healthy and delightful, so eating it is not a problem. It has not been associated with a higher gamble of either food allergies or breastfeeding problems, so enjoy your pizza while harbor ! Are You a Mother Who Enjoys Pizza ?

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Is It Safe for Me to Eat Pizza While Breastfeeding?

Myth No. 1 : domino ’ sulfur Pizza Is Dirty and Will Make My Baby Flush and Sick Fact : A full-sized Domino ’ south Pizza has about 1800 calories ( 1,290 calories if you eat the small matchless ) 35 grams of fat. A half-sized pizza has about 1,200 calories and 12 grams of fatty. We don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know of anyone food that is “ cheating ” .
pizza can be served hot or cold. Myth No. 2 : I Can entirely Feed My Baby at Mealtimes Fact : breastfeed mothers have the natural ability to know when their baby needs to be fed and have the instinct to be around their baby when they ’ re hungry .

When you provide your pamper when they ’ ra hungry, you will make sure they get all the food they need, and you ’ ll make certain they get their vitamins, minerals, and nutrients .


If you have a crave for classic pizza, then here are the ways to eat pizza while breastfeeding : order a Medium Penne Pesto with Asiago Cheese pizza, and it will be batch of room for the exclusive breastmilk you ’ ve pump during the run .

The pizza with “ Extra Cheese ” provides excessively much fatty that could potentially affect your supply. Order a Pizza Hut Cheese & Meat Combo with Medium Thin Crust, and you ’ ll have batch of options to satisfy your “ meat-wanting ” craving while hush making sure you get all the nutrients your consistency needs .

last, decree a Pepperoni Pizza, and you can be in all different levels of tenderness – you can indulge your inner pizza queen !


Since you have absolutely normal and healthy breastfeed, you should not consume your pizza in any direction. If you want to have a goodly appetite when nurse, you must restrict the sum of fat and carbs you eat and load it up on fruit and vegetables .
If You Want To Eat That Pizza, But This Will Be the only Thing You Eat The best option is to eat the pizza while carrying your baby. You can have a child-friendly tall mallow pizza with a bowl of broccoli and peas. We want to know what you guys have to say !


indeed, whether I decide to breastfeed or not – which is more natural and easier on your body, choose wisely to feed your child the ideal food, which nourishes him and in the best way possible. After all, your baby will enjoy it .