Baking cakes in the Microwave ovens as compared to Electric ovens

question : If we run the microwave ( which has a convection feature ) on “ grillroom and convection ” mode merely, does it become same as rectangular “ Electric ovens ” ? Please explain why and how excessively .

Soegaard already explained the remainder between heating by microwaves and by standard oven. The point is, they are completely different methods, and the same oven needs two types of heaters within the same body to have both settings .
normally, I would assume ( the like as soegaard does ) that if you put the oven to the “ convection ” sic, the microwave heater is turned off. But the truth is that it is up to the manufacturer to decide if this actually happens, or if both heaters are turned on in this set up. It surely sounds illogical, but we have attest that it does happen – and the attest was for an LG oven. See this doubt : Why do my pizza get such hard crusts ?. So we ca n’t promise you that it is very well to bake them in your oven, and I suspect that a manufacturer implements a feature in the same way across ovens. sol assuming that the oven in the other wonder works as it should ( it could be a defect unit which does n’t turn off the microwave heater when it is supposed to ), you have abject chances of getting good cakes.

Does it make sense to implement the feature that way ? If you are n’t baking, probably yes. You see, in a microwave, you do n’t get a crust. Pure convection cooks slower than microwaves. If you are cooking a vegetable casserole in the oven, you ‘ll credibly be happy to have convection and microwaves at the lapp time. This still does n’t explain why the manufacturer labelled the have in this misinform room, or why it does n’t give you two separate dials, one for the microwave heater and one for the convection fastball. possibly the aim customer group are people with minimal fudge skills who only use their oven for reheating prefrozen food.

So we ca n’t tell you if your oven will bake a good cake or not – it depends on how it is built. The best way to know is to merely try it. Make a normal bread dough – do n’t waste time on preferments and the like, go for minimal attempt and expenses – and bake a loaf in the oven at the convection setting. Wait 2-3 hours o give it a prospect to harden. If it tastes like a decent boodle afterwards, then the microwave fastball was turned off and the coat will bake good excessively. If it is unusually hard – microwaved dough is practically impossible to bite off – then the microwave heater stays on at the convection sic and you ca n’t bake a patty either .
You may want to call customer servicing before you try, and ask if the “ convection ” setting turns off the microwave heater. If the person on the other goal of the line knows for surely how the oven works, they can save you from a useless experiment. But there is constantly the luck that the call is a barren of meter .