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Can You Put Chinese Food Containers In The Microwave?

Can You Put Chinese Food Containers in the Microwave? chinese takeout can be the perfect solution for a Friday night meal when you don ’ metric ton palpate like cooking. This tasty meal arrives at your door in a cute little composition bucket with a handle. You eat what you can and then save the rest for later. But, when it comes to reheating, can you put this taiwanese food container in the microwave, or do you need to dirty a plate for that ?
Most Chinese food comes in a cheerful paper pail, also known as an oyster pail. It is possible to reheat your Chinese takeaway in most of these containers. However, if the takeaway box comes with a metal handle, you will need to remove it before you can safely nuke your food.
We ’ ll let you in on the secrets of the taiwanese to-go box and whether or not early takeout dishes can go in the microwave. We besides have a few tips for the best ways to reheat your chinese food.

How are Chinese Takeout Containers Made?

The to-go box you get when your regulate from a chinese restaurant makes you want to take an Instagram photograph to preserve its prettiness. If you can manage the chopsticks, you are sure to get the likes ! While we associate this huitre bucket with the taiwanese food we love, you may be surprised to find out that this uniquely shape to-go box is an american invention. primitively these bang-up boxes were made to hold oysters, which is why they are sometimes called huitre pails .
The origami-style box is made out of one piece of material that is folded into a box. This means no leaky corners ! The inside has a waxen application that keeps your paper box from deteriorating when you put food inside it. Unlike to-go coffee cups, these paper boxes can be reheated .
many chinese to-go boxes besides come with a metallic element treat. Before you microwave your serve, you will want to remove this handle. When your food is hot, you can eat it straight out of the box. Or, you can unfold the box to become a plate. Neat, proper ?

Can Plastic or Styrofoam Chinese Takeout Boxes Go in the Microwave?

While oyster pails have become the classic delivery packaging for taiwanese food across the nation, it is not the merely box. Some chinese restaurants may deliver your steamed white rice in Styrofoam or formative containers .

Styrofoam Containers

If your taiwanese food comes in Styrofoam, you will want to transfer it to a glass, ceramic, or plastic serve that is microwave-safe. Styrofoam can melt in the microwave, which will ruin your food, make a batch, and could possibly be a fire luck. even if the Styrofoam remains stable in the microwave, it can leach harmful toxins into your food .

Plastic To-Go Boxes

While many reclaimable plastic containers such as Tupperware are microwave safe, single-use plastic dishes may not be microwaveable. Some restaurants such as Olive Garden, use high-quality plastic to-go boxes which can be microwaved. however, the majority of single-use plastic to-go containers can not go in the microwave. Check the bottom of your formative container to see if it has a “ microwave-safe ” or a “ microwave-safe reheat only ” tag. A belittled symbol with crinkled lines, or a # 5 on the container may besides indicate that your to-go box is dependable to reheat .

Best Ways to Heat Chinese Food

now that we ’ ve looked at which containers are microwave friendly, what is the best way to reheat your rice ? Is the microwave the best choice, or will a stovetop or oven give you a better leave ?


The microwave is probably the quickest reheat method acting. It can do a big job of keeping moisture in your food, equally well. If your food has become dry in the refrigerator, you can add a douse of water over your food or identify a damp newspaper towel over the top of your serve. While the microwave can reheat your rice and vegetables like a professional, any foods that were crispy, such as wontons, leap rolls, or breaded chicken, can become doughy when microwaved. Check your food in 1-minute increments to make certain you don ’ t overheat your food .


To reheat your chinese food on the stave, you can use a frying pan for rice dishes or a pot for soup. This can be the best method for keeping an eye on your food so it doesn ’ t sunburn. You may besides notice that reheating your food on the stove does a good caper of its texture. Add a sting of anoint to the pan thus your food doesn ’ triiodothyronine stick .


If you are reheating your food in the oven, you will want to use an oven-safe container. Covering your food with a lid or foil will help keep the moisture inside. You will want to set it on a rack that is close to the heat generator. After your oven has preheated, it may take up to 10 minutes to reheat your meal. Check your food at 2-4 minutes to see if it is warm enough .
Food Safety Tip: Whichever method acting you choose to reheat your chinese food, you will want your food to reach safe temperatures so you don ’ metric ton run the gamble of foodborne illnesses. According to the FDA, leftovers should reach a temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit in order to be considered condom .

Related Questions

What types of containers are microwave-safe?

Heatproof glass, composition plates, parchment paper, newspaper towels, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as many reclaimable plastic containers, are by and large microwave dependable .

What does microwave-safe reheat only mean?

Some containers say “ microwave-safe reheat only ” alternatively of “ microwave-safe. ” This reheat-only type of container allows you to reheat food in the container, but you won ’ t be able to cook food in the serve. You will need to use lower microwave temperatures, angstrom well. If your microwave has a reheat set, you can use that. If not, choose a 50 % power floor or less .

Are takeout containers oven-safe?

normally, no, a takeout container will not be microwave-safe. If a disposable container is safe to use in the oven, it will normally have the label “ oven-ready ” somewhere on the dish. Unless it has this label, do not put disposable dishes in the oven as this could cause a fire and/or wound.

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