7 Surprising Rules for Feeding Chickens and What You Need To Know

Feeding your chickens is one of, if not the most authoritative, tasks when it comes to raising backyard chickens. Get it properly, and you will have a goodly flock who happily cluck every meter you bring them one of their front-runner snacks or kitchen scraps !
Get it wrong, and it can lead to reduce egg production, deformed eggs, feather pick, and other undesirable demeanor .
so, let ’ s gets straight into all you need to know about feeding chickens .
feeding chickens

What Should You Feed Chickens?

once you know what you ’ re doing, feeding your chickens is quite aboveboard .
We think what makes it tricky are some of the false myths posted online about what you can and can ’ t feed your chickens ( such as feeding your chickens potato bark is bad for them- this is fake ! Chickens love potato skin ) .
The basis of any estimable chicken diet is a high-quality domestic fowl shot ( source ) .
We feed our female child ’ randomness layers pellets which provide them with the justly sum of protein and minerals to lay eggs !
Pellets normally contain wheat, salt, maize, sunflower seed, and oats .
Feeding your chickens pellets ensures that they get critical vitamins, nutrients, and minerals from their food generator to keep them healthy .
This is even more crucial if your girls don ’ t have much outdoor space- because they won ’ t beget minerals and salt from the ground .
In addition to their core diet of pellets, you can feed them grains such as corn or wheat to give them some variety show .
Chickens love fruit and vegetables, and you can give them this casual. Our girls love vegetable peels, bananas, apple cores, carrots, and broccoli .
You are safe to feed chickens reasonably much any vegetable or fruit except any raw green peels ( such as greens potato undress ) and any citric fruits such as oranges and lemons .
equitable remember they need solid grain, broken salt, and moo carbohydrate foods .
Does this entail you can ’ metric ton feed them scraps from your dinner ? absolutely not ; we discuss which kitchen scraps we give our girls late on in the article .
Before we move on to discuss how to feed your chickens, let ’ s ending this section by discussing how you can ensure you are feeding your hens a high-quality prey .
Your feed should be high in protein, organic, and ideally milled in the US. A good timbre feed will ensure your hens are healthy and laying eggs .
We have shared some of our favorite feeds in the table below .

Comparison Table

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How To Feed Chickens

therefore now you know what you should be feeding your chickens, the future question is how you should feed them ?
We feed our chickens pellets once in the dawn and once in the evening- commemorate they like to eat modest portions but frequently .
Some people prefer to throw wimp shot straight onto the shock and let their chickens peck at it there. We put our pellets into a chicken trough to keep them cleanse and dry .

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Chicken Eating out of Feeder

How Much Should You Feed Them?

broadly, free-range chickens won ’ metric ton over-eat, so you can ’ t over-face them. If you put besides many pellets in their feeder, they won ’ metric ton eat them .
Be careful not to leave any pellets or feed them out nightlong because this will attract pests such as mice .
Over meter you will learn precisely how a lot feed your chickens need, which will depend on the breed, how active they are, and the time of the class .
If you are constantly finding feed in the manger, then reduce the amount you give them slenderly .
We have 12 hybrids and find that 4 big handfuls each morning and evening keep them happy .
It would be good if you besides were surely to clean up any leftover scraps. Remember that leaving them can attract insects, like ants and flies, or even attract rats .
Interesting side-note : a hen needs roughly 4 pounds of wimp feed to produce 12 eggs ( beginning ) .

How Often Should You Feed Them?

This will depend more on your circumstances than on the chickens .
If you are retired or spend most of your time at home, you can feed them pellets respective times throughout the sidereal day .
however, if you work or are away from your home throughout the day, then you are best feeding them once in the dawn and then again during the even when you ’ re back home .
One thing to keep an eye on whilst you are feeding them is to make certain the most dominant allele ( remember our discussion on the pecking order ? ) hens wear ’ thyroxine corrode all the food .
If this is becoming an issue, consider feeding the weaker birds on their own to ensure they get some food .

Water for Your Hens

Providing your hens with water is very straightforward .
You need to make sure they have entree to clean, newly water at all times .
You can place the water in any fictile container, but the easiest direction is to buy a drinker .
If you live in a cold climate during the winter, the water will probably freeze over during the evenings, so hold sure to break the ice up and clean out the bowl in the mornings .

Comparison Table

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feeding chickens

Feeding Chickens Table Scraps

Of course, no chicken feeding discussion is always complete without discussing table/kitchen scraps .
Feeding chickens potato peel
One of the many benefits of keeping chickens is that the vast majority of your kitchen waste can be fed to them. This means they get a varied diet, and you get to save some money!
One of the many benefits of keeping chickens is that the huge majority of your kitchen thriftlessness can be fed to them. This means they get a varied diet, and you get to save some money ! Make sure to feed your chickens wholesome foods, such as rice, pasta, oats, fruits, vegetables, and wheaten bread. As a general dominion, if you can eat it, thus can they .
however, this excludes any fatso foods or foods with lots of salt .
When we feed our girls scraps, we tend to merely cut it up into little ( thumbnail-sized ) pieces and throw this straight onto the floor into their pen. We alone place pellets in their trough .
You ’ five hundred be amazed at some of the scraps your chickens eat- pizza, spaghetti, and porridge, to name a few !
Before you feed your chickens kitchen scraps, make certain to check your local regulations, as in certain places ( such as the UK ), this can surprisingly be illegal .

5 Healthy Treats

Wow, these chickens sure are mar ! On clear of their pellets and kitchen scraps, we ’ re surprised they still want to eat… but they do .
here are our girls top 5 healthy treats which we occasionally spoil them with :

  1. Worms: They absolutely love worms.
  2. Pumpkin: This includes pumpkin seeds.
  3. Apple Cores: Throw the apple cores straight into the pen.
  4. Broccoli: For some reason, they can’t get enough of it!
  5. Porridge: They only eat this during the winter months, though.

What you Shouldn’t Feed Them

We ’ ve traverse lots of food throughout the article that you shouldn ’ t feed chickens indeed that we won ’ t duplicate them .
other foods you shouldn ’ t feed chickens include avocado, pieplant, garlic, sweets, and any heavily processed food ( i.e., crispen ) .
equitable remember, as a general rule, if you can eat it, then can chickens .

Feed Method

It would be well if you fed chickens off the ground. That may sound like the complete antonym of every old movie showcasing chickens .
You probably picture a farmer with an proscenium coolly tossing corn to her chickens .
While the image is picturesque, the circumstances might be a tad different for us .
For example, your chickens may not be free-range, meaning they are in a little space of parturiency .
This means they are living amongst their droppings .
Throwing feed on the crunch in a cage is not the same as tossing a few snacks to chickens who have the run of the cubic yard .
Mixing feed with droppings can lead to parasitic infections, the spread of disease, or coccidiosis .
It ’ s best to use a tray, feeder, or your serve of choice to feed your chickens and keep their tip out of their own feces .

What Can Happen if Their Diet Isn’t Right?

A great electronic mail we received from a reviewer last workweek was ‘ how do I tell if my chickens ’ diet international relations and security network ’ metric ton right ?
The first thing to say is, if you noticed a significant change in their eat habits, be sure to get a veterinarian to look at them a soon as potential .
however, if their diet international relations and security network ’ thymine right, there will be certain signs such as .
Reduced egg production: If the season hasn ’ t changed and their egg production changes significantly, this could indicate something is wrong with their diet .
General unrest and feather picking: Again, if the season hasn ’ thymine changed and they are picking their feather or each other ’ second, this could mean their diet international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate correct .
Abnormal eggs: if you find that the eggs they do lay are besides small or systematically contain double yolks, this would indicate their diet international relations and security network ’ thymine right .
If you are looking for a handy cheat tabloid, be sure to check out this, which the australian Government ’ s Agricultural department produced .

Common Questions About Rules for Feeding Chickens

If you still have lingering doubts, the play along questions and answers should clear them up with ease .

Is It Illegal to Feed a Chicken Chicken? 

Yes, in many places, including the United States, you can not legally feed a chicken. This is because it is illegal to feed an animal any kernel that is from the like animal .
This law helps reduce the risk of diseases that alone affect certain species .

What Is Not Safe for Chickens to Eat?

It would be good if you never fed your chickens avocado ( specifically the skin and pit ), candy, chocolate, citrus, dry beans, decayed or moldy food, k potato skins, or trash food .

Do I Need to Feed My Chickens If They Are Free-range?

Yes, evening if your chickens are free-range, you should feed them .
It would be well if you thought of access to pasture as a supplement to their diet. It would help if you silent fed the chickens to provide them with the essential nutrients they need .
Remember that they need proper nutrition to remain goodly .

Why Is It Illegal in Some States to Feed Chickens Mealworms?

It just is not desirable for your chickens to feed them worm protein. While not all areas ban this, some do. The issue comes from the fact that most mealworms and other insects dried for use in protein tend to be raised eating animal protein and waste .
This is not well for your chickens as you have no control over the run quality or tied whether the mealworms consumed chicken kernel .

What Happens If You Feed Chicken to a Chicken?

Remember that you should not feed chicken to a chicken. This increases the gamble of chicken-only diseases and is illegal in most areas .
That said, no one will know if you give chickens some scraps of leftover chicken. They will simply peck off and eat the gentle tissues, fat, hide, and kernel if you do this. They will not eat the bones as they physically can not .
Let us know what your chicken ’ s front-runner treat is in the comments below .

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