What Would Happen If You Ran A Microwave Oven With The Door Open?

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If I hack my microwave oven so that it runs with the door off, would this be dangerous?

back when I was a young mastermind ( in a former millennium ) I talked to the old timers about their early experience. I had one mastermind that started his mastermind career installing radar and radio receiver systems for the military. He talked about the versatile places he would work, like Alaska and North Dakota, that had this tendency to get pretty cold. He was lucky being the mastermind, he got to stay in the radio reside while the techs were out doing the actual study .
When you are up on a tower trying to get the microwave dish to line up with another one 15 miles off, you need some serious preciseness using your tools. When the temperature is ten below zero ( F, not C ), your hands will get quite cold. The technical school would sometimes warm up their hands in front of the microwave dish .
Yes, they were cooking their hands in a big alfresco microwave oven. This “ oven ” was frequently only approximately 100 watts or even less – one 10th or one 15th of your standard oven. What happened to the technical school ? The two that this engineer kept in touch with had austere arthritis in the hands .

If you go up onto a tall build in a city, you will most probably witness microwave antennae. It is much cheaper to beam your data across the flip in a city alternatively of trying to run a cable ( in NY city, I was installing a system where we had to run some fiber ocular cables across a street ). It cost the customer over $ 40,000 to run the cable about 40 feet, and that was because it was a quiet street with short traffic. A interfering street might cost a lot more .
anyhow, a batch of buildings have these microwaves. If you go up onto the construction, you will see taped off and fenced off areas where you shouldn ’ thyroxine go if you don ’ thyroxine want to get toasted. You will besides see several dead birds ( largely pigeons ). While the microwave antenna is designed to badly focus the glow, the office of those antennas is inactive a little fraction of your microwave oven .
thus, what actually can happen without the door. First off, your door-less microwave is not a very good vector. It is designed to focus the balance beam in the plaza of the oven, not outside of it. therefore, the beam will be very wide. I read somewhere that the FCC says that microwave energy of 10 watts per meter squared is dangerous, and a clock time of 30 minutes such a beam could cause serious organ damage. What does that bastardly for our fiddling experiment ?
If we assume 66.7 % efficiency coming out of the oven, then a 1500 watt oven will spew out 1000 watts into your room ( it ’ south best to assume higher, but this makes the calculations easier ). If we assume a 60 degree balance beam out of the door ( 30 degrees either slope of the straight line out the door ), then the 10 watt per squarely meter position would ( roughly ) be about 5 meters from the oven. however, the power density may not be smooth, and reflections off of the shock, walls, and ceiling in your board could focus more energy into the overt area increasing that distance. Basically, unless you have a huge kitchen, your entire kitchen would fall into the “ cook zone ” .
evening if you and your pets avoided this cook, you will get all sorts of other fun effects. Stuff in your cabinets might start to cook. Sparks may jump across metallic objects as they act as ineffective receivers and get big potentials across their surfaces. You might fry electronics that are in the trace of the balance beam ( particularly cheap, ailing protected and un-shielded ones ). moisture in the wood holding up your house will absorb the heating system. While this would not be enough to start a fire, it might cause warping ( doors in the balance beam might not close quite right if they have moisture in the wood ). Your electric wires may act as an antenna and carry the high-frequency energy to connected devices. It probably won ’ t do any damage, but it depends on a number of factors .
basically, you might not die from this, but you could get internal burns ( which would be a serious pain since you can ’ thyroxine rub cream on inner muscles ). Any pets in the radio beam would suffer more because they have lower body mass and therefore the energy per kilogram will be higher. besides, you will disrupt radio receiver receivers all over the place incurring the wrath of the FCC ( or whatever local communications agency you have if you are not in the USA ).

indeed, on the good-idea, bad-idea graph, this one would fall deep into the bad-idea region of the graph .
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