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A microwave is an built-in appliance in a kitchen. With its ability to save you clock time, having one can help you a set, specially when you normally have feverish days. It is a capital appliance if you like toast in the good morning .

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Microwaves come in versatile styles and designs, and a countertop is one of them. typically, you put a countertop microwave on the kitchen counter. This is deoxyadenosine monophosphate opposed to built-in microwaves, which are tucked neatly into a rampart or cabinet. You can besides put a countertop microwave in a cabinet, but you need to be extra careful about it .

Can You Put a Countertop Microwave in a Cabinet?

The answer to this question is yes. You can put a countertop microwave in the cabinet, but you must do so cautiously. This is because installing a microwave in a cabinet puts the device in an enclosed space, which can cause some complications. Therefore, it is vital to know the proper way of installing the appliance before actually doing it.

Can You Put a Countertop Microwave in a Cabinet Countertop microwaves are designed to be on the countertop. But depending on the microwave and kitchen you have, a frame-up like this might be cumbersome. It could be that you have more authoritative things you want to put on the countertop. In that casing, you can keep this appliance in a cabinet or the kitchen pantry rather, specially if you rarely use it. however, it would be well if you were superintendent careful with this because a microwave gets hot. A microwave must be in an open space to ensure that the air circulates well. There is not adequate dislodge air inside a cabinet, making it slowly for the microwave to catch fire there if you did not place it properly. hera is a video showing you how to mount a microwave into a cabinet. The pillow of this article has some tips and pointers to partake then that you can put your countertop microwave inside a cabinet without worries .

What are the Things You Can Do to Make Your Microwave Safer in the Cabinet?

You can put a countertop microwave in a cabinet. But as mentioned, it can be dangerous if you are not careful. How can you make it safer, then ? Well, these tips can help you with that .

Provide Enough Space for Ventilation

The cabinet where you want to put the microwave must be big enough. You should besides avoid placing the microwave at the end. That way, it still has enough space for ventilation. Countertop ventilation doesn ’ triiodothyronine have public discussion, but you can prevent a fire from happening with a wide cabinet .

Look for the Microwave’s Ventilations

You will normally find the ventilations on the top or the sides of a countertop microwave since it is designed for afford space. These ventilations help indeed that hot air and dust circulates. now that you know where they are, you can make sure that they have adequate breathe area by ensuring they are not covered .

Clean the Microwave Regularly

If you put the microwave on the countertop, its self-cleaning system works. however, this does not work if you install the microwave inside the cabinet. Because of that, you need to take out and clean the appliance regularly. Do this at least once every three months, making sure to clean the vents using a muffle fabric to remove dust .

Put a Trim Kit to Protect from Dust

A wide cabinet is essential for breathing, but the big gap does not look good at all. You can improve it by putting in a trim kit out. It will not only help with the appearance of your microwave but besides protect it from scatter. see it is the shave kit out is the best fit by getting it from the appliance ’ mho manufacturer .

What are Things to Keep in Mind When You Put a Countertop Microwave in a Cabinet?

Since there could be complications and dangers in putting a countertop microwave in a cabinet, please keep the follow things in mind :

Check the Instructions Book

Make sure that you check the instructions book of your appliance first gear. It should have information on the type of clearance that your particular microwave needs. There are different clearances that a microwave needs depending on the place of the vents. You want to know that information for safe installation .

Unplug the Microwave/Turn Off the Circuit Breaker

Before you begin, preceptor ’ thyroxine forget to unplug your microwave. see that it is not plugged in before making changes on any appliance, or it might lead to fire or electrocution. It is besides better to turn it off at the circuit breaker. This way, you are convinced you will not incidentally come in touch with electricity .

Put the Microwave Somewhere With Easier Access

Don ’ metric ton put your countertop microwave at a high place. It is not good to place it in a eminent cabinet where you can not access it well. differently, you may end up burning yourself when you try to get food out of it. Put the microwave in a cabinet at the like flush as your countertop, so it works just like a built-in microwave.

Ensure the Cabinet’s Doors Open Well

One thing to check about the cabinet is the doors. Make sure that they open well, so it is easier to access your microwave. It will besides help thus that you do not have to move around your microwave a lot, an dissemble that can reduce its life. If the cabinet ’ mho doors don ’ triiodothyronine work well, you can call an expert to fix them .

Ensure the Microwave’s Socket Fits Right

Your microwave ’ s socket has to fit right, or it can cause an accident, specially if the code is hanging. One way to help with this is to make a trap in the back of the cabinet. This is where the code can pass towards the socket. But if you want, you can ask an technical to do this rather to make certain that it fits right .

Put the Microwave Somewhere Easy to Access

It ’ second already been mentioned before, but make certain that you put your microwave in a cabinet that is easy to access. This is because you do not want to be moving around a lot with hot food. After all, that is dangerous. The ideal place would be somewhere near the countertop, so you can place the hot food down vitamin a soon as you took them out .

Ensure the Cabinet has Doors if the Microwave is at a Low Level

If you put the microwave at a lower level, you have to make sure the cabinet has doors. otherwise, it can be dangerous to put a microwave there. Young kids are quite experimental, which means they may end up putting their hands where the microwave is. The kids can end up hurt because of this .

Ensure the Microwave’s Door is Latched Tightly

When you move the microwave, be surely that its door is latched tightly. If it falls open while moving, it could end up injuring you. similarly, remove any glass turntables. This way, you can avoid injuries or your microwave ending up broken .

Request a Family Member or Friend’s Help When Moving the Microwave

If the appliance is heavy, don ’ thyroxine undertake to move it on your own. You can request a family member or a friend to move it or help you out at least. Trying to lift it on your own can result in accidents. similarly, ensure no pets or children are playing around where you work to avoid accidents from happening equally well .

Related Questions

here are some answers to questions you may have. How much clearance do you need for a countertop microwave? According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the microwave ’ randomness bed shouldn ’ thyroxine be higher than 54 inches above the floor. This will give about 18 inches of clearance between the microwave and a cooktop, which typically has a stature of 38 inches. however, some manufacturers do allow smaller clearances than this. How much space should you provide around a microwave? The advice is to keep about three inches of quad between the circus tent, sides, and rise of the microwave and the sphere where you will install it to ensure proper ventilation. Can you put a microwave next to a refrigerator? Putting a microwave adjacent to a refrigerator heats the electric refrigerator. It makes it harder for the refrigerator to work because it consumes more energy. As a leave, your electric refrigerator might end up with a shorten life.


Can you put a countertop microwave in a cabinet ? As you know immediately, you can decidedly do this. You simply need to be extra careful with how high you put the appliance, ensuring the socket fits right and that it has adequate ventilation. If you follow the tips above, you can install your countertop microwave in a cabinet with no worries. References: share this post : on Twitter on Facebook on Google+