Toshiba EM131A5C Review

The Toshiba EM131A5C is one of the larger and more expensive products in our microwave review, but it ‘s besides one of the highest perform across the dining table, taking home plate one of our coveted Top Pick Awards in this category .

Performance Comparison

This model is one of our all-time favorites in this category of... This model is one of our all-time favorites in this class of products. credit : Laura Casner


The EM131A5C got murder to a decent depart in our first turn of tests in the Heating metric function, delivering above-average results. This metric covers five sub-tests. We assessed the rush and evenness of heat by measuring the temperature increase in a beaker of water system and by making a estrus map with marshmallow fluff. We besides compared and scored how evenly this microwave heated a blend plate of leftovers, canned soup, and some slices of pizza.

Heat Map Test

Our Heat Map test comprises 35 % of the sum Heating sexual conquest. We cut a sheet of parchment paper into a disk the size of each microwave ‘s turntable tray, and covered it in a thin layer of marshmallow creme. After heating the marshmallow on high for two minutes, we measured hot and cold spots and noted any burned areas .

While most of the marshmallow circulate heated up systematically, we found there is a solid hot spotlight in the center field of the sheet, causing it to darken importantly more than the rest, to the luff of electrocution .

Heating Speed Test

To measure the heat speed, we put a 125 milliliter beaker of room temp urine in the center of each microwave and heated it on high for 45 seconds. This test resulted in 20 % of each appliance ‘s Heating score .

The Toshiba EM131A5C did much better in the travel rapidly test, raising the 125 milliliter of water system a humongous 110.6°F after 45 seconds of microwaving. In this screen, the Toshiba microwave blew the other products ( forgive our pun ) out of the body of water .

Leftovers Heating

unfortunately, this model performed less impressively in our leftover heating test, which accounted for 15 % of its Heating score. We used the detector reheat function on our plate of greens beans, blimp, and potatoes .

We found that it barely heated up the food, and there was a meaning temperature discrepancy between the different types of foods .
Regrettably, we found the 3 types of food differed quite a bit in... unfortunately, we found the 3 types of food differed quite a act in temperature after heating. credit : Laura Casner

Soup Heating

Most of the ovens did a great subcontract heating the soup in our tests when heated according to the microwave ‘s instructions. This screen besides comprised 15 % of the Heating score .

The Toshiba EM131A5C tied for first seat here, heating the soup to the perfect serve temperature upon following the heating system instructions .

Pizza Heating

For the final 15 % of the Heating score, we reheated two slices of pizza to test for flush heating and satisfactory eat temps .

This appliance unfortunately did n’t do great with the pizza. The crust turned out quite cool, while the cheese was scalding .
The crust was quite a bit cooler than the rest of the slice. The crust was quite a sting cool than the rest of the slice. accredit : Laura Casner

Frozen Foods

The Toshiba EM131A5C performed even better in our second series of tests, heating up premade frigid foods evenly and effectively. We scored performance by using a group of thermometers stuck into different areas of a Hot Pocket, personal-sized freeze lasagna, and a frozen burrito and comparing the differences in temperature .

This microwave performed impressively with the Hot Pocket, heating it about perfectly with an average difference of 7°F between the left, right, and center. It did about ampere well with the flash-frozen burrito, with the average temperature deviation only increasing to 13°F between the different areas .
The center region was just a bit cooler than the ends. The center region was barely a spot cool than the ends. accredit : Laura Casner
however, it alone did about average with the flash-frozen lasagna, showing marked temperature differences across the entire lasagna .
The Toshiba EM131A5C defrosted the entire block of turkey. The Toshiba EM131A5C defrosted the entire block of turkey. recognition : Laura Casner


It was in our defrost metric where the Toshiba EM131A5C stood out from the rest of the competition, easily delivering one of the best overall performances we have seen out of any microwave to date. In this metric unit, we attempted to defrost a one-pound block of ground turkey using the appropriate settings .

Without cooking it, this appliance absolutely defrosted the entire block in fair under 10 minutes, notifying you to flip the kernel halfway through defrost .
We like how convenient and easy to use this Toshiba microwave is. We like how commodious and slowly to use this Toshiba microwave is. credit : Laura Casner

Ease of Use

Our last round of tests looked at the comfort of operational this kitchen appliance, where it scored quite well. We compared the still of using the interface, how well the preset functions worked, the internal light, and if it slides around on the countertop during normal use .

This microwave has a +30 Seconds button that mechanically starts once you hit the release, equally well as immediate start functions for 1-6 minutes. It has a solid internal light and stays in place well, not moving at all when opening, close, or pushing buttons .
It can be used as a standalone timekeeper, and we found the popcorn preset to be quite effective, with some kernels just beginning to overcook at the end of it but none burn .
The Toshiba EM131A5C does a great job with premade frozen items. The Toshiba EM131A5C does a capital job with premade frozen items. credit : Laura Casner

Should You Buy the Toshiba EM131A5C?

If you want a big capacity and high-octane microwave that does an excellent caper with frozen foods, then this should be one of the first options you consider. It performed about perfectly in our defrost tests and heated most foods very evenly. however, those with small kitchens and little budgets should look elsewhere .

What Other Microwaves Should You Consider?

The entirely other microwave we tested that scored on par overall with this one was the Kenmore 70919. If you eat a fortune of frozen packaged items, we ‘d recommend the Kenmore or the agio Panasonic NN-SN67KS, although that one comes with a premium price tag .
For a more budget-friendly option, the For a more budget-friendly option, the Amazon Basics 0.7 is much mightier than its price tag and size would suggest, scoring above modal across all test metrics. The Toshiba EM925A5A is another smaller, low-cost product. It had a good show with freeze foods and scored high for ease of use .