First Sippee Cup With Two-Piece Valve Product Support


Find some answers to the most frequently asked questions about your Sports Bottle .

Can my cup be sterilised?

Of course ! Our cups are desirable for sterilization by steamer ( electric and microwave ), by boiling ( 5 minutes ) and by cold water tablet / liquid solution. The only exceptions are our isolate Sippee and Straw cups, which are lone suitable for cold water sterilization. Stay safe people !

Why is my lovely cup stained?

Tomatoes are normally to blame ! If you wash your cup aboard pans or bowls that have had solid coloured sauces in, like tomato or carrot, some of the color can transfer. This can happen in the dip equally well as the dishwasher. To keep your cups looking cover girl and raw, put them at the front of the queue if you ’ re washing up by handwriting, and on the top ledge if you ’ re using a dishwasher. This normally results in fewer undesirable stains !

Can I put my cup or bottle in the microwave?

In an ideal populace, you ’ d warm your little one ’ s drink over a stave, stirring to ensure coherent heating system throughout, then you ’ d decant it into their cup. In the real number world, if your short one wants a affectionate swallow, you ’ re credibly going to pour the milk or juice into their cup and pop it in the microwave. The good news is that this will not damage our cups ( apart from the insulate cups – they don ’ metric ton beget on well with microwaves ). The bad news is that microwaves can cause random hot spots, and these are not nice for short ones to swallow. so, if you do use the microwave, please leave the hat off to warm, then pop it on and give the cup a truly good milkshake or whirl before handing it over.

How do I clean the valve?

first, unscrew the hat, taking the valve out. You may need to do this by wiggling the valve from left to right .
Separate the white retainer from the clear silicone, washing all parts thoroughly in warm saponaceous water, then rinsing in clean water ( or use a dishwasher on the exceed ledge entirely ) after each use. additionally, our valves are suitable for sterilization by steam ( electric and microwave ) or boiling ( 5 minutes ) after the wash action .
We suggest allowing the valve to dry anterior to reassembling if storing the cup away.
To re-assemble, connect the clear silicone and white servant parts in concert, placing back into the eyelid, pushing until the sides lock into place .

My cup seems to be leaking, what could be causing this?

Leaking is broadly caused by the silicone valve not being assembled correctly. When assembling, ensure that the valve is amply pushed through the flannel retainer, pushing the stalk through the hole until you hear it slenderly pop into place. *Note if you do not hear it pop then it isn ’ triiodothyronine amply in place and may continue to leak. besides, please ensure the small cut in the dome on the silicone valve can open to vent atmosphere.

far guidance on both our pale yellow and spout cups can be found in our assembly instructions .

Are spare lids available?

We ’ rhenium afraid you can ’ t buy lids individually, but the good news is that all our cups have interchangeable lids, so it ’ sulfur easy to swap them around. The alone exceptions are our meal time flight simulator and trickle bottle – these have such a clear-cut design that their lids don ’ triiodothyronine fit early cups .

Are your cups and beakers dishwasher safe?

Of run ! Pop them on the top ledge though. As with all plastic things they can get a morsel stain and yucky-looking in the dishwasher ( blame that bolognese sauce or carrot soup you had last night ). If they do get discoloured there ’ s nothing to worry about – they ’ re absolutely condom, they barely don ’ thyroxine count as good !

The valve doesn’t always stay in position, is there anything I can do?

first, check the valve as it may not be amply assembled. see that the dome and button on the silicone side are amply pushed all the way through the holes on the ashen retainer.

Can I really interchange lids across your new cup range?

absolutely ! One of the great things about our new cups stove is the ability to interchange lids and handles. You can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate swap a eyelid with a one piece valve with a lid with a two piece valve, you ca n’t use them with the new trickle bottle and Lippee cups have their own uniquely designed eyelid .

Can I use valves from different cups?

The two piece valve can be used across the range, and our newly pale yellow cups can besides be swapped around. If trade chaff lids, just bear in mind that they all hold different lengths of straw, depending on the size of the cup, so you ’ ll need to use the right length .
The only thing to watch out for if you ’ re swapping parts is the two piece valve. This has a modern fitment so can ’ triiodothyronine be used in space of a one objet d’art valves .