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The Stojo collapsible cup is your modern travel best ally. Eco-friendly, travel-friendly, and caffeine friendly. On exceed of that it ’ south super packable, leak-proof, and whippersnapper making it the perfect travel mug to take with you on the function. Is there anything the Stojo Cup can’t do?   The Stojo cup comes in four different sizes to accommodate your different travel needs. Although the Stojo collapsible cup has a batch of benefits, it might not be for you. My unfiltered Stojo cup follow-up covers everything from serviceability to dealing with their customer service.

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What’s The Problem With Standard Travel Mugs?

Travel mugs are GREAT. They let you make your tea ( or coffee ) at dwelling and take it with you on the go. It saves you time, money, and also the environment (say goodbye to plastic and paper cups forever!). But, there ’ s one thing standard travel mugs don ’ triiodothyronine do well. If you take it with you, you ’ rhenium stick carrying it for the rest of your day. This apparently little gene makes standard change of location mugs less appealing to use. There ’ randomness something therefore commodious about buying a chocolate and being able to throw out your cup when it ’ south done. You don ’ t didn ’ triiodothyronine have to lug anything with you for the rest of the day. not to mention, travel mugs aren ’ thymine typically light, and you risk forgetting it somewhere .

Stojo Cup For Travel: Why It’s Your Travel Best Friend

The Stojo Collapsible Cup answers that final piece of the puzzle. You have to carry it around with you for the day, but it’s so small that you don’t notice it. It stores away well in your cup of tea for when you aren ’ t using it anymore. You can even take it barely in case you holy order to go mid-day ; just ask to refill your Stojo to use less waste ! The Stojo cup is perfective for your day to sidereal day at home, but it ’ south besides great for locomotion. It takes up no space in your bag and you can bring it with you wherever you go .stojo-travel-cup-review On vacation, there ’ s frequently not a draw of time in the morning to enjoy your coffee. So you ’ ra stay buy coffee on the go… a set. That ’ s a lot of money, and a batch of waste. I would have LOVED to have a Stojo cup with me on my 4 months afield in Europe. We spent a lot of money on chocolate. On every day trip we would frequently buy two coffees ( each ) : a good morning cup and a pluck me up in the good afternoon. The cost of four coffees a day really adds up, and having a Stojo cup for travel could have sliced that cost in half! And cut the waste to zero if we asked baristas to refill our Stojo cup to go .calid-cafe-for-lunch-figueres

What Is The Stojo Collapsible Cup Made Of (Is It Safe)?

The Stojo collapsible cup is made from recyclable materials! It ’ s food mark silicone but it ’ south BPA and lead complimentary. That means it ’ s safe for all your drink needs ! It ’ s besides microwave and dishwasher safe ( so easy to clean or reheat if necessary ! ). equitable be aware that for microwave use, they recommend removing the plastic pieces ( heat sleeve, flange, and lid ) .

Stojo Collapsible Cup Stats!
  • BPA Free
  • Lead Free
  • Leak-Proof
  • Hot & Cold
  • Food Grade Silicone 
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Made from Recyclable Material

How Is The Stojo Collapsible Cup Silicone Material?

I ’ ll admit, I ’ thousand not the biggest fan of silicone, but this is what makes the Stojo cup collapsible and lightweight. silicone is quite slippery, I find it international relations and security network ’ metric ton constantly nice to touch, lint gets stuck to it, and it can have a funny story taste and spirit. The Stojo silicone does have some of these silicone characteristics but it does fair a moment better than other silicone bottles that I ’ ve tried .

How Is The Stojo Collapsible Cup Silicon To Touch & Hold?

Hair, fur, and lint will stick to the external of it. It ’ s gross. It’s definitely better than some other silicone bottles, plus, once you put the estrus sleeve on, there ’ s sol little silicone left that you ’ ll barely notice it. You can ’ t in truth use the Stojo cup without the heating system sleeve anyhow. If you don ’ t have the sleeve on, specially if you ’ re poured in a hot drink, you won ’ thyroxine be able to pick it up. The silicone gets identical blistering, identical fast. PLUS the silicone itself is identical ductile, so the cup will squish in your hands and you risk it spilling .

Does The Stojo Collaspible Coffee Cup Have a Silicone Smell?

When you first start using your Stojo cup, it won ’ t have any smell at all. Although I do find oneself after continued filling it with coffee bean and tea, it acquired quite a distinct aroma. But this is not a typical silicone smell. It ’ south as if the silicone absorbed the chocolate and tea creating a hybrid silicone-coffee smell. I don’t smell it when I drink from it though, it’s only when it’s empty. so just don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate go around smelling your Stojo collapsible cup after using it !

Does The Stojo Collapsible Cup Have a Silicone Taste?

What about a silicone taste ? The taste right off the bat is similar to the spirit ; it ’ south about not existent. But if you let water sit down in the Stojo cup, I do receive after a bit the water system will acquire a act of a funky silicone-esque taste. It ’ s alone after continued use with chocolate and tea, that it ends up with a smack similar to the smell. You don ’ thyroxine notice it when you have a solid taste drink ( like coffee or tea ) indeed I barely wouldn ’ t recommend drinking water out of it .stojo-collapsible-cup-all-components-

Does Stojo Collapsible Coffee Cup Work For Hot Drinks?

Let ’ s be real, we want a travel mug for our good morning cup of coffee or tea, so how does the Stojo collapsible cup work with hot beverages ? If you’re looking for a travel mug to stay hot the entire day, this is not the travel mug for you. If that ’ s what you want, I recommend DavidsTea travel mugs. Those will keep your coffee and tea hot all day farseeing ! Silicone is not as insulating as a tin doubled walled travel mug, it can’t be.  There ’ s a partially of me that likes it better because insulated travel mugs sometimes keep my drink so hot that you can ’ t even take a sip. I tested how long the Stojo collapsible chocolate cup stays hot and it was about an hour. Keep in mind, this was a test at home, at room temperature. It ’ s minimally better than if I had left my tea out in a mug. It did work a bite better because it had a lid on to keep in some supernumerary warmheartedness.

If you ’ ra outside in negative degree weather though, it cools off about immediately ! So it isn ’ t perfect for winter. As I already mentioned, don ’ triiodothyronine test to pick up your Stojo collapsible cup with a hot swallow in it without the heat sleeve. It gets actually hot and ductile .stojo-cup-for-travel-review-in-the-winter

Stojo Review For Tea

The Stojo collapsible cup is not specifically designed for tea drinkers in take care. It doesn ’ t come with a exorbitant and if you have a tea bag, you can ’ metric ton close the hat properly to make it leak proof. You can steep your tea at home before leaving or try drinking grandfather style ( leaving the easy tea leaves in the mug ) ! But you risk drinking some of the tea leaves, and over steep. If you ’ ra driving to your address, you can besides steep your tea in another travel chump designed for tea. Once you arrive at your address, pour out your tea into your Stojo leaving the heavy countenance behind in the cable car .

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Stojo Cup Review: Bring Anywhere, Store Anywhere

The Stojo collapsible cup packs away beautifully when you ’ re on the go, but besides at home. They collapse down to more than half the size of when they ’ re expanded. obviously, this takes up minimal outer space in your bag, so it ’ south easy to bring along just in case you need it. But it ’ second truly a game record changer for your cupboard as well. The largest size, 24 oz Stojo cup, is 6.1″ when it ’ second expanded, and it collapses polish to 2.5″. But ! T he best part is that now they can be perfectly stacked in your cupboard. You can stack other Stojo collapsible cups on top of each other, or just other items. It literally fits anywhere. All my other locomotion mugs take up so much space, and they ’ re such a pain to store ! All the components fit together. The straw folds up and fits inside at the bed and the heat sleeve slips underneath on the bottom once it ’ mho amply collapsed .stojo-cup-stored-in-cupboard

Is The Stojo Cup Really Leak Proof?

If I ’ megabyte talking about packing it away in your bag then it has to be leak proof. And it is. For the most partially anyhow. Before drinking out of your Stojo cup, you have to make indisputable that when assembling it all the nooks and crannies are wholly dry and tightly sealed. Before heading out, I recommend filling it up with water to double check that no liquid comes out ( I ’ meter talking turning it top down over the sinkhole ). If it doesn ’ thymine leak during your screen, it won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate leak when you ’ rhenium drink or storing it. There is a catch once you ’ ve finished your toast though. You can merely collapse your Stojo, close it up besotted and topographic point it in your bag. Although you don’t have to dry the inside, there is a crevice in the lid that ends up filling up with liquid. If you don ’ triiodothyronine dry this separate then that will get over everything in your bag. other than that small hole, if it doesn ’ t leak when expanded, it won ’ t leak when you collapse it. I besides don ’ thymine commend putting it in your bag when it ’ mho entire. It is leak-proof but silicone is hush identical ductile. You don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want something pushing it the ill-timed way in your udder causing it to leak .Is the stojo cup leak proof showing you where liquid might build up you should dry it out before storing

Satisfaction Guarantee: Dealing With Stojo Customer Service

My first Stojo that I bought wasn ’ t actually leak proof. It had a defect in it where the eyelid didn ’ thymine close by rights and leaked all over me the foremost prison term I used it ( hence why I recommend testing it ). I didn ’ t have the acknowledge from where I bought it, but all Stojo products come with a gratification guarantee, so I e-mailed them. They were very decent to deal with, and initially answered very quickly. The process however, was not quick at all. I sent them a video of the leak, they then made sure that I was putting all the pieces back together by rights. finally they did extend to send me a replacement. This was great ! And then I waited, waited, and waited some more for my newfangled Stojo to arrive. The integral process took over two months .stojo-collapsed-cup-with-straw-inside

What Size Stojo Cup Should You Get?

The Stojo collapsible cup comes in four sizes : 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, and 24oz. They range from 1 to 3 cups. The two larger sizes ( 16oz and 24 oz ) come with a straw, which is a nice bonus, although I ’ ve never used mine. It ’ randomness good if you want to make smoothies. I good can ’ thymine penetrate drinking out of a silicone chaff. You can store it at the buttocks of your Stojo collapsible cup. If you want the straw for the early sizes, they sell it individually on their web site. The 8oz Stojo cup ( a.k.a the Mini Cup ) is truly small. It ’ sulfur mean for small drinks like an espresso. Honestly, I think this size is kind of dumb.Once I ’ molarity stool, or ordering a drink that minor, I can drink it on the spot. I would never need to take it on the sound. Who takes an espresso to go… ? Seriously… who ? I have the 12oz ( 1.5 cup ) and 16oz ( 2 cup ) Stojos and they ’ ra perfect. I think these are the entirely two sizes that topic. The 12oz Stojo cup ( a.k.a. the Pocket Cup ) is the ideal size for a cup of coffee. It ’ second smaller than the 16oz making it even easier to store and pack. The 16oz Stojo cup ( a.k.a. the Biggie Cup ) good if you want a bigger drink, so I ’ ll frequently use it for tea. You can never have besides much tea ! The 24oz Stojo cup ( A.K.A the Titan Cup ) is their largest size. They designed this size for ice rink drinks and smoothies. But I find it quite large.

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Other Stojo Products

Stojo doesn ’ thyroxine just sell collapsible travel mugs. They besides sell a water bottle and bowl. I ’ d love to try these as well, although I ’ thousand a bit concern about the taste and smell for the water bottle. They besides sell their straw and all the parts of the Stojo cup individually. so if you need to replace anything, you don ’ t have a to buy an entirely new Stojo, equitable the part you need !

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