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Quest nutriment sent me their new Quest Thin Crust Pizza dislodge of charge, outside of the 30-minute delivery window. It didn ’ triiodothyronine affect my review below, but sincerest thank you to them ! ?
Fitness buffs, have you ever skipped a exercise, ordered a pizza, watched the pitch guy waddle up to your door – shirt covered in pizza – and thought to yourself, “ I can do better than this ? ”
well that delivery guy is me, and possibly you can .

Quest Thin Crust Pizza

Quest Protein Pizza

Add pizza crust to the tilt of things that now have protein for no cause .
Quest ’ second writes of their universe :

Everyone loves pizza, but not everyone loves what ’ s in pizza. Unlike early pizza, Quest Thin Crust Pizza has a especial crust, rich people in protein. We ’ ve basically swapped carbs common in traditional pizza crust for protein. ” The result is a pizza everyone can enjoy .

“ Everyone ” mean, “ a very extra kind of psycopath. ”
now, I ’ m the type of ridicule who prefers to get his pizza protein from a mountain of meat on top of it. But there are some appealing traits to Quest ’ s new frigid reduce crust pizza outside of the protein :

  1. It’s gluten free.
  2. It’s low in net carbs.
  3. It’s loaded with fiber.

On the early hand…

  1. I love gluten.
  2. I don’t know what net carbs are.
  3. You will definitely shit your brains out.

hera are the entire nutrition facts for the Pepperoni Pizza, courtesy of Quest ’ s web site :

I review besides many Twinkies and there are besides many schools of think on nutrition for me to break this down, but it ’ s clear this pizza wasn ’ thymine intended to be a nutritional godsent. It ’ s high in fat and specially sodium, but it ’ s authoritative to remember that IT ’ S FROZEN PIZZA. If those two things weren ’ thymine genuine, it would not be pizza .
besides note that the above is for 1/2 of the pizza, but that it ’ sulfur bigger than a Celeste personal proto-indo european .
Quest ’ s Thin Crust Pizza bakes directly from frozen at 400 degrees for merely over 20 minutes .
Quest Thin Crust Pizza

Honest to goodness, this international relations and security network ’ t the worst frozen pizza I ’ ve ever had. The sauce international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate atrocious, the pepperoni is pepperoni, there ’ s a buttload of tall mallow and it burns my mouth equitable like veridical pizza. As a count of fact I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate even taste any protein nor do I think it ’ s besides salty .
What I do taste are faint traces of herb and garlic in a largely average pizza… like if you bought a pizza from a bowl alley run entirely by meatheads .
Quest Protein Pizza
No, where this pizza falls short is the crust. It merely doesn ’ t crisp up enough to my predilection. It ’ s a little sting chewy – not like protein bar chewy, which… now that I think about it they could have merely flattened some protein bars and covered them in sauce for better macro. But it ’ s barely a fiddling excessively chewy or doughy for thin crust pizza. I don ’ t have enough background in gluten release crusts to know if it ’ s the perpetrator, but I suspect it plays a role .
hush, I ’ ve legit had worse tasting frozen pizza than this .
The ultimate fall of the Quest Thin Crust Pizza is the price. They retail for $ 7 a proto-indo european at Target and about $ 11 each murder Quest ’ s web site. surely you pay a premium for nutrition but it ’ s by no means a value – particularly not for the size. Two servings ( or the full pie, aka one service ) is the size of a standard dinner plate. It ’ d be real easy to take down the whole proto-indo european 680 cals and 42g of adipose tissue late .
Quest ’ s Thin Crust Pizza is only relevant for a very specific parcel of the consumer base – people with a fortune of money who want humble carb, gluten-free pizza with way more protein than is necessary for pizza .
… Quest is credibly gon na make millions off this .
Burning Questions :

  1. Are there any other flavors? 4-Cheese and Supreme
  2. Have you tried the other flavors? No.
  3. Try the other flavors. No

Place of Purchase:  Target
Rating : 5 out of 10
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